Did an angel just appear in Ghana during Easter?

Did an angel just appear in Ghana during Easter?

A teenager at a local church in the Brong Ahafo region says he captures what looks like "the wings of an angel" with his phone camera.

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The Ghana News Agency (GNA) alleges that a congregation attendant by the name Samuel claims to have captured with his phone camera “a pair of angel wings” during a church sermon.

Did an angel just appear in Ghana during Easter?
The poor quality photo as taken by the said congregant, Samuel

The photo that is circulating on social media and is featured in news stories is of poor quality, with distorted proportions. A smudge of white-coloured design that appears to resemble a pair of large wings appears on it atop of one of the plastic chairs.

Did an angel just appear in Ghana during Easter?
Did an angel just appear in Ghana during Easter?

There is another image - this time, a collage from two photos apparently taken at the same venue - one half of the collage we have already described, and the second one is part of the chair and someone sitting in it, with the same pair of “wings” pasted on the top.

“It was not until this time that I saw that my camera had captured an angel, right inside the congregation!” Sammy told the GNA.

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Overall, the photos of the “miraculous apparition” bear strong signs of digital tampering. While it’s a season of Easter miracles, some people are too easily lead to believe anything heaven-related. YEN reminds you to be cautious and to always fact-check.

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