Who is Tiwa Savage husband? Photo, name and biography

Who is Tiwa Savage husband? Photo, name and biography

Tee Billz as he is famously known, was the estranged husband of Tiwa Savage. He was the manager and co-owner of 323 entertainment. He was born in 1980 September 26th. His real name is Tunji Ibrahim. Tee Billz was thrust into the limelight because of his marriage to this Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage. Tiwa Savage and husband wedding was the real definition of what money and fame can do. A lot was invested in the day and the result was pure success. Unfortunately, what followed after this memorable day is a series of what no one would really want to see happening in their marriage life. The marriage had a fair share of problems that led to them throwing in the towel, a common phenomenon with most celebrities.

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Tiwa Savage husband profile

  • Born: 26th September 1980
  • Age: 37 years
  • Origin: Nigerian
  • Marital status: N/A
  • Occupation: Former manager of Tiwa Savage
  • Famous for: Marriage to Tiwa Savage
  • Twitter:@teebillz323
  • Instagram:David Billz (@teebillz323

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Tiwa Savage Husband biography

Tiwa savage husband name is Tunji Ibrahim Balogun. He is popularly known as Tee Billz among his peers and fans. He is the ex-manager of the famous Nigerian Musician Tiwatope Savage. He contributed to Tiwa's music career as her manager. According to Naij.com, he was previously based in the USA before coming back to Nigeria. Together with Tiwa Savage, they own 323 Entertainment. It was created as an investment project for Tiwa Savage. According to Tee Billz, he heavily invested in Tiwa Savage when she had no money. He was the man who paid for her photo shoots, video clips, music albums and even transportation.

Tiwa Savage husband family


He was at one point husband to Tiwa Savage the famous musician. They shared a lot including having a son together. Tiwa Savage husband age as at 2018 is 37 years, exactly the same age as Tiwa Savage. Even so, she is slightly older because she was born on February 5th while Tee Billz was born on 26th September. Tiwa Savage and her husband got married in what can be described as the epitome of weddings in Africa. They had two weddings. One was a typical African wedding and the other wedding was a mixture of different cultures. Their first wedding was in Nigeria. It was a traditional one. The second one was in Dubai. The two celebrities were born in Africa but spend quite a good amount of their their youthful life abroad. Tee Billz was in United State of America while Tiwatope Savage left Nigeria for London at a tender age of 11 years when she accompanied her parents. It is unfortunate that the two had issues shortly after their wedding. This attributed to the struggles they went through that culminated into their divorce. It is also known that Tiwa Savage husband married before he met Tiwa.

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Tiwa Savage husband kids

As for the kids, Tee and Tiwa had a son together in the period that they were married. Their son is called Jamil Balogun. However, there are other children. Tiwa Savage husband was married before. He was married with children before he met Tiwa Savage.

While not much is not known about his marriage to these women, it is clear that he had three sons and one daughter from these previous relationships. Tee Billz was married to Kenea Maete Udoh and together they were blessed with a daughter by the name Olabisi Sheree Balogun. This came to the limelight when Tiwa Savage wished her birthday blessings on her wall. It wasn’t received well by the mother and may have led to rants on social media.

Nevertheless, it was now known that Olabisi Sheree Balogun and Tiwa Savage shared something in common. That was Tee Billz, a father to their kids and former husband respectively. The mother of his third child was a medical practitioner. She specialized in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and surgery. Her name is Dr. Oputa Vivian. The two were blessed with a daughter. Her name is Ona. The whereabouts of his fourth child remains unknown. But it is known that he had two children with his lover based in the United Kingdom. His last child was with Tiwa Savage. It is a baby boy who goes by the name Jamil.

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Tee and Tiwa had irreconcilable differences that led to their separation. Despite an elaborate wedding that was posh and rather too expensive, the couple did not last long after. Whether they will reconcile and get back on track with their young family is yet to be known and seen as time goes by.

