Usain ‘Lightening’ Bolt comes out of retirement; gearing up for epic return race

Usain ‘Lightening’ Bolt comes out of retirement; gearing up for epic return race

  • Legendary Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt has come out of retirement for a race unlike any other as he prepares for the big event on 13 July
  • The Jamaican has been recruited to tackle an unfamiliar distance of 800m, or half a mile, in what is sure to be an incredible post-retirement showing
  • The eight-time Olympic gold medalist has recently been putting in the work in training, making sure to announce that he is hyped for the upcoming challenge

Usain Bolt is back on the track preparing for one of the most epic races since before his retirement from athletics in 2017.

Recently, the 100m and 200m Olympic record-holder resumed training to tackle uncharted territory in a distance not synonymous with his exploits: 800 meters, or what is known to others as a half-mile.

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Olympic record-holder Usain Bolt comes out of retirement to tackle a race like no other on 13 July. Image: Ian MacNicol, Ian MacNicol/ Getty Images.
Source: UGC

Ahead of the race against ... wait for it, CarMax, on 13 July, the eight-time Olympic gold medalist spoke excitedly about the challenge.

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"They told me they're one of the fastest appraisals for car companies online now — in two minutes you can be approved. So I was like, 'Okay, cool.' And they're like, 'we'd like you to hit 800 meters.' I was like, 'Now that's interesting,'" Bolt told Insider.
"I've never done something like this before and for me, I love a challenge. So, I'm very hyped to compete."

CarMax is a used vehicle retailer based in the United States. In the case of Bolt, the former Olympian sprinter will technically be competing against a customer of the retailer as they complete an appraisal with one of the company's agents.

The company claims the entire process takes less than two minutes, and Bolt has been recruited to put that assertion to the test. Fans will be given a front-row seat to the action as it unfolds on Facebook Live.

On the proposed one on one with a customer, the legendary sprint ace was not quick to display any degree of the over-ripe confidence he was known to possess during his heyday.

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"I'm like, 50/50 right now. I'm feeling good, but let's see how far I can take it. Let's see how I'm feeling," said Bolt. [But] I've already started smack talking CarMax," he said.
"I told them they have no chance. [Do] you know what I mean? They're coming up against one of the greatest in the world. So just be prepared. I would never do that in the race but I could take CarMax," he added.

Bolt Introduces adorable twin sons with rad names

Bolt and his wife recently welcomed twin boys and could not be more proud. Heading to Twitter, the widely-recognised runner excitedly introduced the adorable duo to the world.

The beautiful couple's excitement shines right through the snap which was taken during a special photoshoot dedicating to welcoming the two bundles of joy, Saint Leo and Thunder, into the famous family as previously reported by

"Olympia Lightning Bolt - Saint Leo Bolt - Thunder Bolt," the heartwarming post was captioned by the super proud father of three.


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