What is The Unsent Project? Origin and history, how to use, and colour meanings

What is The Unsent Project? Origin and history, how to use, and colour meanings

Have you ever wanted to send someone a text message but lacked the courage? You might have deleted the message or saved it on your device. So, what do you do with the text message? You'll be surprised to learn that a company collects all those unsent text messages. The platform's name is The Unsent Project, and its launch has been met with enthusiasm.

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The Unsent Project
Print out text messages from the website. Photo: @rorablue
Source: Instagram


What is The Unsent Project? It consists of a website and physical collages that display over one million text messages. These texts are anonymously contributed worldwide and are coded by the submitter's preferred colour. With this in mind, find out everything about this platform, including its origin and history.

What is the origin of The Unsent Project?

Rora Blue, a conceptual artist, founded The Unsent Project in 2015. Her inspiration came from her love of using colour in her artistic work.

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The Unsent Project collects text messages worldwide and organizes them by colour. Each colour represents an emotion associated with the sender's message.

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The platform aims to research people's associations with colour and emotion and the numerous feelings we never express.

Is The Unsent Project real?

Yes. The project is actual and is currently running. Users worldwide send their texts messages anonymously to the platform.

How do you search your name on The Unsent Project?

The Unsent Project
Extracts of text messages. Photo: @rorablue
Source: Instagram

The website is search-based, and it uses users' inputs to get results. Here is how to manoeuvre the website:

  1. First, type in the web page address and click on it. Once you open it, you'll see the landing page.
  2. Input your name/subject matter into the Unsent Project search name bar and click filter.
  3. The filter bar will open, requiring you to adjust your preferences.
  4. Then, click update and wait for the results.
  5. Finally, check and scroll through the results displayed.

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Can you delete an Unsent Project?

Unfortunately, you cannot delete an Unsent Project once you submit it on the platform.

What is The Unsent Project UK?

There is only one platform that caters for searches from all over the world. There is no specific website from one country, rather one that serves all. So, if you are looking for The Unsent Project UK, only search results using the word "uk" will appear.

Are there other websites like The Unsent Project?

Yes, there are. These platforms use a similar approach and mechanism to The Unsent Project. Here are the available ones below:

  • After the Beep: This is another website by Rora Blue that uses unsent voicemails instead of texts.
  • Space Email: This platform offers indirect communication. Users don't send text messages to the forum but instead type in their intended letters directly on the web page.

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What do the colours mean on The Unsent Project?

The Unsent Project
Colourful text messages from the website. Photo: @rorablue
Source: Instagram

Colours account for a specific emotion or feeling on the platform. Eleven different colours separate the messages, and each has a different meaning.

  • Pink: This colour is most associated with the feeling of giving your all and still falling short.
  • White: Represents the feeling of missing someone and wishing things were the same as they were.
  • Brown: Brown symbolizes feelings that aren't as intense. The emotions are erratic, but it appears that there is less hatred and resentment at the root of them.
  • Gray: Demonstrates pain but also understanding.
  • Orange: Some of the messages humorously depict pain, while others depict it resentfully.
  • Yellow: This colour represents a positive outlook. Messages in this category are pleasant and uplifting.
  • Black: This colour represents the feeling of darkness and despair that someone has brought to you.
  • Blue: Blue is the most popular colour for all types of love. According to the study, blue is the colour most people associate with love.
  • Green: This colour represents melancholy, but it is also hopeful. They all appear to have lost love, but most of them seem to have hope that things can still work out.
  • Purple: Purple is a colour that represents both pain and happiness. Some purple messages encourage others, while others positively spin their pain.
  • Red: This colour expresses various emotions, including gratitude and love. It depicts messages that are both hurtful and appreciative.

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The Unsent Project has taken over the internet. Many people found out about the platform through social media and flocked to it. The site began as a platform for messages never sent to first loves but has since evolved to accommodate all types of messages.

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