Dad plays PlayStation game against son beats him 11-2 to teach him humility

Dad plays PlayStation game against son beats him 11-2 to teach him humility

- In most instances when a parent plays any sort of game against the child, they tend to lose the young one win for the sake of his/her confidence

- The risk with it is that the move does not build character in the child as they grow up assuming that winning in life is easy

- That explains why Khalid Baylis played a PlayStation game against his son and intentionally beat him 11 against two to teach him about losing

Modern parenting involves infusing lessons from the past and technological advancements to bring forth a balanced child.

Parenting: Dad Plays PlayStation Game Against Son, Beats Him 11-2 To Teach Him Humility
The young man's teary face was a testament that he was struggling to accept the concept of defeat. Photos: Khalid Baylis.
Source: UGC

More often than not, children find themselves engrossed in a world of virtual reality, especially with computer games, that they lose touch with the actual world outside that comfort.

There is also the temptation of always letting the young one win unfairly for fear that losing would break them, but then it instils a false sense of victory when in actual sense they have not worked for it.

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It is against this backdrop that when Khalid Baylis bought his son a PlayStation, he devised a way to teach him that life is not a bed of roses as it comes with winning and losing.

He did this by playing against him and letting him win the first two rounds before beating him a massive 11 times back to back.

"I bought Kaden a PlayStation classic a couple of weeks back and today we played Tekken, I let him win two in a row and then he got cocky lol so I had to humble him, so after 11 losses in a row he had enough #fatherhood," he wrote on his Facebook page.

The photo shows the young boy looking dejected as he struggles to hold back tears in a bid to accept the painful defeat.

Netizens were impressed by his interesting approach to parenting, commending him for the creative way of teaching competitiveness to the young one.

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Tim Tee Mcqueen:

"Great teachings. Let him know life ain’t easy. Take these losses and get better."

Solo Escribar:

"Keep building that boy’s character."

JJ Campbell:

"Break them down to build them up."


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