7 signs that should stop you from marrying her

7 signs that should stop you from marrying her

It is the dream of every Ghanaian man to get married. In fact, the Ghanaian society always gives pressure to young men to get married and start a family.

Never marry her when you see these 7 signs

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In the wake of such pressure, most Ghanaian men settle for just any lady they deem fit in starting life with only to get married and realized they had made the worst of decisions. This article will save you from such incident. We will be sharing with you some basic things which help you determine if indeed she is not the best marriage material.

1. When she often lies

Lies is the best sign for you to know that your lady is just not marriage material. In relationships, trust is very key in every relationship so when you find out how often she lies. The attitude of lying is one which is so difficult to deal with. Not even you, the prospective husband, could help her get out of this attitude. Run away when you realize this bad attitude.

2. When she stops you from seeing her family

Any lady who gives excuses as to why you can't see her family might be having doubts about you marrying her. It's either that or the case that she is scared her parents might reject your proposal. In this confusing development, you need to find out from her what exactly the reason could be, But if she still insists you can't meet her family then just know that she is just not ready.

3. When you always have to start a conversation

Ladies are gifted with the talent of being good communicators. But it gets worrying when this talent is not translated into a relationship. It is expected that 90 percent of women in relationships call or text their male partners more than the men themselves do. But if you realize the opposite in your relationship, when you get to find out she never calls or texts, then maybe you must take a decision.

4. When she is so rude

No lady who truly loves her man will be constantly rude to her man. Being rude to someone means you either hate the person or are just not into that person. Should this constantly happen then you must know that you are just not in her circle. Marrying such a rude lady could spell doom for you.

5. When she is not ambitious, always procrastinating

Marriage is not all about you the man, it is also about the lady. So when you realize that the lady is not forceful enough, she always says "I will do it tomorrow, next week...and so on" then just know that she is just not serious about her life. A procrastinating wife poses a grave threat to her family. Avoid her if you realize that all efforts to change her is just not working.

6. When she always has issues with men

You get to find a cheating future wife from the beginning of your relationship. It's very simple! Do you always get threats from men who say your lady is theirs, or you always find her moving out with men? If you realize that your lady is in a web of love triangles then just know that she will be giving you huge troubles.

7. When she just does not want to settle down

Ever heard her say "I am not ready, will let you know when I am?" If so then you must be having a second thought especially when she always tells you this whenever you pop up the issue of marriage. A woman will always be happy to find out her man is ready to get married to her. But if she always shifts aside the question, if she always tells you to take your time, if she always avoids the topic of marriage then just know she is just not ready to have you as a husband. Don't waste your time....move on.

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