Alice in Borderland's characters: 10 main characters of the Japanese science fiction series

Alice in Borderland's characters: 10 main characters of the Japanese science fiction series

It looks like the continuous craving for deadly game-themed movies cannot be satisfied by screenwriters and film directors. Squid Game and Money Heist are a few series that follow the plots of several characters playing a game that could ever make or break their life. Similarly, most of Alice in Borderland's characters are Asian-like in the Squid Game, which deals with cards.

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Alice in Borderland characters
Alice in Borderland characters. Photo: @DriveFullmoon
Source: Twitter

Alice in Borderland's characters meet themselves in a video game themed scenery known as The Beach. It is like an island found in video games, where each character must try to survive the ordeal of a gruesome game of cards and decks. The characters are on this island either to prove their worthiness to doubters or as a repercussion of previous wrongs.

Overview of Alice in Borderland

The series was written by Yoshiki Watabe, Shinsuke Sato, and Yasuko Kuramitsu. The 2020 Japanese science fiction thriller drama features Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya as allies trapped in an abandoned Tokyo.

Their only option is to compete in dangerous games. Once a player survives the first game, they receive "visas" extended as they keep competing. However, red lasers being shot from the sky execute the individuals should the visa expires.

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Interestingly, Alice in Borderland Netflix cast was revealed after the platform allowed viewers to get a sneak peek of the series in a video released in September 2020. Netflix released the first episode in December 2020, and the series is currently in its second season.

Who do the characters represent in Alice in Borderland?

The characters in this Japanese drama represent the continuous tussle between the good and the bad. Some of them are inherently good and do not take delight in killing their opponents, while a few others are sadists who do not have a problem putting their enemies on the floor.

Alice in Borderland's characters

Below is a list of the cast of Alice in Borderland series:

1. Riisa Naka as Mira Kano

Alice in Borderland characters
Mira Kano. Photo: @FAIRYK4I
Source: Twitter

Who is the villain in Alice in Borderland? Mira is the one in charge of the dangerous games that the members of The Beach are supposed to play. But unfortunately, they did not reveal her position as a game master until towards the end of the season.

Mira's personality is pretentious. She appears friendly, gentle, and conservative for most parts of the series. However, after the eventual revelation of her real personality, it was not a nice picture.

2. Kento Yamazaki as Ryōhei Arisu

Alice in Borderland characters
Ryōhei Arisu. Photo: @SmallPotato21
Source: Twitter

Arisu was tired of the constant comparison his father made of him with his younger brother, and he wished to have a better life out of his father's presence. His wish was granted when he woke up at a bar alongside his friends, but that feeling of freedom became suspicious when he realised that he was in a sort of simulation.

He settled into the game when he realised there was no getting out. Nevertheless, the viewers gradually got introduced to his street intelligence and other personalities, making him an essential player in the game.

3. Nijirô Murakami as Shuntarō Chishiya

Alice in Borderland characters
Shuntarō Chishiya. Photo: @jagiyamoonjo
Source: Twitter

This player in the series is an intelligent medical student who will stop at nothing, including taking a fellow player's life, to achieve his goal. Furthermore, he never seems to be affected by anything around him beyond a sneer.

At the same time, he appears to be above any form of feeling for anything, and the only time he showed emotions was when a friend died. After a series of events in the simulation, this player begins to change his view about human nature.

4. Tao Tsuchiya as Yuzuha Usagi

Alice in Borderland characters
Yuzuha Usagi. Photo: @sudayandesu
Source: Twitter

Yuzuha grew up to be a capable adult when it comes to defending herself physically, thanks to her father's training. But unfortunately, she was drawn into the Borderland games while still grieving her father's death, who committed suicide.

Eventually, she formed a bond with other players, especially Arisu. Still, she was sceptical about the wisdom of going back to the real world when her new friend suggested it.

5. Dôri Sakurada as Suguru Niragi

Alice in Borderland characters
Suguru Niragi. Photo: @dsvkurada
Source: Twitter

This character suffered a lot of bullying as a student, and one of his predominant wishes was to become the oppressor against being oppressed. Interestingly, he got his wish when he was drawn into the Borderland, The Beach, game.

His personality here is nothing like he was in the real world. For example, he attempted to rape a female player. Although he is disliked by most, he doesn't seem to care.

6. Shô Aoyagi as Morizono Aguni

Alice in Borderland characters
Morizono Aguni. Photo: @jinguangay
Source: Twitter

This Beach game character appears complex and incapable of being compassionate, but the truth is that he has a soft side to him when he meets the right person deserving of it.

Morizono is a heavily built man who is unstoppable when he wills it. Before coming to the Borderland, he, also known as Agni, was in a gang and had experienced a tough life as a result.

7. Shuntarô Yanagi as Takatora Samura

Alice in Borderland characters
Takatora Samura. Photo: @MajimaruS
Source: Twitter

This player belongs to the militant group Martial Sect under Aguni. He is also known as the Last Boss and was previously thrilled with the life of famous explorers. After getting into the game, Samura goes bald and gets his uniquely identifiable tattoo.

Unfortunately, facing his past became difficult for him, and as a result, he could not enjoy so much progress. Because of the challenging moments he had gone through, Takatora considered death as the only escape route.

8. Ayaka Miyoshi as Rizuna An

Alice in Borderland characters
Rizuna An. Photo: @jinguangay
Source: Twitter

This woman is highly regarded for her intelligence and capacity to solve complex puzzles during the game. She is never scared of any situation and maintains a calm demeanour, irrespective of the level of pressure around her. However, Rizuna used to be a forensic scientist in the police force. She makes a couple of enemies and foes in the game.

9. Aya Asahina as Hikari Kuina

Alice in Borderland characters
Hikari Kuina. Photo: @chocochocojocko
Source: Twitter

One of the most common questions about this character is, "Is Kuina a boy or girl in Alice in Borderland?" This is partly because viewers were introduced to the theme of homosexuality with the portrayal of this player. Kuina used to be the male son of a dojo master who decided to become a woman through transgenic surgery.

Her mother was indifferent to the new choice, but the father frustrated her, leading her to a path that ultimately landed her in the Beach game. To leave the game and be with her loving mother again, Kuina must compete with other players to acquire the full suit of cards.

10. Nobuaki Kaneko as Hatter

Alice in Borderland characters
Hatter. Photo: @ash_mann1021
Source: Twitter

Hatter is portrayed as a manipulative player with a charming leader amongst the Alice in Borderland cast. He commands respect from a number of his followers in the Beach game. Similarly, he encourages his associates to live a carefree life while keeping the collection of cards as their only priority.

Hatter is well-grounded in the act of coercion, and when one of his friends admonishes him otherwise, he is willing to sacrifice the latter for personal glory.

Some Alice in Borderland's characters died in the first season during the game, while others have survived the horrors of the Beach game. The series is already in the second season and offers intriguing suspense to its ever-increasing viewers.

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