Five ways to look fashionable on a low budget

Five ways to look fashionable on a low budget

In times where money is hard to come by, most ladies and even gentlemen find it hard to step out or even attend big events without very great fashion statement.

Events and fashion have become so synonymous that people spend huge sums of money on clothes just to look great and be the most talked about.

Not withstanding the current economical situation in the country, has come up with ways to make a statement on a really low budget.

Five ways to look fashionable on a low budget
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1. Shift Focus

Shifting focus is simply diverting people’s attention from a very obvious area to a less talked about thing. For instance if you are broke and you really want to turn up for an event but cannot afford all the package(shoes, clothes, clutch, hair and accessories), you can choose to focus on a very catchy hairstyle to take attention off the other parts of your fashion statement you did not meet.

2. Repetition

Do not be afraid to repeat clothing. Of late the slay mamas and the queens have made up their minds never to repeat clothes to an event. Times are hard. You cannot afford to live like that anymore. Show up in that elegant dress you wore several months back. No one ever got arrested for repeating clothes

3. Don’t over accessorise

Some ladies like to add every accessory to their outfit to show everybody that 'they have arrived'. Times are hard please! Don’t kill yourself with debt! You would still look beautiful without that dangling earring that would cost you a fortune. Or better still, do not wear the earring at all because, your hair would end up covering your ears.

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4. Keep it simple

Keeping it simple is quite easy. Just decide not to over dress to an occasion and note how free you would be. Looking simple is beautiful. There is beauty in simplicity. It doesn’t have to be that GHC 2000 dress from Sima Brew, that GHC 1000 worth of hair, GHC 500 spent on makeup. Simplicity is beautiful.

5. Shuffle your outfits

Do not be too one-way in trying to look good. Shuffle your clothes to give you a different fashion statement. You can wear the multi-colored pants with a black blouse paired with a red pair of heels and a twist weave cap. Don’t wear the multi-colored pants with the same white blouse, black heels and wavy wig cap you wore last week. Your sure would be a victim of too much repetition. To make a good fashion statement, creativity is key.

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