These are the reasons why men are more attracted to women with curves

These are the reasons why men are more attracted to women with curves

It is a bit needless to argue that more men prefer curvy women because this almost seems like granted truth. What we may need to do is to say that a curvy woman is not necessarily the same as fat or big-boned woman. compiles reasons why men are more fascinated with women who have curves. Mind you, there may be more reasons than you see here.

1. Wider hips are associated with fertility

Usually, the midsection of a women, specifically her hip and waist, area are what most men associate with curvaceousness. But why do wider hips tickle the fancy of many guys?

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It is because apart from a big bosom and big behind, wider hips are associated with fertility. There is science to back the idea that wider hips actually makes childbirth a lot easier.

But it would seem the association of curvy women with fertility is only a social belief.

2. Curvy women seem more feminine

As a result of societal upbringing, most people associate muscularity and leanness with boys or males. We have been brought up to believe that a bigger body mass is something usually feminine.

As such, you would not struggle to find men who believe that a curvy woman looks more like a "woman" than a woman without curves. The ideal image of femininity comes in curves.

3. The obsession with "back and front"

The idea of a curvy woman is firmly grounded in the belief that "bigger is better." So for instance, a bigger bosom and a bigger behind are rated highly by men.

There is also an expectation of bodily parts to be in proportion to each other. For most men, it is only fair that the business in the "front" matches the business in the "back."

4. The classic idea of beauty

So much has been made of global beauty standards being under the control of Westerners. This may be true and nothing is a better example than the requirement for women to have a full head of hair.

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However, some of the reasons (number 2 and 3) given here feed into the fancy that curvier women are simply more beautiful.

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