Mum Recounts Painfully Losing Unborn Twins At 12 Weeks: "My Heart Was Shattered"

Mum Recounts Painfully Losing Unborn Twins At 12 Weeks: "My Heart Was Shattered"

  • Joan Medina recounted one of the lowest moments in her life when she lost her first pregnancy after being married
  • The doctor said she lost her unborn twins at 12 weeks despite a series of professional consultations and seeking help
  • The health practitioner recalled seeing traces of blood when she went for a short call that caused an alarm

A woman has agonisingly opened up about one of her life's most tragic and heartbreaking moments.

Kenyan mum and doctor Joan Medina narrating losing her unborn twins (l). Pregnant woman holding her tummy.
Kenyan mum and medical health practitioner Joan Medina (l) remembers losing unborn twins in her first pregnancy. African woman holding her pregnancy bump (r). Photo: NTV, Getty Images/JGI/Tom Grill.
Source: UGC

Joan Medina shared her painful experience of losing her pregnancy, which left her with a shattered heart.

Kenyan doctor gets pregnant after six months

Medina, who is a doctor by profession vividly narrated the heart-rending moment she lost not one but two unborn children.

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Speaking to NTV, the health practitioner disclosed it was her first pregnancy.

"Immediately after the wedding, we tried. It took six months before I got pregnant. I used to take medicine from the hospital where I was working and was being scanned from the same hospital. My husband was also a doctor, so he also followed up on me," she said.

Joan Medina gooes to hospital for pregnancy scan

Medina recounted seeing traces of blood when she went for a short call, which prompted her to go for a scan, accompanied by her loving and supportive husband.

That was when Medina found out she was pregnant with twins. She continued to carry her pregnancy until the 12th week.

"This time, the blood was too much. We went back to the hospital for another scan. The doctor did not seem sure about our situation and did not seem to want to tell us what was happening. There was so much tension. I was not satisfied with the information given," she said as she looked for another medical opinion.

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My heart was shattered, Joan Medina

In her third attempt to get to the bottom of the issue, Medina was told the heartbreaking truth about the death of her twins.

"My heart was shattered. I was very heartbroken; one of my lowest points in life. I went to my office and cried," she said.

Medina was blessed with her first baby in 2023, giving birth to a bouncing baby boy.

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