Delay Interviews Dulcie Boateng: Ghanaian Snapchat Queen Says Her Father Is A Carpenter With No Shop

Delay Interviews Dulcie Boateng: Ghanaian Snapchat Queen Says Her Father Is A Carpenter With No Shop

  • Ghanaian Snapchat influencer Dulcie Boateng has left her fans stunned after talking about her father's job on the Delay Show
  • Dulcie Boateng added that her father lived in her grandmother's house and used her compound to design furniture for his clients
  • The businesswoman revealed that she lost her sister, and now her three siblings are living in her plush mansion

Ghanaian Snapchat influencer Dulcie Boateng has opened up about her poor upbringing and how she was pressured to become a rich lady in future at the age of 14.

Speaking on the Delay Show, the 26-year-old revealed that her mother has a passion for sewing, but she never set up a fashion brand.

Delay interviews Snapchat influencer Dulcie Boateng
Delay and Snapchat influencer Dulcie Boateng slay in stunning dresses. Photo credit: @delayghana
Source: Instagram

The former student of Achimota School added that her family lived at her maternal grandmother's house in Asylum Down, including her father, where all her siblings were born.

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Dulcie Boateng added that she can't speak Twi and that her father didn't have a carpenter shop, so he did most of his gigs at her grandmother's compound.

Watch the video below:

Snapchat influencer Dulcie Boateng slays in a white dress

Dulcie Boateng stepped out in a white sleeveless dress clinched to her body. She accessorised her look with black sunglasses while showing off her designer bag.

Check out the photos below:

Some social media users commented on Delay's interview with Dulcie Boateng has compiled some reactions below.

Chocolateakosua stated:

That's my elder brother's firstborn, truly speaking my brother is a carpenter and her mum is a seamstress. Aftiyie has grown into a beautiful woman and I'm proud of her ❤

Bakeciti stated:

She was born in asylum down, grew up in asylum down, and was schooled in asylum down, and yet her twi is not good? Inferiority complex coupled with low self-esteem…. Even that popular Canadian girl who wasn’t born in Ghana can speak twi na won agya ba . Nmtcheeeeewwww

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jayke_computers stated:

Carpinta niiba aa ɔti Twi... Ɛhuoooo This slay queens errrrrr

sarkcess_kop stated:

Alot of people get offended with this question when a person struggles with the twi language and then been asked ‘ad3n wo ny3 Ghana ni’? Especially when the person in question is a non Akan.

Sethcliffe stated:

Masa nothing matter she be alo tweeaki packaging koa she no get anythingy

Berniceadona stated:

Carpenter nii ba na wote twi okay dem play

mr__ao stated:

Eei packaging paa nie ahahhacarpenter nii ba

Dulcie Boateng And Hajia Bintu's Friend Gifts Her Mum GH¢500,000 Cash On Her Birthday

Earlier, wrote about Dulcie Boateng, who gave her mum GH¢500,000, which made her smile on her birthday.

The Snapchat influencer and her mum wore classy ensembles and pricey jewellery, making them look stunning.

Some social media users commented after watching the viral video on social media.


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