150+ Korean female names with their meanings (with infographics)

150+ Korean female names with their meanings (with infographics)

One of the most exciting yet challenging milestones when having a daughter is choosing her name. Parents understand that what they pick becomes parts of her identity and shapes her personality and character. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a name that feels right and has a significant meaning. Among the many naming options available are Korean female names, which are becoming more popular in the contemporary world.

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Why should you consider Korean female names? For some people, choosing them is a crucial part of their culture. Others prefer less common options that sound lovely and have positive meanings. Before you select one, you should find out the meaning and determine if it reflects the values and character you wish to see in your daughter.

Naming conventions in the Korean culture

Korean names normally start with the family name followed by the personal name. Usually, a name is made of three syllables. The family or surname is usually a single syllable, is inherited patrilineally, and is shared among siblings. The given or personal name normally contains two syllables that can be written together or separated with a hyphen.

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Best Korean girl names

Having a daughter is a beautiful thing. It gives mothers the chance to bond with little versions of themselves and dads an opportunity to raise and protect important women in society.

Many people believe that girls are delicate flowers that need gentle and constant care. This notion makes parents choose names that sound lovely and attractive. Below is a compilation of the best Korean names for girls you should consider for your princess.

Popular female Korean names

What are some common Korean girl names? The list below comprises some of the most commonly used girl names, and all have deep meanings.

  • Da-eun: A kind-hearted person.
  • Ha-eun: It refers to God's grace.
  • Hana: It means my favourite person.
  • Ha-rin: A deer.
  • Ha-yoon: The sunlight.
  • Jae: Respect.
  • Ji: Wisdom and intellect.
  • Ji-a: A beautiful and good girl.
  • Ji-an: An intellectual or wise lady.
  • Ji-woo: One who lives with purpose.
  • Ji-yoo: Wisdom and intellect.
  • Jeong: Silent person.
  • Kyung Soon: An honoured person.
  • Kyung Mi: Beauty with honour.
  • Mi Cha: The gorgeous woman.
  • Min: A clever person, the sharp-minded or quick responding person.
  • Min-seo: Calm and clever.
  • Mi-Sun: Goodness and beauty.
  • Mi Young: Everlasting beauty.
  • Sae: A wonderful person.
  • Seo-ah: An auspicious woman.
  • Seohyun: Auspicious or virtuous.
  • Seo Yeon: Auspicious.
  • Seo-yoon: Seo means auspicious, while Yoon means giving consent.
  • Soo-ah: Beautiful waters.
  • Sora: The sky.
  • Sung: The victorious one.
  • Sun Hee: Goodness and pleasure.
  • Taeyang: The sun.
  • Yena: Peace.
  • Yoon: To give consent or permission.
  • Young Jae: An eternally prosperous lady.
  • Young Soo: Forever wealthy.
  • Yuri: Crystal or glass.

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Korean female names
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Cute Korean names for girls

If we are genuine, your little princess is the cutest baby you will ever meet, and she deserves a cute name that represents just that. Below are some cute Korean names you can choose from, and we hope you get the perfect one for your little treasure.

  • A Young: A refined woman.
  • Ae Ri: To gain or get the advantage of something.
  • Ah-In: Humanness or benevolence.
  • Ailiseu: It means iris.
  • Ahnjong: It means tranquillity.
  • Bong Cha: The ultimate girl.
  • Bada: It means ocean.
  • Bae: It means inspiration.
  • Chaewon: Origin or the beginning.
  • Da: To win or attain something.
  • Dae: The great one.
  • Dasom: It translates to love.
  • Eui: It translates to righteousness.
  • Eun: Silver.
  • Ga Eun: Kind and beautiful.
  • Goo: A complete woman.
  • Gyeong: The respected one.
  • Gyunghui: Honour, respect, and beauty.
  • Ha Rin: Ha means summer, great, or talented, while Rin means a female unicorn.
  • Heejin: Precious pearl.
  • Hiah: Gladness.
  • Hye: An intelligent girl.
  • Hyejin: Intelligent and bright.
  • Hyeon: A virtuous lady.
  • Hyun: Intelligent and bright.
  • Jieun: It refers to something hidden.
  • Joon: A talented woman.
  • Jung: A silent or chaste woman.
  • Kamou: Purity and love.
  • Kiaraa: God's precious gift.
  • Konnie: A steadfast lady.
  • Mee: The beautiful one.
  • Sook: Of pure nature.
  • Soomin: Clever and excellent.

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Pretty Korean names

Girls are almost always associated with prettiness and softness. If you are looking for a name that is sweet and beautiful, check out these beautiful Korean girl names for your little princess.

