Men Who Have Been Best Friends Since Childhood Welcome Firstborn Daughters Three Days Apart

Men Who Have Been Best Friends Since Childhood Welcome Firstborn Daughters Three Days Apart

  • The new dads, Watt and Green have known each other since childhood, having grown up in the same community in Kingston, Jamaica
  • The friends welcomed their firstborn daughters three days from each
  • According to Watt, he was initially looking forward to a baby boy but changed his mind and got excited after learning Green is also expecting a baby girl

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Good friends always celebrate and feel proud of their buddies whenever they achieve great and new milestones in their lives.

The BFFs have been together since childhood.
The two friends' wives both gave birth through CS. Photo: Jamaica Observer.
Source: UGC

Lovely coincidence

Be it careerwise or just family, it is always a good feeling celebrating it with people close to you, otherwise known as friends.

These two best friends, who have been beside each other since childhood, recently got the chance to enjoy each other's win in a very short span of time.

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Odane Watt and his BFF Brandon Green are the newest daddies in time, titles they got three days apart.

According to Jamaica Observer, Watt broke the news of his expectancy to his friend Green and did not think he will be met with the same news from the other side.

“I was surprised because it's not like it's something that we have discussed, having kids close in age,” Watt told Observer Online.

Watt disclosed that Green, 27, was overjoyed after learning his wife was also expecting their first child together, just like him.

Three days apart

The two friends knew they were ready to be fathers and had talked about the same. However, they never discussed or planned to have children close in age.

Well, they were both treated to awesome surprises after their wives gave birth to their firstborn daughters.

Watt told the media that he was looking forward to baby boys but changed his mind and was filled with excitement after learning his friend Green was also expecting a baby girl.

“I was even more excited because my daughter get a girl bestie,” Watt said.

Green and his wife had been informed earlier that their daughter would be delivered early through a caesarean section.

Green's pal Watt and his partner, Tammianna Brown, were caught off guard when she went into labour.

After several hours in labour with no progression, the doctors decided it was best for both Brown and the baby, to deliver through an emergency caesarean section.

Baby Azalea Watt was born in the early hours of June 4.

On June 7, which is three days later, baby Arihanna Green was born, also through caesarean section.

The deliveries got the friends and their wives so happy, owing to the fact that it was a win for both families who share a strong friendship bond.

Watt and Green have known each other since childhood.

The two grew up in the same community in Kingston, Jamaica.

They have been present in each other's lives for some of the most important moments.


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