List of Daasebre Gyamenah songs

List of Daasebre Gyamenah songs

Top Daasebre Gyamenah songs still live on even after he is gone. Daasebre ‘Ahoofe’ like was known amongst his fans, rose to fame thanks for his first music album Kokooko. In West Africa ‘Ahoofe’ refers to the most beautiful or handsome one. This certainly rings bells as far as his music is concerned too. In addition to Kokooko album, Daasebre Gyamenah had other songs that were moving the crowds. Daasebre Gyamenah songs came as a result of hard work and sacrifice. This article brings you the list of Daasebre Gyamenah songs and how you can download them from the internet. Furthermore, you will learn about Daasebre Dwamena.

List of Daasebre Gyamenah songs

Daasebre Gyamenah was a Ghanaian musician know for resounding abilities in song writing and singing. His real name is Abubakar Saddiq. His was a Muslim. Daasebre Gyamenah’s mother died just a month after his birth, a situation that portrays perhaps a humble beginning for the musician but until his death the musician had made something out of his life.

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Daasebre was born in 1968. He began music in 1980s and like almost every beginning of anything, his music disappointed him. He however never gave up. On what seem like the change of tactics, he opted to leave Ghana for other African countries for a period of seven years. When this many years elapsed, he went back to his country of birth rejuvenated and ever since until his death, his musical prowess never petered out. He went ahead to record many albums that still feel good to listen to many years after his death.

He was one time arrested and jailed. This happened in London and was such a painful experience. The situation weighed heavily on him. And like you will see in his last album, he seems to pay tribute to God for having helped him through that nasty experience.

Daasebre Gyamenah died in July 2016 on 26th, due to cardio vascular disease, in one of the best hospitals in Ghana. His death was received with a lot of sorrow and agony. The Ahoofe was dead and the imagination of what death had robbed them, caused much trauma among the musician’s fans. Death is cruel and takes away what you perhaps wouldn’t want to be taken away is you had the choice.

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He lived at some point a controversial life style. Having been arrested and jailed in London, being alleged in a case involving a hard drug cocaine and others. It’s also noted that during his last times on earth he produced gospel songs. You are wondering how a Muslim can do that. Yes! Daasebre Gyamenah did exactly that. He was an individual who never understood the hostility between religions and preached peace and stability among all people. Dead he might be, but like the gospel after the death of Christ, his music lives on.

Here is the list of Daasebre Gyamenah all songs

It should be noted that some of his songs are in video form and other in MP3 format. After his death, other musician who were his close allies paid tribute to him by doing some of his music. The music and remix are available but none is matched to the original ones.

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Some of Daasebre Gyamenah albums

They include the following:

  • Kokooko
  • Ultimate classic 1

Daasebre Gyamenah has numerous song against his name. These songs are a hit and like you will see form the videos, they are definitely the reason why his name ranked high among the best artists in West Africa.

1. Daasebre Gyamenah- Kokooko.

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This was among Daasebre Gyamenah albums that thrust him into fame. As much as Kokooko was the name of the album, containing about 10 songs. It was also a title of one song he did. He featured Lord Kenya in this album. The album and more so the song Kokooko was loved by many of the Ghanaians. Daasebre Gyamenah kokooko was the talk almost everywhere in Ghana and some of the other West African countries. This song catapulted the music careers of the two Musicians.

2. Daasebre Gyamenah- Abaso Bo

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Listening to Abaso Bo opens you to his amazing talents. With minimal body moves, the eloquence in his voice passes out the intended message of the song.

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3. Daasebre Gyamenah - Calling

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This song when searched on YouTube comes alongside Daasebre Dwamena. It’s the same song and if you are to download it just go ahead. Otherwise it’s an amazing display of talent. It’s very interesting to listen to Daasebre Gyamenah calling.

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4. Daasebre Gyamenah - Sherry

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Daasebre Gyamenah Sherry is yet another one of the amazing songs to listen to. It is also a popular piece among his songs.

5. Daasebre Gyamenah - Wokada kae

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Regardless of whether you are getting the message behind this song or not. This is one of those songs you would not play once but severally because it is such a fantastic song that gets you moving to the beats.

6. Daasebre Gyamenah - Gyae me

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Among many of his songs, Gyae Me stands out too. What is more amazing is the voice of its own kind that manifest throughout in the song.

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7. Daasebre Gyamenah - I still love you

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I still love you song of by Daasebre Gyamenah is a fantastic one. You will definitely want to play it again after you have listened to it the first time.

8. Daasebre Gyamenah - Ahuofe

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Perhaps after receiving the nick name Ahuofe thanks to his Kokooko song, Daasebre Gyamenah decided to treat his fans with a favorite tune. Ahuofe like mentioned earlier means the beautiful or handsome one. You will certainly enjoy this one.

Daasebre Gyamenah popular songs

List of Daasebre Gyamenah songs

As much as all the songs belonging to Daasebre Gyamenah are so popular and are known to almost everyone, some of them are more popular than others. Let’s look at some of these songs.

Daasebre Gyamenah was such a talented singer who coined lessons in songs and fed in the minds of the listeners. Listening to most of his songs did not only bring the soothing effects but also imparted the listeners with wisdom. He sang of love and criticized human ills that was perpetrated against the minorities in Ghana. All this was done in a manner that was tantalizing.

