List of Korean female names with their meanings (with infographics)

List of Korean female names with their meanings (with infographics)

Over the past century, the most common female names have been Mary, Elizabeth, and Sarah. Although these names have been trending so much over the years, they are not the only names for your adorable princess. Korean female names may be the name to choose for your baby girl.

List of Korean female names with their meanings (with infographics)
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Why choose a Korean name for your baby girl? Korean girl names are uncommon and also come with subtle nuances in their meanings. The names depict the specific characteristics that parents would want to be reflected in their children's lives growing up.

List of Korean female names

It is believed that girls are like treasures that need protection, delicate like flowers, and need gentleness. It is the same case when it comes to naming. Here are popular monikers to consider in your naming process:

South Korean female names

  • Young-Soon - Mild and flowery
  • So-Young - The girl is beautiful, eternal and prosperous
  • Soon-Bok - The child is going
  • Young - The valiant one
  • Young II - Most prosperous one
  • So - Smiling one
  • Sung - The successor
  • Bae - The one who offers inspiration

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Cute Korean last names

  • Haw-Young - The girl is a beautiful flower
  • Eui - She will show righteousness growing up
  • Bora - The child is purple or royalty.
  • Yong - She will be brave and perpetual
  • Jin Kyong - She will show truth, brightness, and treasure
  • Chung-Ae - She will show righteous love

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Popular Korean last names

  • A-Yeong - Elegant, refined and graceful
  • Ae-Cha - A loving daughter
  • Aera - One who is filled with love
  • Ae-Ri - She has advantage ion life
  • Dae - The great one
  • Ae-Ri - She has advantage ion life
  • Aerum - Uniquely beautiful
  • Bae - A source of inspiration growing up
  • Bada - The ocean
  • Baram - The wind
  • Bong-Cha - The ultimate girl

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Korean female names
Source: UGC
  • Byeol - A star
  • Chin-Sun - One who seeks the truth and finds the best for every occasion
  • Cho - Exceedingly beautiful
  • Chung-Hei - She is of grace and justice
  • Chung-Cha - A noble daughter
  • Doh - An accomplished achiever
  • Eui - Righteous
  • Eun-Ae - Grace and love well from her heart
  • Eun Jung - A true reflection of grace and affection
  • Hae - Like the ocean
  • Ha-Neul - The sky
  • Hea - A graceful girl
  • Hee-Young - Filled with joy and prosperity all her life
  • Hei Tyung - One who exhibits grace and brightness
  • Ho-Sook - One who is like a clear lake

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Unique South Korean female names

  • Ha Rin - Brilliant, talented
  • Ha Yoon - Agreeable and skilled
  • Ji Woo - Intellect and full of wisdom
  • Ji Yoo - Ambitious, abundant and abundance
  • Seo Yoon - Auspicious, and agreeable
  • Soo Ah - Graceful, elegant, sprout and smart
  • Ae Cha - A loving daughter
  • Bong-Cha - The ultimate girl
  • Choon-Hee - The girl was born during a spring season
  • Chun-Hei - Justice, and grace
  • Du - The head
  • Eui - Silver
  • Moon - She is learned and very intelligent
  • Min - She is a quick responding person and sharp-minded
  • Min Jee - She is bright and has lots of wisdom
  • Min Jung - She is a beautiful dynasty or kingdom

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Beautiful Korean names

Korean female names
Source: UGC
  • So - An elegant smile
  • So Young - Eternal, prosperous and beautiful
  • Soo - A noble and charitable person
  • Soo-Jin - Truth, excellence and great treasure
  • Soo Min - Cleverness and excellence
  • Soo Yun - She is a perfect and beautiful flower
  • Sook - She is pure-hearted
  • Sun-Hee - Goodness, and pleasure
  • Sun Jung - Nobility and goodness
  • Sung - She is a successor
  • Whan - She is always growing intellectually and spiritually
  • Wook - Sunrise
  • Wong - She is grand and magnificent
  • Yong - She is brave and perpetual
  • Young Mi - She is eternal, prosperous and beautiful

What is nice name for Korean girl?

There is a wide variety of nice Korean names to choose for you little bundle of joy. Korean female names generator will always come in handy in helping you get the all-time best.

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Is Yuna a Korean name?

Yuna is a unisex moniker that is largely used by different people across the globe, ranging from Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, and Brazilian to Breton.

What are common Korean names?

There are thousands of common Korean names. Some of them are Kim, Lee, and Park.

What is the rarest Korean surname?

Some of the rarest Korean last names include; Kyun, Kal, Bigbang, Bonus, Seventeen, Ryu, and Paeng.

It is always good to choose a great moniker that will make the child feel good growing up and develop a sense of greatness in all life occasions. Korean female names with meanings will help you choose a name worthy of that beautiful child or your friend's newborn daughter.

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