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Who is Tiwa Savage husband? Photo, name and biography

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Tiwa Savage husband latest news

There is a lot on the latest news on Tiwa Savage and her husband. A lot has happened in the lives of the two that it is impossible to miss it.

Tiwa Savage and husband news

The couple has made headlines for their controversies. Common headlines have been the likes of Tiwa Savage husband commits suicide. Tee Billz took to social media to express frustrations concerning his estranged wife, Tiwa Savage. As much as he deleted the post almost immediately, anything posted on social media gets a quick and instant spread. This was just a tip of the ice berg. What followed was shocking and confusing to his friends and family. According to Vanguard, Tee Billz attempted suicide. He wanted to kill himself by jumping off Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge. Fortunately, the attempt did not go through. He was saved from the act by Banky W and P-Square. For the short time the couple were together, they got to experience stress in their marriage. First it began as rants on social media with Tiwa savage husband claiming that she had an affair with fellow music celebrities, in return, she rejected these accusations calling him jealous of her success.

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It was later on learnt that Tiwa Savage’s video interview was the reason for all this. Tee Billz might have attempted to end his life due to his wife’s accusations. In that interview he was portrayed as an addict of drugs and a womanizer. Additionally, Tiwa Savage accused him of being a very irresponsible husband and father. And to hit the last nail into his coffin, he mentioned him as a chronic debtor completely washing away his pride. What else was left for the guy? He opted to end his life. It is also important to note that she was advised to apologize to her husband on the interview. Saying that she was very sorry for whatever ensued and that she never wanted things to get to where they were. When he was rescued from this attempt, he was taken to Banky W’s home. The two separated with Tiwa Savage moving to stay in Victoria Island with her Kid Jamil. No one knew where Tee Billz went.

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Tee Billz seeks counselling

When his depression became too much, Tiwa savage husband decided to seek spiritual intervention. One of those he approached was Ituah Ighodalo the pastor from the city of David church. He was also counselled by Lanre Olusola. The two counselors subjected him to a series of coaching sessions that would help him out of the depression.

Tiwa savage reunites with husband

The two were seen together in a wedding of their friend Stephanie Cooker. This could be an indication that the two were not telling things as they were. Apparently the two were willing to let bygones be bygones and try to rejuvenate their marriage. Perhaps after realizing that they had a child that depended on them, coming back together would give the kid an opportunity for bilateral parental care. It is yet to be confirmed that the two are reunited. However, fans would really love that, considering how they vouched for the two from their wedding days. Whether it will happen or not is still to be seen.

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Tiwa Savage and husband latest

Some of the latest and perhaps shocking news that hit the internet about the pair was that of Tiwa Savage Being pregnant again for Tee Billz. In late 2017, Tiwa treated her fans to a clue that 2018 would be a critical year for her musical career. In what seemed as efforts to sound comical, she is quoted saying that ‘even if she conceived again’. This aroused concerns of whether she was carrying Tee Billz’s baby again. She later on confirmed that she was not pregnant. Her increase in size was due to normal weight addition.

Has Tiwa savage divorced her husband?

Many asked this question before things were out in the open. It became trending news on Tiwa savage and husband. The news of the divorce surfaced on social media earlier on this year. It was alleged that the divorce was filed by the Nigerian goddess citing her reasons as ‘Unsolvable issues’. According to some media reports it is claimed that all their efforts to resolve their differences had driven them between a rock and a hard place. Perhaps, it was better if they divorced and moved on with their lives.

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Tiwa savage and husband fights

The fights did not begin in their marriage. The fights started when they were still dating. The claims that Tiwa Savage husband beats her may have began earlier than she had the courage to say. He used to rough her up way before they tied the knot. 5 months into their marriage and she had to call it off. The fact that she put up with physical abuse might seem unbelievable.

The story of the two is a clear indicator that what you see on social media may not necessarily be true representations of what is real.This is especially true for people in the limelight such as celebrities. Tiwa Savage and husband are no different.

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