200+ popular Spanish male names with meanings for your baby boy

200+ popular Spanish male names with meanings for your baby boy

Many parents start dreaming of the names to give their kids soon after confirming their gender during pregnancy. Every parent desires a happy child with a great destiny. One of the ways you can influence your child's destiny is by picking a name with a good meaning. There are numerous Spanish male names to consider if you are expecting a son.

Popular Spanish male names
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Did you know Spaniards have a personal name followed by two surnames? The two surnames are the father’s paternal family name and the mother’s paternal family name. We explore various Spanish male names with their meanings in this article.

Amazing Spanish male names for your baby boy

Spanish male names have grown in popularity in recent years. This is because Spaniards have a rich cultural heritage and history. Besides, names from this community have great meanings. Below is an exploration of Spanish male names and surnames and their meaning.

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Spanish male names starting with the letter A

If you have been looking for names starting with the first letter of the alphabet, check out the list below. Some are old Spanish male names, while others are relatively new.

  • Aarón: Mountain of strength
  • Abelardo: Breathing
  • Adalberto: Aristocratic and bright
  • Adelmo: Persistent and strong
  • Ademar: Strong and famous
  • Adoncia: Sweet
  • Adrián: Sea or water
  • Agustin: Grandeur
  • Alamo: Poplar tree
  • Alano: Handsome
  • Alarico: Rules all
  • Aldo: Very old
  • Alejandro: Defender of the people/ one who defends humanity
  • Alejo: Warrior and defender
  • Alexander: Protector of men
  • Alfonso: Eager for battle
  • Alfredo: One who counsels the elves
  • Alonzo: Noble and prepared
  • Alvino: Fair
  • Amancio: Loving
  • Amata: Love
  • Amato: Beloved
  • Ambrosio: Eternal or indestructible
  • Amelio: Hardworking
  • Amias: Beloved
  • Anastacio: Resurrection
  • Andres: Brave
  • Anselmo: Divine helmet
  • Antonio: Beyond praise/ priceless one
  • Arturo: Courageous or noble
  • Aurelius: Golden

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Names starting with the letters B and C

What is a unique Spanish name?
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There are plenty of new and old Spanish male names starting with the second and third letters of the alphabet. Check them out below.

  • Bartoli: Son of a farmer
  • Beinvenido: Welcome
  • Benito: The blessed one
  • Benjamin: Son of the South
  • Bernardo: Strong as a bear
  • Bertin: Famous bearer
  • Blanco: Blond
  • Bolivar: Mill on the shore
  • Bonifaco: Benefactor
  • Bonito: The good one
  • Brȧulio: Shining
  • Calderon: Melting pot
  • Calvino: Bald
  • Carles: Strong
  • Carlito: A free man
  • Carlos: A free man
  • Casimiro: Famous destroyer
  • Celso: The exalted one
  • Cenon: Receiver of life from Zeus
  • Cesario: Caesar or head of hair
  • Chanti: Supplanter
  • Chaves: May God protect
  • Che: God will increase
  • Checha: Hairy
  • Chilo: A free man
  • Ciceron: Chickpea
  • Cid: God rooster
  • Cipriano: From Cyprus
  • Clodoveo: Famous warrior
  • Cochiti: Forgotten
  • Conrado: An able counsel
  • Consuelo: Consolation
  • Cornelio: Horn
  • Cortez: A refined or accomplished person
  • Cristobal: Christ bearer

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Names starting with the letters D to F

What's a good Spanish name for a boy?
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Did you know the father’s family name is more commonly used to address people in Spain? Below are beautiful names starting with the letters D, E, and F

  • Damario: Dedicated to Mars
  • Daniel: God is my judge
  • Dany: God is my judge
  • Dario: Possessing goodness
  • David: Beloved
  • Dejuan: God is merciful
  • Delmar: From the sea
  • Dilan: Son of the sea
  • Domingo: The Lord's child
  • Eberardo: Courageous like a boar
  • Eduardo: Wealthy guardian
  • Elias: Miracle maker Elijah
  • Eliot: The Lord is my God
  • Elonso: Fit for battle
  • Emiliano: Work
  • Emilio: Challenger or one fit for the battle
  • Énaël: Angel
  • Enrique: Home ruler/ ruler of the house
  • Erardo: Respectable and courageous
  • Eric: Eternal ruler
  • Ernesto: Serious-minded
  • Esteban: Man with a crown
  • Estefan: Crowned in victory
  • Estevan: Crown
  • Ethan: Strong
  • Eugenio: Of noble descent
  • Everardo: Brave
  • Ezequiel: God strengthens
  • Federico: Peaceful ruler
  • Feliciano: Happy
  • Félix: Lucky
  • Fernando: Courageous adventurer or journey
  • Figueroa: Fig tree
  • Finn: Fair
  • Francisco: Free
  • Frascuelo: Free
  • Frederico: Peaceful ruler

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Names starting with the letters G to K

What's a good Spanish name for a boy?
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Spaniards normally form nicknames based on an easily noticeable personal characteristic or as a shorter form of one’s first name. Check out names starting with the letters G to K below.

