Man jokes about swapping SIM cards as a way of showing commitment

Man jokes about swapping SIM cards as a way of showing commitment

- An American YouTuber recently went viral on social media for posting a hilarious way of showing his love

- Casey Neistat jokingly said he and his wife swap their SIM card trays on their phones instead of wearing wedding rings

- His tweet was met with an influx of jokes, memes and puns from hundreds of tweeps

Everyone has their own definition of "showing love", whether it be grand gestures or expensive gifts. One man jokingly shared his love language to Twitter and many tweeps thought he was being serious.

Casey Neistat is an American YouTuber who shared pictures of his and his wife's phones. He swapped the SIM card trays on both phones, which is obvious due to the colours of each cellphone.

Casey joked that he and his wife don’t wear wedding rings. He said they show commitment to one another by swapping the SIM card trays on their phones.

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Man jokes about swapping SIM cards as a way of showing love
An American YouTuber jokingly said he and his wife exchange SIM card trays on their phones as a sign of commitment. Source: @Casey
Source: UGC

Take a look at Casey's viral tweet below:

His follow-up tweet confirmed that the above was a joke, Casey wrote:

"Tbh my wife has no idea I did this. She hasn’t even activated her phone yet. It is not a gesture of our undying love, it’s a SIM tray."

Take a look at some of the responses to his first tweet below:

@tommyinnit said:

"My wife and I share commitment by being just we are good pals, me and my wife."

@CreationsRoss tweeted:

"Officiant: May I have the SIM trays, please? Please repeat after me: I give you this SIM tray as a daily reminder of my love for you."

@Pinsky added:

"This is sim-ply adorable."

In other news about hilarious tweets, recently reported on a man's funny response to viral images of a lady pretending to be a mechanic. @Iam_mayorkush was the person who responded to the lady asking if anyone would like a "Handy Many" girl like her.

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What made her post odd was that she was holding a wheel spanner while she worked on the engine of a car. The man then hit back with him using a shovel to "fix" a car, he captioned his post:

"Handy Mandy. Hey you, a guy like me."

He added a clown face emoji to his caption, letting people know that he was poking fun at the woman.


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