Vietnam female names and meanings

Vietnam female names and meanings

Vietnam is one of the counties endowed with a rich culture and customs that the natives value dearly. Their beliefs and traditions are important determining factors when choosing the best Vietnam female names. Holding on to these traditions, they use a specific pattern of naming their children. Use of ancient technology or systems, and uniue tonal pronunciation of their names, makes these names one of the most unique names in the entire wold.

vietnam local female names
vietnam female native names
traditional vietnam female names
common vietnam female names

Vietnam female names are greatly important and believed to determine one's destiny. The culture of naming children in Vietnam began long time ago in the ancient society. Children would be given more than one name including their taboo name and their common name. The tradition however disappeared in the 20th century when the people started attaining higher levels of education. The children were not given names until they attained a certain age (5-10) years.

After colonization by the French government, delay in naming of children occurred for several reasons in Vietnam. Some of these reasons were old government policies, high mortality rate and to avoid taboo names. Despite all these, Vietnamese still maintained the naming systems and they have cutest names you will ever get. The good thing about their female names is the hidden meaning. Going through the article will give you variety, which you are likely to fall in love with.

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Female names in Vietnam

Vietnamese names for girls are highly positive and bear a meaning that is quite encouraging. Some refer to the good feminine attributes while others refer to the virtues of a woman. Sometimes you can get two names combined together to give a special meaning. Here are the names of the Vietnamese girls that will definitely excite you.

  • Ai': A female name commonly used by the natives. It means beloved or gentle. They are people's favorite and treat others with gentleness.
  • An: it simply means peace. A woman filled with satisfaction and full of peace in the heart.
  • Anh: Very popular among the natives. It means intelligent or one who has intellectual brightness.
  • Bian: This is one of the female names that are rarely used. It means secretive.
  • Cha^u: The name applies for both male and females. It means pearls or the precious stone.
  • Co^ng: It is anative Vietnamese name used by majority of the natives. It means skillful in career or a good industry. People with this name are associated with having great skills in their work and excelling in everything they do.
  • Di.u: It means tender, gentle or mellow.The bearer's always portray a gentle heart and are tender to others.
  • Da`o: Female names that carry a special meaning. It means peach blossom or a tet flower.
  • Dung: Female Vietnamese name that means beauty or having a nice appearance. Children who are given the name are expected to have very good looks and appealing to everybody.
  • Ha.nh: The name means nice behaving or having good conduct. Bearers of the name have high expectations from people to have good morals and behaviorsemulatable to others. They are mostly given to first-born girls.
  • Han: This name portrays the virtue a woman is expected to have. It simply means faithful or having good morals.
  • Ha.nh Phu'c: This name carries some special meaning. It means a blessing from above given to a good family. It also means happiness.
  • Hie^`n: It is a common name to females but can also be used to males. It means gentle, nice, or quiet.
vietnam local female names
vietnam female native names
traditional vietnam female names
common vietnam female names
  • Hu.e^: It carries several special meanings. It means a lily flower, intelligence, having mental brilliance or mental enlightenment.
  • Huong: This name caries several meanings depending on how it is written,
  1. When it is written without accent it means fragrance or perfume
  2. When written with a little bar `, it means a pink color or a rose flower
  3. When a little question mark is put above letter O it means enjoy.
  • Ngo^n: It is a combination of two names to bring a special meaning. It means good, soft and nice in communication or polite in communication. Bearers of this name mostly live up to the meaning.
  • Huye^`n: The name simply means having a reflective black color. Popularly used in the country of Vietnam.

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Popular female names in Vietnam

The popularity of Vietnamese female names depends on the meaning and how beautiful they sound during their pronunciation. Vietnamese mostly tend to take the names of emperors because it is perceived as a sign of loyalty. Here is a list of Vietnam female names popularly used by the natives.

