Accra Technical University courses and cut-off points

Accra Technical University courses and cut-off points

Today's job market is skill-oriented, and if you lack the prerequisites demanded by a potential employer, you have no chance. Ghana's educational system has been evolving at a fast rate, and now, students can access a tremendous collection of accredited institutions of higher learning. Accra Technical University courses are at the forefront of this education revolution. The institution was created to provide students with vocational education and training, mostly in engineering, science, and technology. All the diverse courses offered at Accra Technical University lay the ideal foundation, equipping students with outstanding industrial knowledge perfect for developing Ghana's broad economy.

Accra Technical University courses
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Founded in 1949, ATU is a multidisciplinary, non-profit institution of higher learning with a bias in in-depth vocational education. Of course, being a significant university in Ghana, the National Accreditation Board, Ghana officially accredit them.

The school's rich in culture and admits students from diverse backgrounds – a perfect representation of Ghana's multifaceted populace. Since they are a coeducational learning institution, they offer different courses and programs, leading people to attain recognized academic qualifications in their areas of study. What courses can you apply for in this renowned institution of higher learning?

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Accra Technical University courses

Accra Technical University is flaunted in various parts of the country while circulating all over social media and various internet websites. Its reputation precedes it.

It's mostly known for high-quality education standards and state of the art facilities, accompanied by magnificent structural development. Being at the heart of the capital city makes it even more conspicuous.

Since the school's inception, they have been offering hands-on and competency-based training in a wide array of fields. The learning institution is laden with amazingly-qualified and competent professors with extensive knowledge in their field.

The school's conformity to the University Act, 2016 (922) has revolutionized its programs to fit the ever-growing job market ideally. They have a cool collection of courses that are delivered through three schools:

  • Engineering
  • Applied Arts
  • Business and Management Studies

These three schools have fifteen departments providing various bachelor’s degrees, HND (Higher National Diploma) programs, diploma and certificate programs.

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Tertiary programs at Accra Technical University

These are bachelor’s courses offered at Accra Technical University, providing interested students with the ideal platform for advancing their skills. These are Bachelor of Technology degrees in:

  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Science- Laboratory Technology
  • Analytical Chemistry Option
  • Environmental Technology Option
  • Clinical Biochemistry Option
  • Medical Laboratory Science (top-up at Level 200 or 300-weekend)
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Building Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Power and Automation Engineering option
  • Telecommunications Engineering option
  • Fashion Design & Textiles
  • Hospitality Management
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management (Evening/Weekend)
  • Accounting (Evening/Weekend)
  • Banking and Finance (Evening/Weekend)
  • Secretaryship and Management Studies
  • Marketing (Evening/Weekend)

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Higher National Diploma courses

Other than the above Accra Technical University degree courses, you can access various HND courses that will equip you with the best skills. These are grouped into science and technology, and business and arts programmes.

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  • HND Mechanical Engineering
  • HND Electrical/ Electronic Engineering
  • HND Building Technology
  • HND Civil Engineering
  • HND Interior Design and Technology
  • HND Science Laboratory Technology (SLT)
  • HND Statistics
  • HND Computer Science
  • HND Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management (HCIM)
  • HND Accountancy
  • HND Marketing
  • HND Purchasing and Supply
  • HND Secretaryship and Management Studies
  • HND Bilingual Secretaryship and Management Studies
  • HND Fashion Design and Textiles

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Non-HND Programs

Accra Technical University courses
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If you are looking for Accra Technical University courses and cut off points, it would help if you first knew the available courses. Non-HND programs are prevalent because of their ease of access and their skilled nature.

  • Construction Technician Course (Part I & II)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician Part I
  • Motor Vehicle Technician Part I
  • Electrical Engineering Technician (Part I & II)
  • Refrigeration Technician Part II
  • Science Laboratory Technician Part I
  • Diploma in Business Studies in the following areas: Accounting, Secretarial, Management, Purchasing & Supply, Marketing, Statistics, Entrepreneurship and ICT
  • Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)
  • Diploma in Computerized Accounting
  • Diploma in Banking Technology & Accounting
  • Diploma in Public Relations
  • Advanced Business Certificate Examination (ABCE)
  • General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE)
  • Advanced Fashion
  • Advance Cookery (812/2)
  • TVET certificate ii in business studies (accounting/secretarial/ICT options)

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Access (pre-HND) courses to HND Science and Engineering programs

These access programs are created for students with technical subjects in related fields. This means that after successful fulfilment, they can access their desired HND programs.

  • Interior Design and Technology
  • Furniture Design and Production
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Building Technology
  • Hotel Catering and Institutional Management
  • Fashion Design and Textiles

Professional programs

Professional programs are among the best Accra Technical University courses. The primary target for these courses are supervisors in various industries.

  • International Certificate in Logistics and Transport (CILT)
  • International diploma in Logistics and Transport (dILT)
  • International Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport (ADILT)
  • Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Technician programme

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Accra Technical University admission and cut-off points

The courses determine Accra Technical University admission requirements a prospective student seeks to enrol in. The programmes give room for various ambitious students wishing to expand their learning.

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For instance, anyone looking to get admitted for the four-year, Bachelor of Technology program at the university must meet the following requirements.

  • People with West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) must possess a minimum grade of C6 in three core subjects and three elective subjects.
  • Individuals with Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSCE) ought to have a minimum grade of D in three core subjects and three elective subjects.
  • Students with GCE Advanced level ought to have passed in the same group of subjects as the above qualifications.
  • Additionally, all mature applicants must be at least 25 years old to qualify and have documents to prove their age.

For the bachelor’s degree top-up applicants, they are supposed to satisfy the following:

  • HND certificate in a relevant field
  • At least two years of post-HND qualification working experience.
  • Non-citizen Ghana card for all foreign applicants

These stipulated conditions are considered minimum requirements for admission. As for Higher National Diploma, the courses run for about three years, for most of the programs, even though some may go for four years. The courses can be undertaken either at a full-time level or part-time.

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Similar to a Bachelor degree, conditions vary from one field to another. These are:

  • SSSCE applicants for science and technology programmes must possess at least six passes (A – D) in all subjects, and three of the core subjects must be credit or better.
  • WASSCE applicants ought to have six passes (A1 – D7) in all subjects, and at least three of the core subjects must be C6 or better.

The conditions for admission and prerequisite cut-off points vary according to the program you desire. Therefore, it is better to confirm the admission requirements before making your application for Accra Technical University degree courses.

Accra technical university fees

Accra Technical University courses
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According to the official Accra Technical University website, interested applicants can process their applications online after obtaining an e-voucher for successful log-in. Of course, Accra Technical University courses and fees vary significantly based on various factors.

Mature students are obligated to pay GH₵ 400 for tuition and during the application process GH₵ 190 as the application fee. You can access a comprehensive breakdown of all relevant costs for different programs from the official website, which alters every academic year.

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Accra Technical University is a premier institution of higher learning in Ghana. If you are looking to gain the most advanced skills, ideal for the multifaceted, and fast-developing market, the school’s courses are sufficient. It offers relevant aptitudes to needy students under a sophisticated curriculum that is perfectly customized for demanded skills.

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