Video of man getting scammed at an ATM: "He welcomed the scammer"

Video of man getting scammed at an ATM: "He welcomed the scammer"

- A video has been posted on social media by Yusuf Abramjee of a man allegedly being scammed at an ATM

- The people watching the video comment on who the victim is and how skilled the alleged scammer is

- Social media users commented on the post leaving their own opinions of the incident and similar experiences

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A video has been posted on social media by Yusuf Abramjee (@Abramjee) of a man allegedly getting scammed at an ATM by a stranger.

The footage was caught on security camera and the people watching can be heard discussing who the victim was and how he let the person help him at the ATM.

They also comment on the speed and skill with which the alleged scammer operates the ATM, completely confusing his victim. learned that another alleged scammer joins in and makes a hasty escape before the victim realises what has happened.

He captioned the video with the following, a warning to cardholders:

"Be careful of card scammers..."

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Social media users commented on the video with their own opinions and experiences:


"How do you allow a stranger to stand so close to you at an ATM? I find that very stupid because we'll always get notifications from banks to avoid such... I'm not feeling sorry for him, not even a little. Unless you scam me using my particulars, not in my presence."


"No disrespect but if you get scammed like that, then you have to be scammed, who let someone that close up."


"They tried me, jammed my card and some clown came to assist me. He said punch your pin to get your card back. I punched threewrong separate pins just to show him I knew what he was trying to do. Moments later they tried to withdraw money but the pin was wrong."


"Cause a scene you say? I did that back in 2014 at Ushaka Marine, Durban. I allowed no one close to that machine until I got confirmation from the bank that my money was safe!"


"I am sorry but this is dumb, he welcomed the scammer."

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Video of man getting scammed at an ATM: "He welcomed the scammer"
Yusuf Abramjee is a social activist who often raises awareness about important matters on social media. Photo credit: @yusufabramjee
Source: Instagram

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The fake account also has a very similar name to Shauwn's real account with only one letter's difference. The scammer promised people who followed her a chance to win R50 000.

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