What happened to Jen Wilson after BatDad divorce?

What happened to Jen Wilson after BatDad divorce?

Jen Wilson is the matriarch of the famous Wilsons family. She rose to fame when her husband, Blake Wilson, started posting videos on Vine and later on YouTube. The videos mostly constituted of Blake Wilson performing pranks on his family while wearing a batman mask. The mask, the deep raspy voice that the husband used, and the videos' relatable aspect made them an internet sensation. Most fans have noticed that she is not present in any of his recent videos. So, what happened to Jen Wilson?

What happened to Jen Wilson
Blake and Jen Wilson. Photo: @batdadblake
Source: Instagram

Batdad's wife had also become somewhat of a sensation herself and had even earned the nickname Batmom. She was an integral part of the videos. It, therefore, came as no surprise that fans were heartbroken after she and her husband split. She has kept a low profile since then and has left most fans wondering, "what does Jen Wilson do for a living?"

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Who is Jen?

Jen Wilson, born Jennifer Smith, was born on 16th November 1982 in Georgia. She is 38 years old as of February 2021. She met and married her husband, and by 2004 she had already had her first child Taylor Wilson. She had her second born Kaya in 2007, followed by the twins Sienna and Ben in 2010.

How did she become famous?

When Vine was at its prime, one of its most popular creators was Blake Wilson a.k.a Batdad. His videos included him wearing a batman mask and speaking in a raspy voice, which was a parody of Christian Bale's portrayal of Bruce Wayne or as he is known to most people, Batman.

His videos were parenting themed, and they quickly gained him an immense following. At the time when the video hosting service became defunct, he had garnered over three million followers.

In his videos, he usually played pranks on his unsuspecting wife, Jen, and their four children. Jen was an integral part of the whole thing, and after a while, became a fan favourite.

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Blake posted the first video on 1st august 2013, which is when the Batdad character came to life. Since Vine became defunct, Blake has moved his antics to YouTube and Instagram where he still commands a large presence.

Blake Wilson and Jen split

What happened to Jen Wilson
Blake and Jen Wilson. Photo: @batdadblake
Source: Instagram

In 2019, fans started noticing that Jen's appearances in her husbands' videos were dwindling. A lot of concerned fans took to Instagram to ask whether the couple was doing ok.

Their worst fears were confirmed when Batdad announced that the two were no longer together on his social media account. The separation was amicable, and the two are co-parenting their four children.

The reason for the divorce remains a mystery, but many fans have come up with some theories. In 2013, Blake admitted that his Batdad character sometimes annoys Jen and that he feels bad for her. Most fans speculate that maybe Jen ultimately got tired of his antics. This is, however, not a proven fact.

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After Batdad's divorce, most fans were worried that his videos would lose their fun. However, co-parenting seems to be right up his alley as he still manages to be an amazing father to Ben, Sienna, Taylor and Kayla Wilson and still create amazing content.

It is unclear how they split the custody of the children. However, Blake stated that he is trying to be the best co-parent around.

Batmom Jen Wilson has remained silent about the whole affair. However, it is a known fact that she is the one who filed for divorce in early 2019. Her request was granted, and the couple was officially divorced a few months after she filed.

What happened to Batdad's wife Jen?

After the split, Jen has kept a low profile and has kept her life private. She is currently single and is focused on co-parenting their four children. Since her divorced, Jen has built her brand and is still a recognizable celebrity in her own right.

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Did Batdad die?

Some of the channel's fans did not migrate with the family from Vine when it was shut down. Understandably, they may be wondering where their favourite family went to. Batdad is not dead. He is alive and well, and his career is still flourishing on Instagram and YouTube.

What happened to Jen Wilson after her divorce? Most fans want to know how one of the faces of their favourite videos is doing after her split from her husband. Now you know all the details.

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