94-Year-Old Man Shows Impressive Dance Moves with His 91-Year-Old Wife, Video Stuns the Internet

94-Year-Old Man Shows Impressive Dance Moves with His 91-Year-Old Wife, Video Stuns the Internet

  • An old couple got many gushing as they defied their advanced ages to showcase impressive dance skills
  • In the trending video, the man aged 94 glowed well with his 91-year-old wife as they 'scattered' the dance floor
  • Social media users have described their performance as lovely as it lacked traces of old age save for their look

An old couple has gone to prove that age is nothing but a number when it comes to the art of dancing.

The old couple who are approaching their 100s showed no signs of ageing as they put up a youthful display of choreographic dance.

Old couple showcase great dance skill despite their age, crowd can't get enough of it
Old couple dazzle crowd with their dance moves Photo Credit: LinkedIn/Isabel Abreu de Lemos
Source: UGC

In the video shared by Isabel Abreu de Lemos on her LinkedIn page, the 94-year-old suited man complemented the dance moves of his 91-year-old wife in an adorable fashion.

They introduced creative styles that dropped jaws - styles many thought should be complex for old people.

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Social media users shower encomiums on the aged couple

The dancing couple has received massive praises from social media users. Many thought they were enjoying themselves as they danced effortlessly.

See some reactions below:

Mohammed Olfi stated:

"You made my day you really did . Wow it is very beautiful and sexy to see couple at this age have such good fun between them . Great day . Am 61 and still okay ft ball and run with my boys at the age of 20-25 . I hope I could continue . Good morning."

Kelly Mizell said:

"This is awesome!! Age is just a number! They are having fun!! Happy weekend dear friend, Isabel!"

Marie-Therese Sahade commented:

"They never cease to amaze me, no matter how many times I’ve seen this before, still rocking and rolling, always makes me smile."

Shankar ChatterJee reacted:

"With respect, kindness, affection, happiness & harmony- AGE is just a number!!"

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Old couple defy age with their impressive dance moves

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh previously reported that two Tiktok grandparents stunned people as they danced energetically.

TikToker @gogoSilvia2484 and her beloved husband have become a TikTok sensation due to their impressive dance videos, which are just awe-inspiring.

The lovebirds have shown great taste in music, dancing to traditional zilizopendwa and even reggae tunes that they both enjoy. Their fashion sense is also enviable and has shown the love they share with the immense effort put into creating the lovely clips.

Responding to their videos, social media users lauded them for being adorable, with some noting how amazing it is when you marry your type and get to spend the rest of your lives together.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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