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Some of his songs also aimed at burying the discrimination between the Muslims and Christians in the country. These efforts are seen to have played a great role during his burial. The family was divide on how he should be buried. Some opted for a state’s burial because they considered him an influential figure that commanded a huge following. He was however buried according to the Muslim’s norms and regulations.

Some of his favorite songs are as follows: wonti, you stole my heart, twaso, settei, eye mmere, Didi twen me, Yegye Apem, Wakoda kae, Ntamgo, Good for the goose good for the gander and Wo da enda. The links provides an access to the video. Listen to them and you can judge the artist.

1. Daasebre Gyamenah - You stole my heart

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You stole my heart is one of the favorites song played in all corners of Ghana. In this song Daasebre Gyamenah features Scooby Selar. What is amazing about this song is the sweetness of his voice. This is definitely a song you would listen to over and over again to lift your spirits and get that mood boost you need.

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2. Daasebre Gyamenah- Wonti

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Wonti like the rest of his songs is a hit. Its considered one of his finest art work.

3. Daasebre Gyamenah- Twaso

No one talks of Daasebre Gyamenah and fails to mention Twaso. On the list of Daasebre Gyamenah popular songs this song ranks among the top most. Daasebre Gyamenah Twaso is with no doubt one of this best.

4. Daasebre Gyamenah - Settei

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This is definitely an amazing song. The song is loved and played all over the nation. Listen to it on YouTube to appreciate the sweet and admirable voice of the talented artist.

5. Daasebre Gyamenah - Good for the goose good for the gander

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What is good for the goose is good for the gander. In this song he uses a proverbial approach as the theme of his song. Because the two animals fall in the same category of birds with only sex being the difference, it remains that there are a lot of things the two share. Likes and dislikes may vary but that should not be used to judge the weakest and the strongest persons. Think of Daasebre Gyamenah popular songs and definitely this one stands to be counted. It leaves a mark.

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6. Daasebre Gyamenah - Wo da enda

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Mention Daasebre Gyamenah Wo da enda song, this one comes streaming into your mind. It is one of Daasebre Gyamenah popular songs that got much play time in Ghana as a country and most of the West African countries in which Daasebre Gyamenah was loved and cherished.

7. Daasebre Gyamenah- Obaa ben ni

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Daasebre Gyamenah Obaa ben ni is one of the Daasebre Gyamenah popular songs. It is one of the song that refreshes his contributions in making the world a better place. You can listen to the song on YouTube.

Daasebre Gyamenah songs

Daasebre Gyamenah or Daasebre Dwamena. The two names differs slightly and you might be confused. This is what is least expected from a huge crowd of fans he commanded during his lifetime. In other words Daasebre Gyamenah doubles up also as Dasebre Dwamena. So sometimes you could be searching for the song with Gyamenah but the song appear alongside Dwamena. This should not worry you if you know that the song is his. Let’s look at some of the songs that may appear with the name Daasebre Dwamena. The songs are available on the internet if you would wish to listen to them.

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The list is as follows:

  1. Daasebre Dwamena- Mesrewo
  2. Daasebre Dwamena- Mehwe Awuradi
  3. Daasebre Dwamena- How far
  4. Daasebre Dwamena- Ware Me
  5. Daasebre Dwamena- Mensesa da
  6. Daasebre Dwamena- Gye libilibi
  7. Daasebre Dwamena- You can touch me
  8. Daasebre Dwamena- It’s ok
  9. Daasebre Dwamena- Sanbegyi
  10. Daasebre Dwamena- Onunkpa
  11. Daasebre Dwamena- Wafom
  12. Daasebre Dwamena- Mede
  13. Daasebre Dwamena- Eye eniwuo
  14. Daasebre Dwamena- Manye no yie
  15. Daasebre Dwamena- Bohyeba

Other songs the great artist is known for include:

  1. Daasebre Gyamenah- eye mmere
  2. Daasebre Gyamenah-Didi twen me
  3. Daasebre Gyamenah- Yegye Apem
  4. 8. Daasebre Gyamenah- Wakoda kae
  5. Daasebre Gyamenah- Ntamgo
  6. Daasebre Gyamenah- Bokor Bokor
  7. Daasebre Gyamenah- Wokye
  8. Daasebre Gyamenah - Abofra Besu
  9. Daasebre Gyamenah- Kae me
  10. Daasebre Gyamenah- Ware me
  11. Daasebre Gyamenah- Adefoodey

Daasebre Gyamenah songs download

If you understand how to download stuff from the internet, downloading Daasebre Gyamenah songs should be a simple task. Let’s look at how to go about it.

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There are different options you can use depending on the speed at which you want to download the song. However let’s look at how you can download it from is an option on the internet that enables you to download videos from the internet. Accessing YouTube on the internet should not be a big deal. Open the Google search engine and enter the word YouTube. Depending on whether you want movies or MP3s choose the option of your choice by clicking on the link. Get to the search bar and enter the music you want to download. E.g. Daasebre Gyamenah- You stole my heart. The song will come through different links in different qualities. Select the required standards and play it. Once the video or MP3 begins playing, copy the URL and paste on the search bar. And click on download. The music will be downloaded right away.

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Well, he is dead right but his songs are still being played all over the world. Whether the lyrics are understood or not, the music is good for the ear. Listen to any and you will attest to that.

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