Societe General and 3 other banks in Ghana that will provide loans for wedding

Societe General and 3 other banks in Ghana that will provide loans for wedding

Weddings in Ghana are a big deal especially for the bride. It is also sometimes a measure of status.

The nuptial ceremony can cost people, sometimes their life savings. In Ghana today, some couples perform first, the traditional marriage and cap it up with the western wedding.

In Ghana, the traditional marriage is a key component of the ceremony. It involves the groom presenting money, property or some form of wealth to the brides family in exchange for the loss of her labour and all that she has to offer. 

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Here are banks in Ghana that will provide you loan for your wedding
Wedding list

Then comes the western/white wedding. And this comes with its own gargantuan cost. research shows the following banks in Ghana can provide any would be couple who are cash strapped money for their dream wedding.

The first bank is Beige. Checks on the bank’s site indicate spouses-to-be can fill a form on their website or in person. Then after all the due process is followed an amount will be give to sponsor on’s marriage. The couple will pay back with interest.

GCB Bank website clearly states that they will you loan for every stage of one’s life. “GCB personal loans give you fast approval and financing for almost anything you need. A GCB personal loan gives you the freedom to borrow money for whatever you want - education; marriage; childcare expenses; home improvements; travel or just help with bills - whatever you need, we have a loan for you!”

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HFC Bank Ghana has a product called “I do”. It is a savings package that allows you save towards your marriage, while you enjoy some special benefits. As part of the benefits, special "I Do" loan facility“ of up to twice amount saved in a year is given to the customer.

Societe Generale

The website of the bank says it can provide would-be couples funds for their dream weddings.

Do you need a short to medium term loan to finance the purchasing of the latest appliances, your dream car, wedding or family holiday?...The Societe Generale Ghana Consumer Loans are the perfect solutions for you!”

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