Current affairs questions and answers in Ghana

Current affairs questions and answers in Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful and vibrant country, that is one thing both the locals and the many visitors of this country agree to. Even with the beautiful places, rich Ghanaian culture and the warmly residents, there is still more about this country that you probably don’t know. To help you keep up to speed with this country, we have compiled a number of current affairs questions and answers in Ghana and facts you definitely should know.

current affairs questions and answers in ghana
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Ghana is one of the fastest growing countries in the continent. With its numerous natural resources, beautiful tourist destinations, safe environment and a vibrant economy, this country is nothing but the new hub of Africa. As a result of this, there has been an increased focus from people to know more about the country. If you want to have a better understanding of this country then you need to keep up with the daily happenings within the country. Our detailed article below will furnish you with all the amazing current affairs facts you should know about the country. In addition to this we will also outline to you some of the current affairs questions and answers you will always come across in case you go to an interview.

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Current affairs questions and answers in Ghana

Now that you know at least some of the facts that make the nation of Ghana great, you need to be prepared also on current affair questions. Below are some of the common questions and answers on current affairs in Ghana that will help you will preparing for an interview in Ghana or just for the purposes of general knowledge.

  • When did Ghana become independent?

Answer: 6 March 1957

  • How was Ghana formerly known?

Answer: Gold Coast

  • Which country is to the east of Ghana?

Answer: Togo

  • When did the Portuguese build Elmina Castle?

Answer: 1482

  • Which is the capital of Ghana?

Answer: Accra

  • Which is the official language of Ghana?

Answer: English

  • Who was Ghana’s first prime minister?

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Answer: Kwame Nkrumah

  • Who was Ghana’s first president?

Answer: Kwame Nkrumah

  • Who overthrew the government of Kofi Busia and established military rule in Ghana in 1972?

Answer: Ignatius Kutu Acheampong

  • Who became Ghana’s president on 7 January 2001?

Answer: John Kufuor

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Current affairs questions and answers for competitive exams

With the dynamic education system today classroom knowledge is not enough if you want to excel in your competitive exams, you need to back your knowledge with some understanding of current affairs issue. Critical areas you need to pay attention when preparing for your competitive exams in Ghana include its political landscape, its important and export market and a little bit of its historical landscape to name but a few. In addition to this, equip yourself with some knowledge about the world happenings since Ghana does not exist in a vacuum. Below are some of the sampled current affairs questions and answers 2018 for any competitive exam you might have in Ghana.

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  • Who was Ghana’s first prime minister and president?

Answer: Kwame Nkrumah

  • Who is the author of the newly launched book “Dilli Meri Dilli: Before and After 1998”?

Answer: Sheila Dikshit

  • What is Ghana’s main export?

Answer: Cocoa seeds

  • Which year did Ghana receive it’s independence?

Answer: 1957

  • Which country border’s Ghana to the west?

Answer: Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

  • What is Ghana’s oldest landmark?

Answer: The Larabange mosque

current affairs questions and answers in ghana 2018
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In addition to the current affairs questions and answers about Ghana, the other way of knowing about this beautiful country is through its facts. Below are some of the facts you need to know about this country.

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What are some of the current topics you should know about Ghana?

current affairs questions in ghana
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Every country in the world is known for particular reasons, be it its natural landmarks, politics or way of life, Ghana is no different. There are many things that have made Ghana what it is today including its culture, people and landmarks. While some of these things are stored in terms of historical artifacts in the country’s archives, they greatly have an impact in the current affairs of the country. Below are some of what we think are the current affairs issues in Ghana we think you need to know.

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Ghana recent selection in the malaria vaccine

Malaria is one of the predominant medical conditions affecting sub-Saharan African countries. The most recent current affairs in Ghana comes with the announcement by the World Health Organization that includes Ghana in the three countries that have been chosen to conduct the pilot vaccination phase. Whether you are planning to visit Ghana, migrate there or are a resident of this country, then it is important to have this knowledge. The pilot vaccination will go on for a period of four years from 2017-2021 and will be done parallel in Kenya and Malawi.

Ghana’s largest market in West Africa

current affairs issues in ghana
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Yes, our current affairs meter tells us that Ghana is one of the greatest shopping destination in Africa and the world. This country host the Kejetia Market situated in Kumasi and it’s the largest open air market in the entire West African region. In this market, locals and travelers alike can visit and shop for fabrics, garments , vegetables and fruits to name but a few.

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Ghana’s independence

Inasmuch as this to many people is more of a historical fact, it is a very important current affair fact to have in mind. Yes, among the many Sub-Saharan countries, Ghana was the first country in 1957 to gain its independence from the British. However, despite gaining its independence the country still underwent a long period of political instability characterized by numerous coups from 1957-1981.

The Ghanaian currency Cedi is a type of Shell

I am sure by now we all know that the Cedi is Ghanaian main currency. What we don’t know however is that this currency name is actually a name derived from a type of shell found in the sea. Before the advancement of trade the cowry shell was the main form of currency thus explaining how the country ended adopting this name even in its currency.

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Cocoa Beans are part of Ghana’s main exports

When preparing for an interview in Ghana one of the many questions you need to prepare yourself with is that of Ghana’s exports. If you didn’t know that one of Ghana’s leading export is Cocoa beans, now you know. Cocoa is a popular product and is associated with the manufacturer of many sweet and amazing products all over the world. Take note that Ghana is the second largest exporter of Cocoa beans after Ivory Coast and that Ghana’s Cocoa beans are grown in the country’s densely populated forests.

Ferdi Ato Abobe a Ghanaian Athlete holds the world’s record for walking backwards

If you thought you knew Ghana then its high time your rethink again as this fact will surely blow your mind off. Ferdi Ato Abobe a Ghanaian athlete is one of the many athletes who will be remembered for their phenomenal activities his being walking the longest distance backwards.

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If you are interested in joining Ghana I would recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the place better. Immigrants who would want to make Ghana their home should visit Ghana immigration service website and familiarize themselves more with the current affairs questions and answers in Ghana immigration service beforehand. Our article above highlights some of the current affairs in Ghana 2018 you should know. The lists keeps changing and therefore should you. Keep checking up on us and let us furnish you with all the details through Ghana current affairs questions and answers and facts.


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