Sarkodie Net Worth in 2020: how wealthy is he?

Sarkodie Net Worth in 2020: how wealthy is he?

Sarkodie net worth 2020 makes him one of richest artists in Africa. Sarkodie has worked hard over the years to get where he is today. His persistence and smart ways of working are among the key contributors to his success. Thanks to the wealth he has amassed, Sarkodie is among the richest musicians in Ghana as well as in Africa.

Sarkodie Net Worth 2017 Forbes

Being among the top musicians in Africa was not always the case before Sarkodie became the polished man that people know currently. For him, it was quite a journey that was characterized by hard work and dedication. Other musicians and fans now envy Sarkodie's success and wish for the same.

Sarkodie net worth 2020

According to Forbes 2019 list of the richest musicians in Africa, the net worth of Sarkodie has earned him a position among the top ten. This puts him in the list among the greatest African musicians like Akon from Senegal, Davido from Nigeria, Oliver Mutukudzi from Zimbabwe, Hugh Masela of South Africa and Black Coffee from South Africa among other top musicians.

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Sarkodie Net Worth 2017 Forbes

Sarkodie net worth 2020 is proved to be $7 millions. This position has been arrived at because of the huge number of YouTube followers that he has been able to attract. Sarkodie became famous even after the release of his first single. Baby is one of the songs that made him famous. What many do not know is that, Michael Owusu Addo started out as an underground artist a rapper that was not very well known eve in Ghana let alone the whole of Africa. His first manager, Duncan Williams helped launch his career and made him one of the most established artist in Ghana and Africa at large. Sarkodie has always stayed true to his identity and has been at the forefront of promoting a Ghanaian Genre known as Azonto which developed from a traditional dance.

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His first single from his fourth album known as Mary, sold over 4000 copies when it was released in Accra. With consistent hard work he has been able to achieve a lot of progress. In fact he rose to become the first Ghanaian artist to be able to win BET after rising to have one of the highest number of nominations. People have grown to appreciate his hard work and identify with his music over Africa and across the world.

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His rankings did not start recently. He has made it to the list of most influential people in Ghana in 2013 according to e-TV. He also made it to the Forbes list in 2015 where he was ranked eighth. He was also ranked by channel O and made it to the list of the richest bankable artists in Africa.

Sarkodie has not just concentrated in being an artist He launched his music label the Sarkcess whose aim is to empower artists in the country. 2020 seem to be even more interesting for the artiste as more is expected of him. He is proof that any person that works hard, looks and status aside can grow into a success as long as they are ready to put in the work.

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