Lil Wayne publicly endorses Donald Trump, fans are not having it

Lil Wayne publicly endorses Donald Trump, fans are not having it

- Lil Wayne took to Twitter to post about a meeting he had with Donald Trump and added a photo of the event

- The rapper said in his caption that he had faith in the president delivering promises on criminal reform and support for the black community

- Tweeps were not sold on the photo op and immediately responded to Lil Wayne to voice their disagreement and disappointment

The elections for the next American President are right around the corner and celebrities have been endorsing candidates and encouraging citizens to vote. One such declaration of support recently had the internet in a frenzy.

The rapper Lil Wayne tweeted out his faith in current president, Donald Trump. Lil Wayne took to Twitter to post a photograph after having had a meeting with Trump which he said had been successful.

The artist mentioned how he believed Trump was going to have a positive effect on criminal reform and the Black community, as well as implying that the president had already accomplished much on those fronts.

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Lil Wayne publicly endorses Donald Trump, fans are not having it
Lil Wayne angered fans when he came out in support of the current president. Source: Getty Images
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Twitter users took issue with a number of aspects of the news and replied to Lil Wayne accordingly. Some attempted to reason with the artist's actions and explain the significance of endorsing a presidential candidate.

Some posted that they expected this from Lil Wayne, given his previous comments on racism. Others didn't bother and just told Lil Wayne that his behaviour meant that they were no longer fans of his.

@RicoAntonio9: "Lil Wayne is begging his fan base to desert him bruh, that might have did it for me."
@Poetessamberly: "He don’t want to pay taxes like Trump. He’s not changing any minds. Still not voting Trump."
@_bubbasarah: "I love Lil Wayne. Why TF HE HAD TO DO THIS TO ME!"
@NicAtNigh: "Lil Wayne jumping on Twitter to endorse Trump is a strong indication that the dam has broken. You can bet he isn't alone."

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Twitter users also started to make memes and parodies after the rapper outed himself as a Trump supporter.

In previous news, recently reported on Trevor Noah declaring Donald Trump's opinions on the Covid crisis to be irresponsible and ironic.

The latest episode of Trevor Noah's The Daily Show saw the its host talking about Donald Trump's recent remarks on the coronavirus. The current US president has been telling his supporters how bored he is of "COVID, COVID, COVID".

Trevor mentioned how the whole world was tired of the virus, but that as a leader, Trump should be concerned with the citizens dying of the disease and telling people to still exercise caution because of it.

The comedian didn't forget his jokes as he poked fun at the irony of Trump being bored about coronavirus while still talking about Hillary Clinton's emails. Hillary's emails were a scandal the Trump campaign referenced heavily before and during the 2016 presidential election.

The fact that both America and the White House continue to report cases was not lost on the talk show host, who also asked why Vice-President Mike Pence was travelling when five members of staff had tested positive. The United States is leading numbers of coronavirus cases in total with cases reported daily and deaths due to the virus and its related complications.


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