“Navy Seal”: Social Media Users Wowed by Man Who Holds Breath in Pool When Lover's Bae Shows Up

“Navy Seal”: Social Media Users Wowed by Man Who Holds Breath in Pool When Lover's Bae Shows Up

  • Social media users around the globe are still shaken by a video of a brave man who opted to hide underwater fearing his lover’s bae
  • The guy seems to have visited his woman but the main guy shows up and then he decided to hold his breath in a swimming pool for two minutes
  • Many social networkers are now wondering what really happened to the man and some say he is a navy seal who can survive underwater for many hours

One lady who tried to cheat on her lover was nearly caught while having fun with her side dish. This is seen when the lady takes to the swimming pool with her chap in the absence of her main guy.

However, as they were still having a swim, the bae arrives in his car and the one who is cheating with the woman decides to holds his breath and dives back into the water.

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According to the clip, the main guy is also seen taking off his clothes, hoping to join her lover in the pool to refresh, but it seems the lady tries to distract him. In one of the scenes, the woman is spotted throwing the side dish's clothes out of the yard.

While the guy remained in the water for two minutes as he held his breath, the lady then kissed her bae and later dragged him to the house. Saffas are now reacting to the viral clip and YEN.com.gh looks at the comments.

@Therealbigtee1 wrote:

“I genuinely want to know what happened to this guy.”

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Social Media, Users Wowed, Man, Holds Breath, Pool
A cheating man and woman were nearly caught in a viral video. Image: @Therealbigtee1/Twitter
Source: UGC

The post reads:

@WingsIgrew said:

“Me too… damn. I have mad respect for his lungs though.”

@Mvwndlovu said:

“I wanted to see fire and not a happy ending.”

@Therealbigtee1 said:

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"You love violence too much."

@Wellie-muchenje said:

“Two minutes under is just the highest point of fear in that case.”

@MerlinWenyu said:

“I salute the lady she tried her best but took long.”

@Dragonflystux said:

“He is a navy seal.”

Yoh: Saffas spill the tea on why they cheated and the reasons will have you shook

In a previous report, we at YEN.com.gh dared to ask a question many people don't want to know the answer to because sometimes ignorance is bliss.

We asked: "Have you ever cheated on your partner? Why did you do it?" In fine style, Mzansi came out baring their souls and using a social media platform to air their dirty laundry.

The comment section will have you in shock at the reasons people cheat and will make you feel like no one is safe from this five-letter word, including you.

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So without further ado, let's dive into the juicy comments. FYI, the last two comments will give you a little bit more hope in humanity.

Sisi Omhle: "I cheated because he was cheating too. I would happily do it again if someone I am with cheats on me, life is too short to bekezela."

Source: YEN.com.gh

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