Who is Jaime Osuna? The story of the confessed satanist who beheaded his cellmate

Who is Jaime Osuna? The story of the confessed satanist who beheaded his cellmate

Bakersfield is a city in Kern County, California, known for its uncompromising stand on crime. People do not go to other’s properties because chances are every household has a gun, and nobody is afraid of using it. However, something interesting is that you will find all types of crimes in Kern County. In Kern County, the story of Jaime Osuna begins, a man known for his tattooed face that looks like a comic book villain you never want to approach anytime.

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Jaime Osuna
Jaime Osuna in prison. Photo: Photo: @ABC7
Source: Twitter

In 2019, news broke out of a heinous crime at the Corcoran State Prison in California, where a prisoner, Jaime Osuna, had tortured and beheaded his fellow cellmate. But this was not the first time for Osuna to be in the news.

In 2011, he was arrested for murdering a 37-year-old mother of six, Yvette Pena. The case took more than six years before Osuna finally entered a guilty plea in 2017 to avoid the death penalty.

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Jaime Osuna's profile summary

  • Full name: Jaime Osuna
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 7 March 1988
  • Birth sign: Pisces
  • Place of birth: Bakersfield, Kern County, California
  • Age: 33 years (as of 2022)
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Mixed-race
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Stepfather: Jeff
  • Mother: Michelle
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Jane Osuna
  • Children: One
  • Famous as: Criminal and convicted murderer

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Early life

Jaime Osuna is a convicted murderer and confessed satanist. He came to the public limelight in 2011 after the police arrested him for allegedly murdering a 37-year-old mother of six, Yvette Pena. He was born on 7 March 1988 (age 33). One year later, his mother and father divorced.

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Jaime Osuna's family members are Michelle (mother) and Jeff (stepfather), who died in August 2000 of a heart attack. Jaime Osuna's story is a sad one from his young age.

He grew up with a stepfather who tortured him as a child. Police reports show that his stepfather tied him to a tree and whipped him when he was five years old. His uncle also threw a brick at him when he was young.

Wife and children

Jaime Osuna
Jaime making faces. Photo: @ABC7
Source: Twitter

Who is Jaime Osuna’s wife? Jaime met a woman named Jane in 2008 at a party at her house. The two dated for two years and got married in February 2010 at Osuna’s grandmother’s house.

In August 2010, the police arrested Osuna for injuring his wife and sentenced him to nine months in jail, although he came out on parole. In August 2010, Jane and Osuna welcomed their first child.

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When did Jaime Osuna become a criminal?

He joined local gangs in his teens. He used drugs, especially meth, to cope with his situation. When he was 15 years old, the authorities arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon.

He then faced the law several times and had a history of drug possession, battery, and assault offences. His high-profile arrest came in 2011 when he was 23 years after the death of Yvette Pena. After his arrest, he admitted that he had met Pena at the El Morocco Motel and was one of the last people to see her alive.

He never admitted to killing Pena, saying he was innocent and hoped her family would find the killers. Jaime Osuna's crime scene photos showed Pena had stabbing instruments protruding from her back.

Was Jaime Osuna convicted for the murder of Yvette Pena?

When he was arrested in 2011 for the alleged murder of Yvette Pena, the courts denied Jaime Osuna bail, forcing him to spend time at the Kern County jail. His trial did not start immediately, and Osuna spent the next six years waiting.

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In March 2017, he pleaded guilty to first-degree murder with a special circumstance of torture in exchange for the wavering of the death penalty. In May 2017, the court sentenced Osuna to life in prison without the possibility of parole. During the hearing, Osuna had tattooed his face with a Satanic pentagram.

He had also embraced his role as a villain and mocked Pena’s family in front of reporters and judges. Osuna also told reporters that he loved torturing people and declared he would find a way to kill again, even in prison. The statements alone meant he was effectively the most dangerous prisoner in Kern County.

What happened to Jaime Osuna in prison?

After his conviction in 2017, he left the county jail and got transferred to Corcoran State Prison. Two years after his transfer, the Corcoran State Prison received a new prisoner named Luis Romero (44 years). Romero got arrested when he was 17 years old and had spent 27 years in prison.

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The courts had sentenced him to life in prison for second-degree murder when he was a teenager. Romero had shot and killed a woman in Compton because she associated with his rival gang. While in prison, Romero had found God, based on the letters he sent to his family members.

On 7 March 2019, Romero arrived at the Corcoran State Prison. The guards put him in the same cell as Jaime, who had suffered borderline personality disorder as a child and never had a cellmate since he arrived. On 9 March 2019, about 24 hours after his arrival, the prison guards discovered Romero’s dismembered body.

Jaime Osuna and Luis Romero

Jaime Osuna
Jaime and Luis Romero. Photo: @ABC7
Source: Twitter

How did Jaime Osuna kill Luis Romero? Jaime used a razor-blade to slice Romero. First, he cut out his eyes and chopped off one of his fingers. He then removed part of Romero’s ribs and sliced out his lung.

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After he had disfigured and dissected Romero, his final act was to cut off Romero's head and slice his face on both sides of his mouth to make Romero look like he had a wide smile on his face. When guards went to the cell to check up on the prisoners, they discovered Jaime Osuna's necklace made up of Romero’s body parts.

Is there Jaime Osuna's documentary Netflix? Netflix has never produced a documentary about him. Many Hollywood producers have stayed away from the case despite being an extraordinary story about a man tortured in his childhood and turned to be a confessed Satanist and later beheaded his cellmate.

Jaime Osuna's fast facts

  1. Who is Jaime Osuna? He is a convicted murderer and confessed satanist.
  2. How old is Jaime Osuna? He is 33 years old as of 2022. He was born on 7 March 1988.
  3. Who are Jaime Osuna's parents? His parents are Michelle (mother) and Jeff (stepfather).
  4. Is Jaime Osuna married? Yes, he is. He is married to Jane, and together they have one adorable child.
  5. How did Jaime Osuna kill Luis Romero? The prisoner used a razor-blade to slice Romero.
  6. What was unique about Jaime Osuna's necklace? It was made of different parts from Romero's body.

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Jaime Osuna is a confessed Satanist who beheaded his cellmate, Luis Romero, using a razor blade. He then used some of his cellmate’s body parts to make a necklace. He was serving a life sentence at the Corcoran State Prison in California for the murder of a 37-year-old mother of six, Yvette Penna. Romero and Osuna had only met 24 hours earlier after the correctional department transferred him to Corcoran State Prison.

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