Is Ramsey Noah dead or alive?

Is Ramsey Noah dead or alive?

The thirst for relevance has led to claims such as Ramsey Noah dead just to attract traffic. It’s vividly clear that this era of information has cultivate people’s interest in being knowledgeable about the surrounding. They have therefore resorted to using the internet as a source of information to quench their thirst for knowledge. However, what is also clear is that the internet has taken advantage of their desperation to feed into their minds what is not true sometimes, may be because of the stiff competition out there. Since people are information hungry and need something to feed on, they seldom sieve through the info that gets into their minds making them prey to anything that comes afore. Ramsey Noah dead is one of the false information people have recently had to deal with.

Ramsey Noah dead


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About Ramsey- why target him?

Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah is one of the favorite actors in the Nollywood movies. His name is Ramsey Nouah and not Ramsey Noah like many writers misspell it. He was born in Ebo, Nigeria of an Israeli father and a Yoruba mother. He pursued a degree in Mass communication from the University of Lagos and later on went into acting. These loved romance actor kick started his career in a TV show Fortune that lay a strong foundation for his achievements in the Nollywood. He acted many movie and won awards and nominations. He is married to Emelia Philips Nouah and they are blessed with three children- Quincy, Damil and Desiree. So the romance you see in his movies are only for the screen and to entertain you. Deep inside him, he is a family man of repute.

Ramsey Noah Nigerian actor dead- far from the truth

Is Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah dead? Perhaps this was the first question that hit you when the news got your eyes or ears. No he is not dead. The Nollywood play boy like many would want him referred to, is very much alive and kicking. He is busy with his life and death is not on his list at the moment. As much as death could come as an ambush this article comes to dispel any fear surrounding the death allegations. It is unfortunate that publicity is considered good even when it could be damaging to other people's reputation. Whoever started this claim and why they did it may be something we all have to wonder about.

Is Ramsey Noah dead or alive?

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Is Ramsey Noah truly dead?

Claims on whether Ramsey Noah is dead have been rampant despite these being mere allegations. Like said earlier, much information is out their concerning celebrities. While some of it is true there is the possibility that other are only meant to attract your attention. It could be a strategy by people trying to get themselves internet traffic hence they have taken advantage of this and they can earn from it by weaving false but luring stories that will keep you on their blogs every now and then. Do not therefore take anything you read on the internet at face value some could be false and misleading n matter how alluring.

Ramsey Noah dead

Source: Shakarasquare

The news that Nigerian actor Ramsey Noah is dead, is yet another death hoax that has occurred. Death hoax are common among celebrities who enjoy a huge following on the internet. You perhaps have heard of people who enjoy putting a fox in roosts. This is one practical way of doing that. Such news causes tension, brings shock, and to some extend are meant to impose fear to the victim. They are purely meant for these and nothing else. Death hoax have occurred to many celebrities. Ramsey Noah is just among the many celebrities that have not escaped this sad but real strategy. The list is very long.

Actor Ramsey Noah dead

It’s very clear that Ramsey Noah not dead, the death allegations have been on the internet almost after every two or three years. They come in many version that one could wonder whether in modern times one can die and resurrect, die again and resurrect and so on and so forth. Different websites had different stories. On one, the report was that Ramsey Noah is dead because he fell down several stories when acting a movies in Kumasi Ghana. This news surfaced in 2011. According to the report he was acting a dangerous stunt when he fell and succumbed to fatal injuries.

Is Ramsey Noah dead or alive?

Another claim of Ramsey Noah Jr dead came in 2013, according to this rumor, the handsome actor of Nollywood was killed in an armed robbery. It’s alleged that armed robbers broke into his home and shot him dead. However this later on turned out to be one scene in some movie he acted. A mere misinterpretation of the facts on the ground.

Lastly, the latest death hoax attack on him claims that Ramsey Noah died in this BMW convertible. He was sitting in the passenger sit in the BMW which was being driven by his friend. Along the way the machine rammed into a wall on the side of the road causing his death. The source goes ahead to say that this occurred as a result of high speeding. Pictures and video footage of the alleged accident filled the internet and spread as fast as fire on a dry thicket. Thanks to the many idle bloggers available nowadays.

This was later found to be false, according to a trusted source, the accident was a photo shop of a crash incident that happened in Paris, Tennessee around 2011 and not accident involving the actor.

Ramsey Noah is he dead? At the moment I think you can afford an answer to that. Well there are other proofs too that the man is still walking on this earth. To confirm this go to his Instagram, there you will discover that he posted a photo of him and two of his friends, comedian AY and 2face during the official launch of western lotto. The three had just been confirmed the brand ambassadors.

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He too at some point came up to debunk the allegations. He said that he very much alive and went ahead to condemn those who were behind the fake news. According to him this has been a manner through which bloggers have been using to popularize their blogs. It was unprofessional because blogging has taken advantage of cheap and affordable internet to cook falsehood so as to earn income from google.

In conclusion, the internet is brimming with information and one will need a third eye to stay safe from the rumors that you sometimes come eye to eye. They are out there in huge number circulating looking for your fresh minds to feed. That said, it is very painful to hear of your death when you are very much alive. It impacts negatively to friends, relative and fans. So before you share something on the internet establish the authenticity first. I hope this article has helped you decide on your own whether Ramsey Noah is dead or alive. He is without doubt very alive.

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