Yolo cast: full list, real names, and photos

Yolo cast: full list, real names, and photos

In a decade when the audience is yearning for the most elevated standards in entertainment, YOLO (You Only Live Once) Ghana TV series has sure set the bar high. This is not one of those enigmatic shows that you can binge-watch an entire half-season without grasping the storyline. YOLO is an informative, educational, and entertaining TV series that appeals to the young and old alike. The YOLO TV series launch and subsequent popularity were unanticipated. It began airing in 2015, piloted by the National Population Council to educate the youth on healthy, productive behaviour. Fast track five years later, the show’s a national sensation. And you have the YOLO cast to thank for this enormous popularity.

Yolo cast
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YOLO TV series has millions of viewers in Ghana and other parts of the world. It is a sequel to Things We Do For Love, a renowned television series that left many fans spellbound in the nineties and early 2000s.

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Every show's ideal representation is a work of art, ideally done by the actors. And when you secure the best, it would be a success. The YOLO Ghana TV series cast has sure managed to elevate the show to newer heights with amazing skills and impressive acting prowess. Who are these young people that depict the day-to-day challenges of the youth of today?

YOLO cast

YOLO is a suspense-filled narrative with never-ending drama focused on matters that adolescents face every day. These are issues like peer pressure, relationship troubles, the struggle for survival, and the challenges young people from deprived backgrounds face.

The YOLO Ghana TV series full cast, inclusive of the behind-the-camera personnel produces something remarkable for the audience in every episode. The return of season five saw the entrance of some talented young actors that were put together by the production team in conjunction with Ghana Health Service (GHS), National Population Council, Community for Health and USAID.

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Do you want to know YOLO cast names? Who are these actors fulfilling the “Good Life, Live It Well” campaign though the YOLO TV series?

1. Quuenstar Anaafi – Emily

Yolo cast
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Queenstar plays Emily, one of the leading roles in the popular TV series. In the show, she is a young, rich and beautiful girl that thanks to her parent's ideal upbringing turned out into a well-groomed adolescent. Queenstar is a notable character in the series because of her incredible talent, which she perfectly depicts when playing Cyril's girlfriend.

Sure, being part of YOLO season 5 cast as well as in previous seasons has allowed Queenstar to get in touch with her inner persona. Her frequent interactions with the YOLO cast has allowed her to overcome her shyness, elevating her confidence level.

Without a doubt, Queenstar’s beauty is one of the main reasons that people are glued to the screen. When you combine it with her remarkable appeal and ideal depiction of her character, you realize that she is one of the main pillars of the TV series.

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2. Aaron Adatsi – Cyril

Yolo cast
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Aaron playing Cyril is the primary attraction of the series, and it seems like the entire show's story revolves around his character. He is tossed around too much that if you miss a full season and pick it up on the next one, you will be confused.

Being one of the pivotal characters in such a high-demand television series comes with great responsibility. Fortunately, Aaron creativity is impressive – his acting is out of this world. He brings out the story of a naïve boy that can hardly find his place in the complicated adolescent world amazingly well.

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3. Evelyn Galle-Ansah – Araba

Yolo cast
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Evelyn Galle plays Araba, the adorable character in the television series and one of the most integral components of YOLO cast. She plays the wise girl laden with all the modern-day information about the ins and outs of adolescent life. Watching the series will leave you spellbound at her creative antics.

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Perhaps it is her profound personality that makes her play her character so well. In the show, she is decisive, which many fans would desire in themselves at the same age. Evelyn is a talented actor that if she puts her best foot forward is going to make it big in the entertainment industry.

4. John B. Peasah – Drogba

Yolo cast
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John plays Drogba, the naughty and kind-of villain of the series based on its primary theme of sexual awareness for teenagers. He perfectly portrays the negative aspect of teenage life, the exact opposite of what every teenager ought to look forward to in their life.

Even though John enjoys playing this naughty role, he is a shy and conserved person in real life. So, the next time you meet John Peesah aka Drogba on the streets, don’t victimize him for this show’s character. Instead, let him sign you an autograph – he is a superstar.

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5. Makafui Fella – Serwaa

Yolo cast
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Another exciting addition to the YOLO Ghana cast names is Makufuli Dela. She plays Serwaa, a naïve and unsuspecting poor girl. Actors granted such roles in television series must have the ideal talent to bring the character to life. Makafui does not disappoint.

Makafui is an actress and a student hailing from the Volta region in Ghana. She sued to sell bread for her mother in the village, and this means that she connects very well with her role in the television series.

Dela left the village and moved to Accra to grow her career. Fortunately, Makafui managed to secure a slot as Serwaa in the YOLO TV series after a successful audition. This was the beginning of a great journey.

6. Desmond Danso Sakyi – King George

Yolo cast
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Nothing about Desmond Danso can make you doubt that he is a king in the series. He plays the role so well, giving the audience a fantastic show. King George is the go-to guy in the neighbourhood for all the latest information and gossip.

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Desmond is a great actor, writer, activist, thought leader and web series creator in real life. He has a bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts from the School of Arts, UEW, which is probably the reason he is excellent at what he does on screen.

Desmond worked on various aspects of digital media and broadcast for PHD media Ghana before taking up the role of King George in the popular television series YOLO. Today, Desmond heads Pave Ghana, a talent management firm that he created in 2014.

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7. Jackie Aygemang Appiah - Auntie Enyonam

Yolo cast
Image: instagram.com, @jackieappiah
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She is one of the characters that were carried forward from the show’s sequel Things We Do For Love. In YOLO, Jackie Appiah plays Cyril’s mother.

Jackie is one of the most renowned actors in Ghana and has received numerous awards for her fantastic acting skills. These include the Best Actress in 2010 and Best Actress in Supporting at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

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Jackie is a Ghanaian-Canadian and was born in Toronto. Her popularity grew when she appeared on the popular television series Things We Do For Love. Now, she is a renowned actor in Nollywood having featured n numerous successful Ghanaian films.

8. Adjetey Annang – Pusher

Yolo cast
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If you are looking for YOLO cast and their names, you will be glad to know about the real identity of Pusher, Cyril’s father in the television series. His real name is Adjetey Annang, a very popular actor in Ghana that has featured in very many movies.

Adjetey went to Labone High School and studied Fine Arts at the University of Ghana. He was assimilated into YOLO from Things We Do For Love, just like Jackie, who plays his wife in both television series.

In YOLO, pusher represents individuals that are haunted by their past and are struggling to keep things together. Considering his immense success in other roles, this was easy for him. Adjetey has even acted in a Dutch movie titled Slavery.

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The production team

Even though many people are interested in YOLO Ghana cast names, others are more interested in the production team – the people behind the scenes making the show.

Ivan, the Chief Executive Officer of Farmhouse Productions, is the brains behind the entire project. He directs all YOLO productions and makes sure that every scene comes out as intended. Other integral part of the background cast is:

  • Michael Eshun (Director of Photography)
  • Kofi Sefa (Sound Engineer)
  • Tracy Decardi-Nelson (Post Production Department)
  • Bridget Nortey (all-around production team member)

There you have it – a comprehensive list of YOLO cast, images and their real names. Over the years, the show has received fantastic reception and has continued to grow in popularity. All this is because of the cast that is telling a good story by acting well. Indeed, they are talented and depict impressive skills.

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