150+ beautiful Kuwait names for boys and girls with meanings

150+ beautiful Kuwait names for boys and girls with meanings

Kuwait is a country in Western Asia situated on the northern edge of Eastern Arabia. Like other countries, Kuwait also has popular names that are commonly used. Here are beautiful Kuwait names for boys and girls you can choose from.

Beautiful Kuwait names for boys and girls
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A person's identity is heavily influenced by their name. The most important thing any parent can do for their child is to choose a good and unique name. Here are Kuwait names for male and female kids you can use.

Beautiful Kuwait names for boys and girls

The name of a child has a significant influence on their personality. Here are some unique Kuwait names and surnames for you to consider.

Kuwait female names and surnames

Are you located in Kuwait? Here is a list of common Kuwait female names you can name your newborn.

Female names in Kuwait that start with letters A-E

Check out the selection of amazing names with deep meanings that start with the letters A-E.

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  • Adab: Hope and need
  • Aidah: The one who's returning
  • Aishah: Wife of the prophet
  • Ali: Exalted
  • Amal: Hopes
  • Baasiqaat: High
  • Baazighah: Shining
  • Bab: From The gateway
  • Babeena: Fun loving
  • Badarunnisa: Full moon of the women
  • Batoul: Untouched by a man
  • Chahra: Notoriety
  • Chahrazad: Sensitive
  • Chakama: Poem
  • Chandni: The moon's light
  • Chandra: Beautiful like the moon
  • Daarina: Love, kindness or beautiful
  • Daniah: The beloved of the hearts
  • Dafeenah: Hidden treasure
  • Dafiyah: Narrator of Hadith
  • Eileen: Torch of light
  • Eiliyah: The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with God
  • Eiliyana: My God has answered

Rare Kuwaiti girl names starting with F-J

Kuwait names and surnames
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Below are rare Kuwait names for girls starting with the letters F-J you should consider giving your little girl.

  • Fadwa: Sacrificing
  • Farida: The incomparable one
  • Fatema: Fone s*cking her mother's milk
  • Firdaus: Paradise
  • Farha: Happy
  • Ghadiya: Early and on time
  • Ghaffara: Forgiveness and forgiving
  • Ghafira: One who hides others' sins
  • Ghaida: Young and delicate
  • Haameda: One who praises Allah
  • Haami: Protector
  • Hatoon: Prestige and position
  • Haamidah: One who praises
  • Hawaa: The name of the first woman on earth
  • Jouyce: Pleasure and joy

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Cute Kuwaiti girl names starting with K-O

Check out these cute names for baby girls starting with the letters K-O.

  • Kaina: Leader woman
  • Kainaat: Universal
  • Kainaaz: Leader women
  • Kaiyana: Open-faced beauty
  • Kaju: Cute
  • Kalah: Slim and fair
  • Kausar: Reservoir in paradise
  • Lamar: Water of gold
  • Lana: The little palm
  • Llama: A type of animal that resembles a deer
  • Lucien: The girl who likes to sleep
  • Maahira: Supremely talented
  • Maahirah: Skillful
  • Maahiya: Someone whom you love
  • Maahjabin: Brow like the moon
  • Omaima: Little princess
  • Omaimiya: Form of umaimah
  • Orush: Thrones
  • Orwiya: Female mountain goat
  • Orzala: Brightness of fire

Classic female Kuwait names that start with letters P-T

Kuwait female names
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If you are looking for the best names, these are some options you could consider.

  • Persa: From the water
  • Peymaneh: Wine cup
  • Phoenyx: Mythical bird
  • Pinar: Fountain
  • Rizan: sobriety and dignity
  • Rabail: Veil of flower
  • Rabbiya: Cool breeze of the spring season
  • Rusayl: Freshwater
  • Rama: The star of the Kaaba
  • Rival: Long-haired
  • Sa'diyah: Good fortune
  • Shahed: White honey, as long as it is still in its wax
  • Saabiha: Bright as the morning
  • Salsabil: The name of a river in Paradise
  • Taamira: One who knows the dates
  • Taaqul: Wise thought
  • Tabahhuj: Cheerful
  • Tabahhur: Like the river
  • Tabalah: She was a narrator of Hadith

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Kuwait girl names that start with letters V- Z

What are the unique names? Below are the options that could help you out.

