7 African countries with the most displaced people due to conflicts

7 African countries with the most displaced people due to conflicts

Africa is known around the world as the hotbed of political and factional disputes that result in loss of lives and property for some of the most vulnerable people, so YEN.com.gh takes a cursory look at the worst affected countries on the continent.

According to the 2018 Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID 2018), Africa accounts for some of the worst statistics on people who have had to leave their homes and places of livelihoods because of conflicts.

Out of the 148 countries and territories assessed, nine had more than 1 million people who have had to run away from homes for their dear lives.

Ghana does not rank highly in this assessment although we are a country still coming to terms with tribal conflicts, especially in the north of the country.

By courtesy of the the initial report from Face2faceafrica.com, as follows are however the seven worst-affected countries in terms of displaced people from wars.

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1. Ethiopia

The East African country with a population of a little over 100 million leads the world in the latest report due to internal conflicts which have been described as largely overlooked. Ethiopia recorded 2.9 million internally displaced people in 2018 alone.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

With 1.8 million internally displaced people, DR Congo takes the number 2 position in the Global Report on Internal Displacement 2019 (GRID 2019). The country was number 3 in the previous 2018 report with 3.1 million displaced people.

3. Somalia

Somalia is third in Africa but takes the fourth position in the world following Syria with 578,000 displaced people. The country has a small margin reduction in the number of displaced people since 2018.

4. Nigeria

Shockingly, Nigeria makes the top ten list indicating the need for a solution to the conflicts that the country has been facing especially in the north from Boko Haram especially. The country takes the number 5 position with 541,000 displaced people.

5. Central African Republic (CAR)

With conflicts in Central Africa becoming a huge problem, the Central African Republic seems to be having its share of the crisis taking the 6th position. With 510,000 displaced people, the country is currently trying to find ways to end its conflict and sign peace deals with armed groups.

6. Cameroon

Yet another central African country making the list is Cameroon following the Central African Republic closely with 459,000 displaced people. The country recorded an increase in the number of people seeking refuge due to conflicts between the English and French-speaking regions.


7. South Sudan

The last country in the top ten list has 321,000 displaced people making it the world’s number 9. The South Sudan civil war which began in 2015 has seen over 4 million people flee death and hunger since the start of the war.

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