Men are born liars - Ghanaians on why men lie

Men are born liars - Ghanaians on why men lie

- Some Ghanaians have amplified reasons why men lie

- sought to find out why men lie in a post on Facebook

- The many who reacted with comments appear to share the opinion that men lie because it's in their DNA

- Other social media users shared varied reasons

While lying is a common human character flaw, some Ghanaians have highlighted why men lie with some alluding to the Bible to affirm their claims.

In a native post on Facebook, sought to find out why men lie and some Ghanaians have indicated that the character flaw had its genesis from the ''father of faith'', Abraham.

Despite the assertion by many that men lie because it's in their ''DNA'', Adam Zulieha, addresses the paradigms of men that enable them to normalise lies.

She mentions the insecurities of some men as a reason why they lie.

Adam Zulieha touches on an important issue, which is self-worth, a manifestation of an individual's paradigm or mindset formed by their realities including social, educational, cultural and relational association.

Simply put; people learn how to lie or at least, have a reason why they lie and are not born liars. Adam Zulieha challenges the assertion that men lie because it's in their DNA.

So why do men lie?

Richard Lamptey, a social media user asserts that it’s expected that men would lie because Abraham lied.

''If Abraham the father of faith lied what do u expect.its in the blood,'' his response said.

Another social media enthusiast, Doyekit Jeremiah, also noted that men lie because they were ''born with it and therefore cannot do away with it.''

And while some made claims that men lie because it's in their ''DNA'', Adam Zulieha, addresses people's paradigms about their self-worth that enables them to normalise telling lies.

She wrote: ''Some of them are Soo insecured that they have to lie to cover their insecurities.''

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