Bank cashier and 4 other jobs in Ghana that should not require degrees

Bank cashier and 4 other jobs in Ghana that should not require degrees

All across the world, every May 1 is recognised as Workers’ Day, a celebration of the labour put in by workers so as to ensure the productivity of companies and the country at large.

The idea of a Worker’s Day is not bad but here in Ghana, we have a unique problem that goes beyond just remembering that workers have much to contribute to our lives.

The problem is about how we are now requiring university education and tertiary qualification for some very low level jobs. Of course, it is a sign of suffering economy and challenge to capitalism.

There are certain jobs that do not require at all degres and goes through them.

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1. Airport luggage handler can state unequivocally that at the Kotoko International Airport in Accra, there are among the workers holders of university degrees whose job do not really it.

The business of handling luggage is identification, security and distribution. You wonder why someone requires a philosophy or agricultural science degree to do this.

2. Cashiers at banks

A bank is a place where relationships and security matter and it is understandable to demand that the branch manager or the loan officer has a university degree or two.

But a cashier whose sole job is to count money does not need a degree. Their job is not sensitive enough to demand so much education.

3. Secretarial professional (in certain offices)

A secretary is a personal and professional assistant. Depending on the degree and sensitivity of business handled by a firm, a secretary does not need tertiary qualification.

What is most necessary is an understanding of literacy and numeracy.

4. Census and population statistics surveyors

In Ghana, these category of workers are not employed full time. But whatever is the case, we do not need of them to be tertiary graduates in order to gather basic information about the general public.

Most at times, what they do is write names, numbers and fill in sections you can teach them to do in a day.

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5. Industrial labour

Perhaps, the biggest industry that does not need university education is the industrial sector. Manufacturing, oil and gas, construction and other heavy-duty businesses should go for the able and willing.

You may need your workers to understand workplace safety and the business but why do you need your forklift driver to have a degree in Mathematics?

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