  • Ái: It is derived from Chinese. It means love, affection
  • Bê: This is a female Vietnamese name meaning a doll. It is used to mean adorable as a doll
  • Ha: This is a beautiful female name frequently used in the country. It means sunshine or something so bright.
  • Phúc: It used for both male and female in Vietnam. The name initial origin is Chinese. It means happiness, good fortune or a blessing.
  • Lien: It associated with the most beautiful flowers in the country. It means lotus flower. Mostly people who live across the rivers and gardens use the name.
  • Thanh: The name is unisex but it used for females than the males. It means achieved or intelligent.
  • Thuy: A female Vietnamese name that means friendly.

Vietnam local female names

There are names that are used locally depending on the surrounding conditions. They either take the meaning of the nature, natural environments, and other things that are found locally and are naturally accessible to. by any human being in the locality. Examples of such names include:

  • Cam: It is associated with the natural environment. It means an orange fruit.
  • Hang: This takes the natural nature of the environment. It means the moon. This means people with this name are associated with the gentleness of the moon.
  • Hue: The names bearer is associates with the blossoming of the flowers. The name means as beautiful as the lily flower.
  • Huong: The meaning of the name portrays the adoration that the Vietnamese has for flowers. It means a pink rose.
  • Mai: This is a popular female name among the natives of Vietnam. It means the blossom of an apricot.
  • Nguyet: If you have ever met a Vietnamese, then am sure you have heard of the name Nguyet. It is among the most popular names locally used in Vietnam. It means from the moon.
  • Thanh: This is associated with the natural creation. It simply means the delicate sky.
  • Thom: The female name gets its meaning from the sweet smell of the flowers. It means of sweet scent.
  • Truc: This is a sweet female name used locally. The natives who live along the forests mostly use it. It means Bamboo.
  • Xuan: Beautiful female name that associates with seasons. It means season of spring.

Vietnam female native names

There are various names that are native to the Vietnamese such that you will not find them being shared by other countries. Here is a list of some native female names in Vietnam.

  • Cuc: A beautiful female name is not commonly used. It means flower called Chrysanthemum
  • Diep: Considering many women names in Vietnam tie to beauty, flowery and feminine nature, this name means the lover of nature.
  • Duyen: A Vietnamese name meaning a charming and a graceful person.
  • Ngoc: This means a precious gemstone or an expensive diamond.
  • Kieu: This simply means to be pretty

Common Vietnam female names

Here is a list of the most popular and common names that Vietnamese female bears. They are used mostly in Vietnam and the neighboring Asian countries like Korea and china.

  • Mai: Also spelled as May in some occasions by some people. In the roman mythology, it is Maia.
  • Vy: This means energetic and full of life.
  • Trinh: This means clean or pure in heart.
  • Haoi: This is a unisex name in Vietnam although females mostly bear it. It means always or eternal being. A person who is always available..
  • Quynh: It means a night blooming flower .Mostly used by the native residents in Vietnam.
  • Lien: It means lotus flower or a sweet scent.
  • Huyen: It means jet black. People with this name are associated with a great pace of speed in the things they do in their lives and being very fast.
  • Chi: A quite pleasant female name that is popular among the Vietnamese. It means young or youthful at heart.

Traditional Vietnam female names

There are several traditional names that Vietnamese name their little girls after birth. Here are some of them:

list of vietnam female names
popular female names in vietnam
vietnam local female names
vietnam female native names

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  • Bình: Vietnamese female name meaning level, even or very peaceful
  • An: Vietnamese name originating from Chinese meaning peace and quiet or other characters with a similar pronunciation. As a Vietnamese name, it comes from Sino-Vietnamese 安 meaning safe or secure.
  • Anh: Frequent combination of this name with a middle name createsa compound name; the meaning of Anh changes depending on the Sino-Vietnamese characters underlying the compound. It is often from Vietnamese meaning flower, petal, brave, or hero. However, in compounds it often takes on the meaning of intelligent or bright.
  • Châu: Vietnamese female traditional name meaning a pearl or a gemstone.

Vietnam female names are not only sweet in pronunciation but also carry a deeper meaning. The meaning of a name is believed to shape ones destiny and character. In an attempt to live up the meaning of the name, most of the Vietnamese women end up having good character appealing to everyone. If in case you need a Vietnamese name for your child, then this article is a good source for your decision.

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