GH Man Teaches Men How To Attract East Legon Girls: "They Will Feed You For Free If You Have A Car"

GH Man Teaches Men How To Attract East Legon Girls: "They Will Feed You For Free If You Have A Car"

  • A Ghanaian man has told men to get a car if they want women chasing after them
  • The man, identified as Bra Gabriel, said women love to take care of men who own cars, feeding them and filling their petrol tanks for free
  • Bra Gabriel's claims have caused a stir among netizens on TikTok who chanced on his video

A Ghanaian man, identified as Bra Gabriel, has caused a stir online after offering men unsolicited tips for attracting ladies who live in East Legon.

He said men looking to attract the woman of their dreams, especially those residing in East Legon, in Accra, must own a car.

According to him, most Ghanaian women fancy men with cars, and any man who owns one would have his life sorted out by them for good, as they would race among themselves to sponsor him.

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Ghanaian Man Tells Men What To Do To Attract Women
Bra Gabriel. Photo credit: ron_jay7/TikTOK
Source: TikTok

Bra Gabriel, standing at what looks like a mechanic shop, said that any man who owns one of the cars parked there would not suffer as women would willingly take care of the person for free.

"In this country, if you have a car, it's women who would buy petrol for you; they will feed for free and everything. If you have a car, you would not suffer... If you go East Legon right now, you will get a woman who will take you out on a date and fill your petrol tank for free," he said.

Netizens react to the man's statement

Some netizens who came across the video shared by @ron_jay7 shared their thoughts.

Steve-City Real Estate commented:

"It's true oo. My girlfriend might pass by nti i won't talk much."

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Patrick Asante also commented:

"He doesn't know what he's talking about,it just funny when I hear people talk like this."

TheCoinJob said:

"information. show us the way bossu."

Manson_3 also said:

"am I the only driver missing out?"

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