Skirt and top styles in Ghana 2020 (photos)

Skirt and top styles in Ghana 2020 (photos)

Fashion has taken the center stage in our lives almost becoming a basic necessity. Women, who are mostly the fashion ambassadors,can do almost anything to look good, at all situations. Taking a look at the latest skirt and top styles, we can clearly confirm this.

latest skirt and top styles in ghana

Most of these styles can blow your mind off, if not induce impulse shopping for the ladies. These styles which are mostly tended in order to integrate with the Ghanaian culture look good if matched well.

Skirt and top styles in Ghana

There is a very wide variety of Ghanaian clothing ranging from Ankara tops and pants,pencil skirts, the Dashiki and the African print skirts and tops. These are widely appreciated by the Ghanaian ladies as seen in their pleasure in the clothes. Let us look detail these styles.

Ankara Tops and Pants

Made from the fabulous Ankara material, these cloth pieces look absolutely spectacular on ladies all over. They are chosen with an amount of consideration given to the lady’s body shape. These Ankara styles are mostly seen on by the women on Sundays at church(laughable fashion exposure).

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The Dashiki Tops

The Dashiki is a colorful garment mostly for men(but hijacked by women) that is of West Africa. It is also stylish and trending owing to its decency and traditional nature. The new 2020 designs that have outed are just breathtaking. Both genders considered, the new styles are can just be described in one word. Great.

latest skirt and top styles in ghana
Dashiki top

Most African wear and top styles are designed integrate with the culture of its origin. Print skirts, of African design and origin, complement ones body shape and personality. These include the pencil skirts and blazers that often are worn to church. Taking an example of the stylish butterfly top that can be matched with a African print pant (loosely fitting more preferable).These all done in mostly Ankara material.

latest skirt and top styles in ghana
Crop tops and maxi skirts

Look at another example, the crop tops. Also stylish in their own design, can be done perfectly with a traditional African maxi skirt that is mid-waist high. The piece brings out the salient features in your body that most other pieces cannot.

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Who says that these styles are not modern enough? Who says that these are not the trending styles? Modern skirt and top styles are not any way different from the Ankara, dashiki we have looked at. The Ankara which can be twisted and made into many different designs can make official clothing, wedding gowns and even pencil skirts that are semi-official.

latest skirt and top styles in ghana
Pencil skirt

There are a lot of different ways to express fashion. Designers have their way of bringing out the best in all clothing. Looking at how the Ankara can be manipulated into various designs, we can truly say that fashion is slowly becoming a basic necessity to us. Skirt and top styles that have taken the fashion scene by storm are indisputable. These styles as said earlier are chosen with the basic idea of body shape in mind. Considering this then the ladies will look dashing, owing to the factor that the clothes the clothes already look good. So, ladies, these are the new year styles. What are we waiting for?

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