Donald Trump's ideas on COVID-19 make him a laughing stock online

Donald Trump's ideas on COVID-19 make him a laughing stock online

- Donald Trump's latest idea on tackling the coronavirus has been met with ridicule

- He suggested that disinfectant and UV light could be used as direct treatments on COVID-19 patients

- Social media users have poked fun at the US presidents idea

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Donald Trump usually has unorthodox solutions to challenges and the latest was his suggestion that disinfectant and ultraviolet light could be used as treatments for CODID-19 patients. learned that he astonished the medical world when he said that disinfectant could be used directly to treat patients.

“Is there a way we can do something, by an injection inside or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that.”

Social media has been having a field day with people taking to online platforms to poke fun at the President of America.

Trump has tried to backtrack on his statements claiming that he was being sarcastic.

"I was asking a sarcastic, & a very sarcastic question, to the reporters in the room about disinfectant on the inside. But it does kill it."

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In other news, reported that US President Donald Trump has warned China that there could be repercussions if it is discovered that it was “knowingly responsible” for the Covid-19 pandemic. Trump has been increasing pressure on Beijing on its reaction to the outbreak.

It could have been stopped in China before it started and it wasn’t, and the whole world is suffering because of it,” Trump told a daily White House briefing.

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