How to buy from Amazon in Ghana

How to buy from Amazon in Ghana

Are you sick of having to get out of your house to buy stuff you need? Do you wish you could be all lazy at home waiting for your things to be delivered to your doorstep? Well, worry no more as Amazon is here to make your dream come true. You can buy from Amazon in Ghana by following this article as we explain how it works. The world's top leading online shopping site deliveres products to billions of customers around the world. In Ghana, Amazon is still taking their time to expand and start their regular activities properly. We, at Yen, are there to help you deal with this situation by giving proper details on Amazon Ghana.

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Source:, Inc. “Earth’s most customer-centric company” is an American company, having its headquarters at Seattle Washington, which has been founded by Jeff Bezos on 5th July 1994. Amazon is the world’s biggest internet retailer based on market capitalization and revenue and second to in terms of sales to Alibaba Group. The company launched its first website as an online bookstore and step by step shifted to selling, streaming and downloading of MP3, audio books, videos, video games, apparel, furniture, software, toys, electronics, jewelry and food. Amazon also manufactures consumer electronics, such as Fire tablets, Echo, Fire TV and their most popular self-made product Kindle e-reader. Among the public companies, managed to become the second most valuable publicly listed U.S. company surpassing Google parent Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O).

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The Amazon's scene in Ghana is a little bit confusing, but do not worry we are here to help you with that; also to share your information about other online sites in Ghana from where you can buy things online. Go through this article and all your confusions will be cleared.

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Amazon Ghana - How Amazon works in Ghana?

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Amazon is yet to be formally launched in Africa. Amazon does not ship directly to almost all the African countries, but recently it has started shipping directly to four of the African nations which includes South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya. It was announced in Amazon Global program that this facility will help many shoppers to buy things directly from the online store which shall be delivered at their doorsteps, but sadly Ghana is yet to get proper Amazon access. Still, there are ways by which you can buy online in Ghana via Amazon.

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As already said, Amazon has no proper sites in Ghana. The first thing which is very important is to have a proper payment method. You can pay by debit cards that are provided by the banks in Ghana, such as EcoBank, Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays bank, etc. These cards can be applied for at the bank and incur minimum charges.

The problem is nearly about 30% of the Ghana online market sites whose servers are outside Ghana do not accept orders from a Ghanaian address; for that you have to get a US based address. Whenever you buy things from these sites, use this US address as your main billing. You can type on Google "US address" and use one.

There are many companies that work in Ghana as mail forwarders. They charge a minimum fee and deliver it to your address.

Mail forwarders like Ahonya, Flycrates and others do provide this service.

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How to buy from Amazon in Ghana?

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If you are willing to buy products from Amazon in Ghana for personal use or sell them as a retailer, Flycrates is there to help you out. Flycrates will charge you a minimum shipping amount for the product and will deliver them to your doorsteps in no time.

Step one: Go to Amazon site and select the Item(s) you prefer to buy

Here you just need to pick the item you desire to buy and keep them in your Amazon cart.

Step two: Open Flycrates

After selecting your products on Amazon, go to and add your country name in their link, enter your address and then add the items that you selected in Amazon to Flycrates cart.

Step three: Payment options

After you add the items in Flycrates cart they will show you how much they will charge you to deliver the product. They will be charging on tax and duty upfront and the shipping fee for delivering the goods. Then pay via credit card or debit card.

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Step Four: Purchase confirmation with receipt

After paying for the product, Flycrates will send you a confirmation SMS in your registered mobile number indicating details on how much time they will take to deliver the product. Save the SMS and show it to the delivery person at the time of arrival.

Does Amazon ship to Ghana?

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As mentioned earlier, direct Amazon shipping in Ghana is not available as of now. The reason organizations like Amazon do not ship products to Ghana is because of customs rules and regulations. Every item being shipped from these sites is checked a lot of times and additional custom charges are required to get them released which increases the price of the product. There are many other problems faced by US to deliver things in Ghana, such as -

  • The major problem is the address, they do not accept Ghana address because the format is totally different in US Amazon site.
  • Even if they track the address it takes a huge amount of time to get the products delivered, which leads to enormous customer complaints.
  • There is no free shipping to Ghana which also increases the price of the product, hence, the probable buyers do not buy them.

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The main question which arises in the buyer's mind is - 'how to buy things from Amazon in Ghana'? There are many mail forwarders who help you to buy products from Amazon. For instance, Flycrates smoothly delivers products from Amazon in Ghana. The mail forwarder follows an authentic procedure to ship the ordered goods. It is evident that Amazon shipping to Ghana becomes smoother with the delivery efficiency rate of Flycrates.

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Other online shops in Ghana

When it comes to online shopping in Ghana, the list is very small. The reason why e-commerce business is not that successful in Ghana is because of little knowledge in this particular field. Still, there are many online shopping sites available in Ghana, running their business slowly and steadily. Here is a list of some of the online shopping sites in Ghana along with their details -

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Melcom Online

Melcom Online is a new e-commerce site that was launched in Ghana recently. Melcom Ghana is a retail shop chain that launched an online portal for consumers to buy the products online. On Melcom, you can get everything from electronics to groceries. They are expanding day by day and have a dream to acquire desired market share in the online business.


Jumia Ghana is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Ghana where you can buy almost everything you desire to buy. Jumia has divided its online site to many parts for specific buyers, such as Jumia Market, Jumia Travels and Jumia Food. Jumia is one of the best online stores in Ghana.


Ahonya shop has a very different take on e-commerce; they help you to shop from different online sites and deliver them to your home. They let you pick products from sites that are from the United Kingdom and the United States. Here you can do Amazon shopping as this is one way of purchasing things from Amazon in Ghana.

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Zoobashop is another e-commerce site where varieties of products are available from home appliances to phones to beauty products and many more.

As discussed in this article, it shall take sufficient time for proper working of Amazon Ghana sites in Ghana. Till then, the steps discussed can be followed to purchase things from Amazon in Ghana. It is hustle free.

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