Kwadwo Sheldon's Workers Criticise Him In Video Over Shatta Wale's Snub: "You're Fired"

Kwadwo Sheldon's Workers Criticise Him In Video Over Shatta Wale's Snub: "You're Fired"

  • Kwadwo Sheldon was unhappy when his workers Eii Scanty and Big Paradise criticised him on his YouTube Channel
  • This came at the back of dancehall musician Shatta Wale snubbing Kwadwo Sheldon when the latter tried to shake his hand and welcome him to the UK
  • Many people applauded Eii Scanty and Big Paradise for not being biased with the content they discuss on Kwadwo Sheldon's YouTube Channel
  • In an exclusive interview, Eii Scanty opened up about why they were not biased on the YouTube Channel, despite Sheldon being their boss

Eii Scanty and Big Paradise, employers of famous Ghanaian YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon, criticised their boss after a video of him getting snubbed by dancehall musician Shatta Wale went viral on social media.

Kwadwo Sheldon's workers criticise him on YouTube over Shatta Wale's snub
Kwadwo Sheldon (right) and Shatta Wale (left) in photos. Image Credit: @shattawalenima and @kwadwosheldon
Source: Instagram

Kwadwo Sheldon's workers criticise him on their YouTube channel over Shatta Wale's snub

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In the video, Eii Scanty and Big Paradise called out their boss, Kwadwo Sheldon, for constantly criticising others on the YouTube Channel, and they stated that it was now his turn.

They noted that when they woke up, they realised that Sheldon was topping the trends on X and wondered what he had done to get many Ghanaians talking about him.

Scanty said that the way Sheldon is vocal about other celebs online, he expected him to wait and let Shatta Wale approach him.

Kwadwo Sheldon reacted to the video by Eii Scanty and Big Paradise

Upon seeing the trailer video on Instagram, Kwadwo Sheldon was unhappy about how Eii Scanty and Big Paradise mocked him on his YouTube platform.

In the comment section, he told them to check their emails, and this got many people wondering whether he was going to fire them or send them a warning letter.

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"Check your emails @eiiscanty_ @bigg_paradise," Kwadwo Sheldon wrote in the comments.

Meanwhile, Kwadwo Sheldon has joined many other bloggers and media in the UK to cover rapper Medikal's upcoming concert at Indigo at The O2 on Friday, May 3, 2024.

Below is a video of Kwadwo Sheldon's workers criticising him over Shatta Wale snubbing him at the airport in London.

Reactions to the video

Many people applauded Eii Scanty and Big Paradise for not being biased about their boss, Kwadwo Sheldon, being in the trends for negative reasons.

People hailed them for discussing the Shatta Wale's snub incident on the YouTube Channel.

Below are the opinions of Ghanaians on the video:

sonniebaduuk said:

He is a smart man, I like him

_whoisk0bby said:

you boys dey tear your boss?

qw3qu_dee said:

This shows the Authenticity and no bias of the show

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quables said:

they did this with so much joy

fashionsense_by_tricia said:

You people are roasting your boss. Eiii

__alhaji_makki__ said:

Dingo this one de3 your own boys cooked you charley

nanaasihene said:

Nice all. All content be content. No discrimination

streetbeatzofficial said:

The two of u wanna die if ur man return

kobirana said:

The caption. It's like a taste of your medicine. This blog is creative ❤️

Below is the full video.

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Eii Scanty explained why they were not biased on their YouTube Channel

In an exclusive interview with Eii Scanty, he told why he and Big Paradise decided to talk about the Shatta Wale and Kwadwo Sheldon viral video despite the latter being their boss.

He said that the video did not take him by surprise because he knew Sheldon was covering Medikal's concert in the UK, and he knew Shatta Wale would also be there.

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Eii Scanty also added that Sheldon had said on a number of occasions on the YouTube Channel that if he were to meet Shatta Wale, he would want to squash the beef. So he knew their paths would definitely cross. However, he had no clue how the dancehall musician was going to react.

"When I saw the video, I laughed so much that I was like, ah, if it has come, then it serves him right. But there was a long video. The actual video was long. After Shatta stopped, Shatta was speaking to him in that same video. But for agenda sake, they had to cut the video and use just that part as an agenda."

He also added that one does not have to be ar*e-licking because it is his boss, adding that if Sheldon were wrong, he would tell him. He also said that it was not the first time he had done that.

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Sheldon arrived in London for Medikal's O2 concert, SM fans welcomed him reported that rapper Medikal was in London for the final preparations towards his historic debut concert on May 3, 2024.

YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon also arrived in the UK to lend his support to the rapper and also cover the event.

However, Sheldon was given a warm reception by a couple of fans of dancehall musician Shatta Wale, known as SM fans, as he called on them in a men's grooming shop.


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