170+ beautiful Vietnamese names for girls with meanings

170+ beautiful Vietnamese names for girls with meanings

Vietnam is home to people with a rich culture. They also have an extensive collection of baby names. Most Vietnamese names for girls are derived from nature, spirituality, and morality. New and soon-to-be parents have hundreds of options for their little princesses.

Vietnamese names for girls
Vietnamese names for girls. Photo: pexels.com, @Pixabay
Source: UGC


There are multiple Vietnamese names for girls to choose from in 2023. Choosing a name for your little princess is a daunting task because it will be part of her identity for the rest of her life. The best options embody a rich sense of morality and belongingness.

Vietnamese names for girls and their meanings

Before deciding the name to give your little princess, it is advisable to research multiple options and understand their meaning.

You must always remember that names are powerful and shape who we become in adulthood. Below is a collection of cute Vietnamese names for girls you should consider for your little girl.

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Did you know Vietnamese people care deeply about how friends, family and colleagues perceive them? Therefore, it is important to choose names with a positive meaning.

Below is a list of popular female Vietnamese names starting with the first three letters of the alphabet.

  • A’nh: Ray of light
  • Ai': Beloved
  • Am: Female lunar moon
  • An: Peace
  • Anh: Wise or intelligent
  • Am: Lunar
  • An Dung: Peaceful hero
  • Âu Co: The fairy princess who was the Great Mother of Vietnam
  • Bach: The mountain tree
  • Bach yen: White
  • Bao: Protection
  • Bê: Doll
  • Be': Baby
  • Bian: Private or secretive
  • Bi'ch: Jade
  • Binh: Calm and peaceful
  • C’ng: Skillful or industrious
  • Ca: The eldest or the first
  • Cadeo: A daughter who could be a songstress
  • Cai: The feminine one
  • Cais: A person who rejoices
  • Cam: A little girl that emanates warmth/ mountain sunset or sweet citrus
  • Canh: Scenery
  • Cha^u: Pearls
  • Cai: Girlish
  • Cais: Always happy
  • Cara: Precious jewel
  • Cát: Lucky
  • Chánh: Chief
  • Chi: A tree branch or twig
  • Co^ng: Skillful and industrious
  • Cuc: Chrysanthemum
  • Cuong: Healthy and flourishing
  • Çu Co: Fairy princess who was the Great Mother of Vietnam

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Vietnamese baby names for girls starting with the letters D - J

Vietnamese baby names for girls
Vietnamese baby names for girls. Photo: pexels.com, @Singkham
Source: UGC

Below are beautiful Vietnamese girl names starting with the letters D to J. These options have positive meanings.

  • Da'o: Peach blossom flower
  • Dân: People or nation
  • Dang: Valuable
  • Den: The black lady who protects people from danger and illness
  • Dep: Beautiful
  • Diêp: Tree with red leaves
  • Diệu: Mysterious, subtle, and exquisite
  • Diu: Gentle, tender, and mellow
  • Do’an Vien: Happy reunion
  • Duyen: Amiable or graceful woman
  • Dông: Winter
  • Dung: Beautiful and courageous
  • Gia: Excellent
  • Gian: Gift from God
  • Giang: Fresh and flowing or river
  • Ha: Flowing river
  • Hai: Living ocean or sea
  • Ha`i: Fairy shoe
  • Han: Faithful and moral
  • Ha’ng: Angel in the full moon
  • Hằng: Lady
  • Hanh: Gorgeous and honest
  • Hanh Phu’c: Blessing from above and happiness
  • Hao: Good or great
  • Hie’n: Nice and quiet
  • Huyen: Jet black
  • Hoa: A type of flower
  • Hong: Pink rose
  • Hong Hanh: Apricot blossom
  • Hô`ng Yen: Pink swallow bird
  • Hue: Lily
  • Huệ: Bright and intelligent
  • Hung: Hero
  • Huong: Flower perfume
  • Huyê`n: Having a reflective black colour
  • Hwa: Flower
  • Hy’unh: Yellow

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Female names in Vietnam starting with the letters K and L

Cute Vietnamese names for girls
Cute Vietnamese names for girls. Photo: pexels.com, @Kha Ruxury
Source: UGC

An interesting fact about people from Vietnam is they are not confrontational. You will rarely see violent outbursts in this country. Below is a list of amazing female Vietnamese names starting with the letters K and L.

  • Kiêu: Lovely and graceful
  • Ke’t Nien: A year of unity
  • Kie’u: Graceful or beloved
  • Kim: Gold or golden
  • Kim Cuc: Yellow chrysanthemum
  • Kim-Ly: Golden Lion
  • Kính: Respect or honour
  • Khanh: Precious stone
  • Khôi: A leader or precious stone
  • Kho: The goddess of the marketplace
  • Khuong: To offer a helping hand (unisex)
  • Khuyen: Wise
  • Lam: Jungle or dense forest
  • Lan: Orchid or magnolia
  • Lang: Sweet potato
  • La’nh: Gentle
  • Lanh: Peaceful and joyous
  • Lap: Independent woman
  • Lê: Pear
  • Le: Shy and humble
  • Liên: Lotus (the national flower)
  • Liêu: The willow tree
  • Liêu Hanh: Goddess of the sky and lightning
  • Linh: Kind spirited
  • Liu Hanh: Goddess of the sky and lightning
  • Loan: A mythical lucky bird from the Chinese
  • Long: Dragon
  • Ly: Lion

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Female Vietnamese names starting with the letters M - P

Vietnamese names for girls
Vietnamese names for girls. Photo: pexels.com, @Pixabay
Source: UGC

Did you know that after name and nationality, age is one of the first questions you will be asked in Vietnam? Check out these amazing options starting with the letters M to P.

