Konadu Rawlings Says Possible Killing of Jerry Rawlings Always Haunted Her

Konadu Rawlings Says Possible Killing of Jerry Rawlings Always Haunted Her

Former First Lady has finally revealed living with her husband, Former President Jerry John Rawlings during his life in active politics brought her the greatest fears in her life.

The wife of the former president has said the entire moments when Ex President Rawlings ignited coups, took up governments and subsequently became president in the PNDC to NDC era where seasons of her greatest nightmares as she feared losing him to the bullet one day.

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Narrating her traumatic experience as a wife and first lady back in the day, Mrs Rawlings revealed;

"One day, I was getting ready for school, I was then offering a course on management and while I was getting my child ready so I send her to my mother then, so that I can go to school. Then a lady came to knock on my door and asked where my husband was.

I asked whether there was a problem because he hadn’t come home and so I thought she knew where he was. Then she asked to come in first so I let her in, then she said your husband is out there shooting people everywhere. As soon as she landed, I asked her, is this what you came here to tell me? with a gesture, I asked her to get out.”

She added that; “But after she left, I sat down for a while and I was worried especially due to past experiences, this is because he had been picked up on several occasions by the military intelligence. “So yes indeed as a wife I was worried and afraid.”

Meanwhile the Founder of the Breakaway political party, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings has explained on TV3 that her moments of fear and depression where normal moments  saying; "I wouldn’t be normal if had no fears and I would not love him if I had no fears."

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In the meantime the former first lady is lacing her boots for victory ahead of the 2016 presidential elections as executives of her breakaway party the National Democratic Party (NDP) reveal she remains bent on never making amends with her first political love, the incumbent National Democratic Congress NDC.

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