Comedian Waris: 5 things you didn't know about the funny Ghanaian

Comedian Waris: 5 things you didn't know about the funny Ghanaian

Consider this. Someone shares a story depicting the negatives in society, which might be divorce, unemployment, and even negative ethnicity. And what do you do? Laugh? And that is alright; it was the intended reaction. Such is the style of renowned comedians that creates a good laugh out of the most awkward situations. Comedian Waris, a Ghanaian comic giant, has perfected the trade. He is celebrated for his short video skits and the genuineness of his performances. How much do you know about him?

Comedian Waris
Image:, @comedianwaris
Source: Instagram

Forget about international comedy acts, Ghana has a fast-rising star with a controversial, yet appealing style. Indeed, Waris is one of the most sensational stand-up comedians and comic actors. In the comedy fraternity, he is considered a genius.

Waris has managed to dominate Ghana’s creative landscape and is expected to elevate to newer heights in the future. And the ascent has made numerous fans interested in his personal life.

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Comedian Waris biography

Comedian Waris Ghana was born on July 31, 1992, in Abuabu, a tiny village in the Ashanti Region. He is the firstborn in a family of three siblings. As a young boy, Waris' family was not wealthy, and things worsened at nine years when his father passed away. This sudden event left him under the care of his mother alone.

Comedian Waris education endeavours are just like anyone else's. He attended pre-school in his hometown but had to alter schools after they relocated. Waris went to Junior High School (J.H.S.) in Accra where he advanced his education. He went through the entire education system and completed the primary level in 2008.

This allowed him to join Senior High School that he completed at Odorgonno Senior School. Here, the comedian studied Agricultural Science and left the learning institution in 2012. With remarkable qualifications in his niche, Waris chose to pursue a career as a T.V Engineer.

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Waris was allowed to work in one of the biggest T.V and F.M stations in Ghana, Rainbow T.V after his studies. The talented comedian started his comic career at eighteen years old and has never looked back ever since.

Waris has performed at various locations, wooing crowds with his remarkable style that has elevated him to become an international comedy star. He is renowned online and offline, and because of his exciting and funny skits, he has earned the term “Ghana Instagram comedian.”

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Five fascinating facts about Comedian Waris Ghana

Comedian Waris
Image:, @comedianwaris
Source: Instagram

Do you know Waris’ full name? Just like you, Waris is an ordinary guy, but with a great comic talent that has captured that attention of a massive audience. Therefore, some things about the comedian are quite exciting and probably out of this world for many people.

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Waris has performed in numerous comedy platforms that many comedians in Ghana only dream about.

1. He has been appointed as Guinness Smooth brand influencers

All strategic entertainers utilize their fame and influence over the masses to secure lucrative advertising contracts. Comedian Waris managed to attract the attention of one of Africa’s biggest brands, Guinness.

He, together with another sensational comedian was appointed by the board of directors of Guinness Ghana Breweries P.L.C. to be the brand influencers of Guinness Smooth. The alcoholic drink hit the market in 2019, and the comedian was awarded the deal in September the same year.

Waris has the capability of engaging a massive audience, which translates to excellent visibility. This deal is worth millions and certainly elevates the comic's wealth in a significant way.

2. Waris has been nominated at the Ghana Entertainment Awards U.S.A. 2020

Waris' nomination to the Ghana Entertainment Awards U.S.A. doesn't come as a surprise as the comedian is exceptionally talented. That is why being forwarded as one of the best comics to clinch the award is an excellent move as he deserves it.

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He has been nominated for the Best Comedy Category with other people. His competitors are D.K.B., Clemento Suarez, Miss Maame, Esi, Jacinta and OB Amponsah. Waris’ impressive talent has seen him granted numerous interviews with various media stations, which shows his great determination in the profession.

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3. He currently holds COPO’s Viral Skit Act of the Year 2020 crown

Since comedian Waris took comedy seriously as a profession, his performance has been outstanding. He has impressed fans on the different stages that he has performed, creating an excellent reputation in the industry and among fans. That is why he easily scooped the Comedy and Poetry Awards scheme (COPO) Viral Skit Act of the Year Award of 2020.

He outcompeted other comedians such as Yieeee, Jiffy, Kwadwo Sheldon, Maame Esi, Magreheb, Mmebusem, and many others to win the award. This wasn’t a surprise to many as Waris has been making a great effort in the comedy industry to emerge as one of the best and most remarkable entertainers.

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4. Waris turned professional in 2016

Of course, you have known about comedian Waris in his heydays. How about his past? He hasn’t been successful all through, and he took time to perfect his craft. Interestingly, after doing various gigs, and even working for a television and radio station, the comedian turned professional in 2016.

And guess what! One of his competitors, D.K.B., auditioned him for The King of G.H. Comedy, where the comedian made his debut. During this time, and with the opportunity given by the platform, Waris worked hard to become a household name in Ghana. He started sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in Ghana’s comedy industry.

Waris managed to perform in numerous great platforms and shows like Laughline Comedy Show, Laugh Kitchen Comedy Show, Music Magic and many more. These opportunities, which he got from 2016, allowed him to become the professional he is today.

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5. He has a lucrative deal with Faxe Beer

Comedian Waris
Image:, @comedianwaris
Source: Instagram

Faxe Beer is one of the biggest beverage distributors in Ghana and has signed a contract with the comedian. Many people know comedian Waris because of his creative mind in producing great content that perfectly suits the targeted audience. Waris was given the contract on May 8, 2020, to be the company's brand influencer.

Numerous people are not aware of the famous individual's personalities as what they most know is what he portrays on stage and the screen. You probably didn't know about comedian Waris hometown. The above facts have given great insight into the comedian Waris life, facts that were hardly known.

How much do you know about KK Fosu? on August 27 gave comprehensive details about the famous Ghanaian musician. He is a family man and has been part of Ghana’s music industry for a very long time.

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KK Fosu started making music at a very young age, a skill that he moulded as an adult, making him one of the greatest in Ghana. Of course, he has taken time to perfect his craft, which has seen him win awards as well.

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