Courses offered at Knust and their cut off points

Courses offered at Knust and their cut off points

Kumasi, Ashanti boasts of one of the top tertiary institutions in Ghana. The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology offers a wide array of courses in the technical as well as the non-technical fields. Perhaps this was the reason it was dabbed the largest tertiary institution in Kumasi, Ashanti area and its environs.

Courses offered at Knust and their cut off points

The university is famous for the quality of education offered. Courses offered by KNUST are dynamic. In addition to science courses, there are also business courses offered at KNUST. The courses are from different disciplines including;

  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Sciences
  • Law
Courses offered at Knust and their cut off points

Since there is increased demand for university education due to the large number of youths in Ghana, KNUST saw it fit to have affiliate universities. It has a total of 11 affiliate universities that teach the courses offered in KNUST in their campuses.

An intake program is set where every single year, successful applicants are offered a placement in the university to do the courses they have qualified for. Application is opened for the following classes of applicants;

Courses offered at Knust and their cut off points
  • Local applicants – these are Ghanaian locals who are qualified for the various courses
  • International applicants - these are applicants who do not hail from Ghana who are qualified for the various courses
  • Distant learning applicants – these are persons who wish to study a course offered at KNUST and are qualified for that particular course but cannot physically attend classes for whichever reason.

The courses offered in KNUST and cutoff grade

The courses offered are classified into some categories;

science courses offered at KNUST

The science courses offered are;

  • Business Administration-7
  • Land Economy-10
  • Quantity Surveying-10
  • Construction management and technology-11
  • Architecture-9
  • Human Settlement Planning - 11
  • Development Planning - 10
  • Real Estate Management – 12
  • Mathematics-15
  • Statistics-09
  • Biochemistry-08
  • Environmental Science-13
  • Food Science -08
  • Doctor of Optometry-07
  • Computer Science-09
  • Physics-17
  • Biological Science-10
  • Actuarial Science-08
  • Chemistry-18
  • Meteorology & Climate Science-18
  • Human Biology-06
  • Pharmcy-06
  • Laboratory technician-08
  • Sports and physical exercise-18
  • Nursing-7
  • Herbal Medicine -12
  • Veterinary doctor-09
  • Dental surgery-08
  • Disability and Rehabilitation-12
  • Midwife course-8
  • Sonography-24
  • Agriculture 21
  • Post-Harvest Technology-24
  • Natural Resource Management-16
  • Forest Resources Technology-19
  • Landscape Design and Management-20
  • Agribusiness-09
  • Agricultural Biotechnology-15
  • Dairy and Meat Science & Technology-24
  • Aquaculture and Water Resource Management-13

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Courses offered at Knust and their cut off points

The engineering courses offered are;

  • Aerospace - 07
  • Biomedical -07
  • Chemical -08
  • Mechanical -09
  • Civil -08
  • Computer -08
  • Geological -09
  • Electrical -07
  • Materials -11
  • Petroleum -06
  • Petrochemical -08
  • Telecommunication -08
  • Agricultural -13
  • Geomantic -10
  • Metallurgical -13
Courses offered at Knust and their cut off points

The other courses offered include;

  • Law-6
  • Sociology-11
  • History-15
  • Social work course-12
  • Political science-14
  • Geography and Rural development-12
  • English- 14
  • Religious studies-18
  • French language-11
  • Akan language-20
  • Economics-12
  • Culture and tourism studies-12
  • Graphic design-15
  • Industrial Art-16
  • Publishing-8
  • Painting and sculpture making-20
  • Rural Art and Industry-18

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