Toddler Stuffs Thick Thread Up Her Nose, Video Of Mom Fishing It Out Has Peeps Cracking Up: "Unbothered"

Toddler Stuffs Thick Thread Up Her Nose, Video Of Mom Fishing It Out Has Peeps Cracking Up: "Unbothered"

  • One naughty toddler went TikTok viral after her mother noticed that she had something up her nose
  • The video left many people worried as the mom rushed to help her baby girl, who was having a sneezing fit
  • Online users thought the clip was harrowing, but many laughed that the kid looked peaceful despite the disaster

A child looked as cute as ever despite having an obstruction in her nose. The mom sprang to action when she took a peek up her daughter's nostrils.

TikTok video of kid with thread in nose
A TikTok video shows a mom finding a thread in her child's nose and using a needle to get it out. Image: @ammy_4una
Source: UGC

Online users were concerned, and the video got over 20 000 likes. Hundreds of commenters joked about how the little girl reacted to the disaster.

Kid in video stays calm with item in nose

A mom on TikTok @ammy_4una, was worried when her daughter kept sneezing. She looked up her toddler's nose to find a piece of thread in one nostril.

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Even though the mom was worried, the daughter looked peaceful. @ammy_4una used the back of a needle to pick the rope out.

Watch the video below:

TikTok viewers amused by toddler

Peeps noticed that the little girl had no clue that she put herself in danger by blocking her nose. Netizens were amused by the kid's nonchalance.

S.eemah_ said:

"She has the audacity to yawn."

kele kelebz wrote:

"She's so unbothered."

moeketsane11 Rachel commented:

"I'm glad you noticed earlier."

SHAGGY added:

"She's not sorry and she's gonna do it again."

Paballo “Ironwoman” Kgware joked:

"One thing toddlers will do is let their impulsive thoughts win."

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The video of the child received over 15,000 likes and over 300 000 views. There were hundreds of comments from people who found the child's predicament funny.

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