SHS in Ghana: Best in 2020

SHS in Ghana: Best in 2020

The best senior high schools in Ghana have been researched and established. The following list of the best shs in Ghana will work for any region that meets your interest when you are on the lookout for a school for your kid.

Best Shs in Ghana Across All Regions

According to research by a reputable expert review company, the best SHS in Ghana were decided upon based on the school’s performances for a period of 5 years. The major indicator used by the review company pass mark for students which were from A1 to C6. Also important are the percentiles averages of students based on their restrictions. This scale checks out the best shs in Ghana according to waec.

Best Shs in Ghana 2020 – What the Lists Suggests

There are numerous senior schools available in the country. However, you want to enroll your child in the very best which is why checking out a few suggestions that have been tested and tried. The following are a few schools that you can look at when making your decision.

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Greater Accra

The Presbyterian Boys’ High School which takes in students of all ages is where you want to take your child if you are in Accra. It has an average of 82.22% which is a very excellent position among the senior high schools in Ghana ranking. The school has managed to beat giants which cut it from the rest easily.

Ashanti area

If this is where you are located then you probably want the best science SHS in Ghana to be where your child goes to. Consider Opoku Ware Senior High School. Whenever you want to enroll a kid in the best shs schools in Ghana chances are that you consider the subjects that is their strength. Opoku is among the very best with a mean score of 92.52% as their pass rate. Parents would want to see their child pass and progress to higher levels. Choosing a school that has a better chance of making this happen is something that you not only have to do but must consider.

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Western region

Girls are not left out when scouting for the best schools for them. Choose a school that takes care of their academic needs. In this region the Saint Roses Senior School is ideal. It has been a dominant giant in the region with a pass rate of 79.045. This is a rate that the school has managed to keep at a constant over the years.

Central region

The Wesley Girl School is also dominating this region in academic excellence. The pass rate stands out at 90% and seems to be the case for the five years that have been reviewed. In fact this school is not only known to be the best in the region but excellent results from their students cut across the board. It is an excellent school nationwide and one that your kid will benefit from when enrolled.

The bottom line is that finding an excellent senior school in Ghana is quite easy. As long as your child has what it takes to belong then there is no stopping them. There is so much to benefit from these schools.

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