  • Ae-cha: A loving daughter.
  • Aera: Loving.
  • Ara: A child who is beautiful and good.
  • Areum: It means beauty.
  • Binna: To shine.
  • Boram: Valuable.
  • Byeol: Star.
  • Bon-Hwa: A glorious woman.
  • Bongseon: Impatient flower.
  • Bitna: A woman who shines.
  • Chan-mi: It translates to praise.
  • Chin-Sun: It translates to goodness and truth.
  • Cho: The beautiful one.
  • Cho-Hee: Beautiful joy.
  • Chung Cha: A noble daughter.
  • Chun Hei: Grace and justice.
  • Eun Ae: Grace and love.
  • Eunji: It means kindness, mercy, and intellect.
  • Ha Eun: Ha means summer, great, or talented, while Eun means kindness or mercy.
  • Hee-Young: Prosperity and joy.
  • Hwa Young: beautiful flower.
  • Hyuk: A radiant girl.
  • Kyung-Hu: A girl in the capital.
  • Ma-Ri: The best.
  • Seol-hee: A child.

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Nature-inspired Korean girl names

Are you looking for nature-inspired Korean names for a woman? There are numerous options to choose from, as listed below. Most of these options are inspired by various flowers and weather patterns.

  • Baeg-Ilcho: It refers to the zinnia flower.
  • Baram: It means wind.
  • Bom: Spring.
  • Chija: It refers to gardenia flowers.
  • Choon Hee: Girl born during spring.
  • Dan-Bi: The long-awaited rain.
  • Deiji: This nature-inspired name refers to the daisy flower.
  • Eunjoo: It means a little flower.
  • Hae: The ocean.
  • Haebaragi: It refers to a sunflower.
  • Haneul: Heaven or the sky.
  • Haru: Day.
  • Haw: Young, beautiful flower.
  • Hei-Ran: Beautiful orchid.
  • Ho-Sook: A clear lake.
  • Ho: Goodness lake.
  • Iseul: Morning dew.
  • Jang-Mi: Rose flower.
  • Kaneisyeon: Carnation flower.
  • Migyung: Beautiful scenery.
  • Mindeulle: The dandelion flower.
  • Molan: A peony flower.
  • Nari: A lily flower.
  • Paenji: Pansy flowers.
  • Soo-A: A perfect lotus flower.
  • Suseonhwa: The daffodils flowers.
  • Tyullib: Tulip flowers.
  • Wook: The sunrise.
  • Yang-gwibi: It refers to poppy flowers.
  • Yepa: A winter princess.

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Unique Korean girl names

More modern age parents have a preference for unique Korean baby names as opposed to the common ones. If you are one of the new-age parents, consider the options listed below.

  • Hyo: It translates to filial duty.
  • Jee: Wise person.
  • Ki: One who has risen.
  • Kyung: The respected one.
  • Kyong: Brightness.
  • Minji: A woman with sharp intelligence.
  • Moon: The smart one.
  • Myung-Hee: Cheerful joy.
  • Ok: The treasured one.
  • Oung: The successor.
  • Ora: The colour purple.
  • Sang-Hee: The pleasant one.
  • Sarang: Love.
  • Seong: Finished or completed.
  • Seung: The victorious woman.
  • Sena: The world's beauty.
  • So: Smile.
  • So-hee: White and luminous.
  • Whan: The one who knows too much.
  • Woong: Magnificent or grand.
  • Yeon: Little queen.
  • Yeona: One with a heart of gold.
  • Yo-jin: Obedient and real.
  • Yoonah: The light of God.
  • Yoora: Enough silk.
  • Yoon-suh: Forever young.
  • Young Mi: Good-looking and prosperous
  • Yumi: A friend.

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Animal-inspired Korean names for women

In most cultures or communities, there are names derived from animals. The Korean culture is not an exception. Some of the cute animal-inspired names are listed below.

  • Bong: A Korean mythological bird.
  • Nabi: A butterfly.
  • Yona: A dove or bear.

What Korean girl name means strong?

Names related to strength, boldness, and courage are becoming more popular in the contemporary world because parents desire to raise able and strong daughters. The most popular Korean girl names meaning strength are listed below.

  • Chul: It means firmness.
  • Gi: A brave and strong woman.
  • Kwan: A strong girl.
  • Seo: Strong like a rock.
  • Yeong: The courageous one.
  • Yon: The strong one.
  • Yong: The brave one.

The Korean culture is rich and beautiful, and Korean female names usually have deep meanings. If you are looking for a name from this culture, the list above gives you 150+ options to choose from.

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