6 things Mensa Otabil said that shocked Ghanaians

6 things Mensa Otabil said that shocked Ghanaians

Ghana's most influential personality and head of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensa Otabil is not just revered for his prolific sermons on African liberation and  but also  basing Christian teachings on the upliftment of Ghana from a dependent economy to a strong and independent one. 

Here is a careful selection of top quotes by the famous preacher which have always been the topic of discussion in Ghana's political landscape .

1. I believe one of the biggest challenges we have as a people especially in this country is lack of creativity. We solve problems in the same old way. You put people together to think about a program and they will give you the same ideas that came up in 1957 and say this is how it was done, but that was back then. We don’t challenge our minds to invent - Mensa Otabil (sermon on Generational Curses).

2. The challenge for nations like Ghana is not the challenge of talented citizens. It is the challenge of poisonous environment. An environment that has been poisoned by ordinariness, by mediocrity and sometimes by a clear agenda to destroy talents - Mensa Otabil ( Speech at Grand finale of the 2016 Springboard road show).

3. I have been a Ghanaian all my life... it seems as if we are on a permanent trajectory of deterioration, when things go bad, they don’t revert to normal, so I find it difficult to see things getting back to normal based on my experience as a Ghanaian - Mensa Otabil ( Speech at Festival of Ideas 2014)

4. Ghana is hard and that is not a political statement - Mensa Otabil

5. What would make a man who is 60 years old with a lot of degrees in his life: be it BA, MA, PHD, become bald head, big time known, great, married, children, 60, at the twilight of his life when he should really contributing positively to life, at the height of his life goes to take a girlfriend who is 22 and the girlfriend tells him: ‘You are my sweetheart, I love you’, and the man can’t think! Who will love this pot belly? - Mensa Otabil (Sermon on Wisdom in 2014)

6. In Ghana, it is easy to see a foreigner prosper than to see a fellow Ghanaian prosper. - Mensa Otabil (Sermon on Wisdom in 2014)

7. It's an insult for Mark Zuckerberg to be richer than Ghana - Mensa Otabil (Keynote address at Albert Ocran's  2016 springboard convocation programme)

Source: YEN.com.gh

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