  • Gabino: God is my strength
  • Gabriel: God is my strength
  • Gaël: Good leader
  • Gaspard: Treasure
  • Generosb: Generous
  • Gerardo: Strong spear
  • Gervasio: Warrior
  • Gilberto: Bright one
  • Gillermo: Resolute protector
  • Godofredo: Friend of God
  • Gonzalo: Safe flight
  • Gregorio: Awake or watchful
  • Guillermo: Protector
  • Gustavo: Staff of the Gods
  • Hernan: Spiritual traveller or brave and peaceful
  • Hugo: A person of intellect
  • Ignacio: Fire
  • Isac: God will laugh
  • Isandro: One who frees or releases men
  • Iván: Young warrior
  • Izador: Present from Isis
  • Jack: God is gracious
  • Javier: A new home
  • Jesús: The son of God in Christianity
  • Jeronimo: Holy name
  • Jorge: Farmer
  • José: God will increase
  • Jose luis: God will increase or war famous
  • Juan: God is gracious
  • Julian: Youth
  • Julio: Soft-haired youth
  • Kaiden: Companion
  • Kylian: A small church

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Names starting with the letters L and M

Spanish male names
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Did you know most Spanish names ending in ‘o’ are male, while most ending in ‘a’ are female? Discover names starting with the letters L and M from this country.

  • Lalla: Well-spoken
  • Lasaro: God is my helper
  • Leandro: Lion man
  • Leo/ León: Lion
  • Leopoldo: A bold man
  • Levi: Joined in harmony
  • Lisandro: The liberator
  • Lorenzo: City of laurels
  • Lucas: Bringer of light
  • Lucio: Light of day
  • Luis: Famous warrior
  • Macario: The happy or cheerful one
  • Maël: Prince
  • Manfredo: Powerful peace
  • Manolo: God is with us
  • Manuel: God is with us
  • Marc: Warrior
  • Marc: Passionate warrior
  • Marino: Rendered to Mars
  • Martin: Warring
  • Mason: Stone worker
  • Mateo/ Matthėo: Gift of God
  • Max: The greatest
  • Melisenda: Diligent
  • Micah: One who is like God
  • Miguel: God-like
  • Milán: The loving one
  • Milo: A few different things

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Names starting with the letters N to R

What's a good Spanish name for a boy?
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A random fact about Spaniards is it is not customary for Spanish women to adopt their husband’s surnames at marriage. Check out Spanish male names starting with the letters N to R below.

  • Naȅl: The successful one
  • Nathanaȅl: Gift from God
  • Nazario: From Nazareth
  • Nicky: People of victory
  • Nevada: Covered in snow
  • Noé: Rest
  • Noel: Christmas or birth
  • Octavio: The eighth one
  • Oliver: Olive tree planter
  • Orlando: Famous land
  • Oscar: A deer lover or spear of God
  • Osias: My strength comes from the Lord
  • Pablo: The humble one
  • Pedro: Stone or strong like a rock
  • Porfirio: Purple
  • Prospero: According to one's wishes
  • Ramona: Wise protector
  • Ramiro: Famous counsel
  • Ramon: Protected counsel
  • Raphael: God has healed
  • Raúl: A powerful name or wolf counsel
  • Rejinaldo: Wise ruler
  • Renato: Reborn
  • Ricardo: Brave ruler
  • Rio: River
  • Roberto: Brilliant flame
  • Robin: The bright one
  • Rodas: Roses
  • Rodrigo: Renowned chief
  • Rodolfo: Legendary wolf
  • Rogelio: Request or petition
  • Roman: From Rome
  • Romeo: From Rome
  • Rufo: Red-haired

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Names starting with the letters S to Z

Spanish male names
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By now, you have noticed that many Spanish names are inspired by saints or religious figures. Below are great names starting with the last eight letters of the alphabet.s

  • Sacha: Helper of mankind
  • Sally: Saviour
  • Salvadore/ Salvatore: Savior
  • Samuel: God has heard
  • Sandro: Defender of men
  • Santos: Saint
  • Saturno: Sowing seeds
  • Segundo: Born second
  • Sergio: A servant
  • Sierra: Saw-tooth mountain range
  • Silvio: From the woods
  • Sydney: Wide meadow
  • Tabor: One who plays a small drum
  • Taurino: The constellation Taurus
  • Teo: God
  • Teodoro: God's present
  • Thiago: May God protect
  • Thomas: Twin
  • Timeo: Honouring God
  • Timo: One who honours God
  • Tito: Giant
  • Toro: Bull-like
  • Tulio: The one who leads
  • Tuto: Righteous
  • Ugo: Intelligent
  • Umberto: Bright fighter
  • Veto: Intelligent
  • Vincente: Victor
  • Xever: Owns a new house
  • Yanik: God is gracious
  • Yomaris: I am the sun

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What's a good Spanish name for a boy?

A good name for your little prince is one you like and has a positive or great meaning. It must also be easy to pronounce.

What are male Hispanic names?

These are names originating from Spain or Spanish-speaking countries. There are hundreds of names to choose from.

What is a unique Spanish name?

Unique Spanish names include Gonzalo, Dario, Thiago, and Izan for boys or Iba, Laia, Carmen, and Triana for girls.

What are very Mexican names?

The most Mexican names include Maria, Juan, Juana, Hernandez, and Jose.

What is the most popular boy name in Spain?

Common boy names in Spain include Mateo, Hugo, Lucas, Leo, and Lucas.

Choosing a name for your baby can be challenging for new parents. We hope you find the perfect name for your little boy from the list of Spanish male names above.

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