  • Vaasifa: One who sacrifices everything
  • Vagiha: Summarised
  • Vaheeda: Beautiful
  • Vahi: Bright
  • Wafeeqa: Successful
  • Waffa: Faithful
  • Wafia: Complete
  • Walad: Newborn
  • Walah: Messenger of God
  • Waleeda: Newborn child
  • Warizah: Happiness
  • Warqa: To do with paper
  • Xeanee: The one that cannot be broken
  • Xma: Gentle and tolerant
  • Xyra: Moon
  • Yomna: Right
  • Yara: The chaste
  • Yoland: Means violet flower
  • Zaafirah: Victorious one
  • Zaakirah: One who constantly remembers and glorifies Allah
  • Zaakiya: One who increases in growth
  • Zaaminah: One who stands surety for another one who helps

Kuwait male names

Kuwait names and surnames
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Most of the time, parents give their kids names based on things that happened in their family or when the child was conceived or born. Here are some options to consider if you are looking for the ideal Kuwaiti baby boy name for your infant.

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Kuwaiti boy names starting with letters A-B

Are you looking for a great name to bestow upon your child? Here are some amazing male names and the meanings that start with the letters A and B.

  • Aabdeen: Worshipper
  • Aabel: Breath
  • Aadeez: Beloved
  • Aadel: Reasonable
  • Aaden: Warmth of the home
  • Aafaque: Horizon
  • Aafii: Honesty
  • Aafil: Honest or prince
  • Aagaz: Start or beginning
  • Aaghaa: Master or owner
  • Aaghaaz: Awake
  • Aahail: Thankful
  • Aaheel: Prince or king
  • Aaheer: Fearless
  • Aahga: Leader
  • Aari: Mountain
  • Aariaz: Leader or ruler of the nation
  • Baabar: Lion or King of Jungle
  • Baadi: Unique
  • Baadir: Shining
  • Baahi: Glorious and magnificent
  • Baakir: Early
  • Baal: Young
  • Baaligh: Major
  • Baaqee: Remaining
  • Baaqir: Everlasting
  • Baare: Brilliant and superior
  • Baariz: Visible
  • Baasid: Great emperor
  • Baasim: Smiling

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Kuwaiti boy names starting with K-M

Kuwait names for male and female
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You can be creative when naming your child. Here is a list of popular Kuwaiti boy names that begin with the letters K, L, and M.

  • Kaab: Fame
  • Kaaf: Sufficient or enough
  • Kaami: Perfect
  • Kaamraan: Lucky
  • Kaashif: Revealing
  • Kadan: Friend
  • Kadar: Powerful
  • Kadeem: Slave to God
  • Labeeb: Understanding
  • Labeeq: Intelligent
  • Labhan: Truth
  • Labib: Sensible
  • Maadil: Way
  • Maadun: Inhabited
  • Mashoor: Famous
  • Mashrafe: Honoured
  • Mashriqi: One who belongs to the East
  • Mashruk: Bight

Kuwaiti boy names starting with U-V

There are far too many options if you are looking for a unique and good name for your child. Consider any of these names that begin with the letters U or V.

  • Ubad: Worshippers
  • Ubada: Serves God
  • Ubah: Wealthy one
  • Uli: Noble leader
  • Ullah: Peace
  • Umair: Intelligent.
  • Umairi: Long-lived
  • Umais: Affection
  • Vahab: One and only God
  • Vaheed: Single
  • Vahib: Bestowed
  • Vahid: The only one
  • Vaid: Helper
  • Vajahat: Respect
  • Vajid: One who Perceives
  • Valli: Lightening
  • Vasiuddin: Faithful
  • Vaspan: Love to help
  • Vishtasb: Golden
  • Vizarath: Helpful

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Kuwait male names on Facebook

Kuwait male names on Facebook
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Here are a few of the most frequently used Kuwaiti names on Facebook.

  • Abdul Samad Khan
  • Ahmed Nafees
  • Aiko Bisco Nalles
  • Ally Naoquines Danganan
  • Badeth Aquino Nartates
  • Bayawa Navares Lushia
  • Celynniepz Melencion
  • Chris Napoles
  • Cylyn Nantes Espiritu
  • Didith Namias Mayono Lopez
  • Dionecia Napoles
  • Gemma Namanas
  • Ibrahim Nageso
  • Jawaher Namer
  • Jha Nimes Ciasico
  • Jonnel Reyes Napoles‎
  • Kengen Naples
  • Kristal Marie Tagum Navales
  • Lolit Salvacion Salientes
  • Mohammad Nafees
  • Mohd Nafees
  • Mutya Timple Naitsabes
  • Nafees Ahmad
  • Nafes Khan

Most people use a variety of criteria when naming a child. Some parents will be influenced by the seasons, while others will be influenced by their circumstances. This guide will assist you in selecting suitable Kuwait names for your children.

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