How Abraham Attah got the spiderman role

How Abraham Attah got the spiderman role

Abraham Attah is one of the youngest and most successful Ghanaian actors in the industry currently. Born in 2 July, 2001. He currently resides in the U.S, where he has a career in acting and also pursues his education. Abraham Attah story is inspirational having been raised in a humble background of the Ga-Dangme ethnic group in Accra, Ghana.

How Abraham Attah got the spiderman role

His rise to fame in Hollywood has been attributed to the work ethics and hard work he puts in all of his work. He was discovered while playing soccer and since then he kept soaring high.

Abraham Attah is Ghana’s talk of town especially after his debut in blockbuster movies in Hollywood. We all know how hard is it to make it in the Hollywood industry especially if you are a foreigner. This star has proved the odds wrong by accomplishing milestones in his career. His casting in ‘Beasts of No Nation’ raised eyebrows especially among the audience who were interested in knowing who is Abraham Attah?

Abraham Attah Movies

Abraham Attah made his debut in his acting career in the movie ‘Beasts of No Nation.’ He had the privilege of working with huge names in the film industry such as Idris Elba. In the movie, he plays the character Agu who is forced into being a child soldier. His family manage to scamper for safety to the UN peacekeepers but he is forced to stay behind and fight alongside his father. He is faced with many atrocities for a child his age. The movie paints a vivid picture of the dynamics of war.

He executed his role perfectly to the point of winning some international awards. He took home the Marcello Mastroianni’s Best Young Actor Award during the 2015 Venice Film Festival. After the success of the movie, all eyes were turned on the rising star from Ghana. More was in store for this talented thespian as his light shone brighter and brighter.

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How Abraham Attah got the spiderman role

Abraham Attah Spiderman.

His exemplary performance caught the eyes of movie big-wigs Marvel. This saw him land a role in Marvel Studios franchise Spiderman Homecoming. He played the role of Miles Morales in the movie where Peter parker is trying to identify himself being the friendly Spiderman under the tutelage of Tony Stark. This was a major achievement in the young stats career as many live for to be picked to act even a small scene by Marvel. The movie did very well having won several awards.

Abraham Attah Instagram page was flooded with congratulatory messages from all kinds of people. Back at home during the premier of Spiderman Homecoming, cinema halls were full to capacity as Ghanaians filled them. This was all in support and love for their young boy who made it in the Hollywood industry. He also was congratulated by then President John Dramani Mahama on his official twitter account.

How Abraham Attah got the spiderman role

Before the success of this talented soul caught people attention, he was just an ordinary Ghanaian kid. In Abraham Attah’s interview, he told his story of life before fame. The story caught the heart of many as it depicted the struggle and hard life he went through personally. He used to help her mum who was a street vendor in Accra. He was from a humble background but despite all these challenges he still made it through.

He confessed that before being casted for the movie ‘Beasts of No Nation’ he was a bit scared. This was probably due to lack of any experience in the acting. It is obvious for anyone to feel that way since it is not every day that one is picked to headline a blockbuster movie. Abraham Attah’s profile acts as a source of motivation to other young African children across the continent to pursue their talents and dreams.

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