  • Mai: Cherry blossom
  • Mat Ga Trong: Sun goddess
  • Minh: Smart person
  • My~: Pretty or beautiful
  • My-Duyen: Pretty or beautiful
  • Mychau: Fantastic or great
  • Nam Ha: South River
  • Ngo.c Bich: Sapphire jade
  • Ngoc: Jade or precious stone
  • Ngoan: A well-behaved person
  • Ngon: Understanding
  • Ngo^n: One with good, soft, and nice communication skills
  • Nguyen: To sleep
  • Nguyêt: Goddess of the moon or the moon
  • Nhat: To shine or the sun
  • Nhiên: Correct
  • Nhu: Gentle and peaceful, like a calming wave
  • Nhung: Velvety
  • Nu: Beautiful girl
  • O’ng: Pink rose
  • Oanh: A type of a bird
  • Phong: The wind
  • Phuong: Phoenix (one of the four sacred creatures)
  • Ping: Peace

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Vietnamese names starting with the letters Q - T

Beautiful Vietnamese girl names
Beautiful Vietnamese girl names. Photo: pexels.com, @Migs Reyes
Source: UGC

Check out this list of female names starting with the letters Q to T and their meanings.

  • Qui: Turtle
  • Qu'y: Precious
  • Quoc: Nation or country
  • Quyêe^ n: A kind of bird
  • Sang: A noble person
  • Sangh: Belonging to the upper class
  • Sen: Lotus or a symbol of purity
  • Suong: White and pure
  • Tam: Heart
  • Tai: Gifted or affluent
  • Ta^m: Heart
  • Tha’m: Discreet grace
  • Tham: An elegant and distinct woman
  • Thanh: Bright, sunny, light, or pleasing to the ear
  • Thanh Ha: Teal river
  • Thao: Grass or a sweet and nice person
  • Thi: Poem or verse
  • Thien: Heavenly
  • Tho: A woman with a long life
  • Thoai: Goddess of water
  • Thu: Autumn or poem
  • Thuong: One who loves tenderly
  • Thuong Ngàn: Goddess of the forests, agriculture, cooking, and childbirth
  • Thom: Sweet-smelling
  • Thuy: Pussycat willow. Also means friendly and gentle
  • Tiên: Fairy, spirit, or angel
  • Toan: Safe or secure (unisex)
  • Tran: Old or ancient
  • Trang: Intelligent or serious person
  • Trang Chim: Moon goddess or moon swan
  • Trieu: A tide or a small wave
  • Trinh: One who is pure and virtuous
  • Truc: Wish or bamboo
  • Trung: Adored or regarded (unisex)
  • Trung Nhi: Sister to Trung Trac (the sisters rebelled against the Chinese around AD 39 and are folk heroines)
  • Trung Trac: Sister to Trung Nhi. She led the rebellion against the Chinese
  • Tú: Luxurious, elegant, and outstanding
  • Tuyˆn: Ray
  • Tuyen: Angel and is a variation of the name Tien
  • Tuye’n: Line or ray
  • Tuyet: Snow white

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Vietnamese names starting with the letters U - Z

Cute Vietnamese names for girls
Cute Vietnamese names for girls. Photo: pexels.com, @Nguyễn Quốc Thái
Source: UGC

Below are unique Vietnamese girl names to choose from. They start with the letters U to Z.

  • Uoc: Wishes
  • Ut: Last
  • Xu: The goddess who protects refugees
  • Xuân: Spring
  • Vân: Cloud
  • Viê't: To write
  • Vinh: Magnificence or glory
  • Yê'n: A swallow (bird)
  • Yên: Peace or safety

Linh is the number one name for girls in Vietnam.

What Vietnamese name means grace?

Tha'm means discreet grace in Vietnam.

What is the Vietnamese girl name for a flower?

Hoa, Hwa, and Liên mean flower in Vietnam.

What Vietnamese name means spring?

Xuân means spring in Vietnam.

What Vietnamese girl names mean moon?

Trang Chim, Nguyêt, Ha’ng, and Am are Vietnamese girl names that mean moon.

Why do Vietnamese people have three names?

In Vietnamese culture, names are traditionally patrilineal. Children inherit their father's family name at birth. They also get a middle name written between the person's family name and the given name.

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Is Mai a Vietnamese name?

Yes, Mai is a Vietnamese girl name. It means cherry blossom.

What is a typical Vietnamese name?

Typical Vietnamese names for girls and boys are Anh, Dung, Hanh, Hoa, Hong, Khanh, Lan, Liem, Nhung, Duy and Xuan.

There are many Vietnamese names for girls to choose from for new or soon-to-be parents. The options you pick should have a positive meaning because they will affect your child's behaviour.

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