List of the top Daasebre Gyamenah songs to jam to in 2024

List of the top Daasebre Gyamenah songs to jam to in 2024

In late July 2016, the Ghanaian music scene received a big blow because of Daasebre Gyamenah's demise. Although the artist is long gone, Daasebre Gyamenah's songs are still popular. Daasebre was commonly known as Ahoofe. He rose to prominence after releasing his first music album, Kokooko.

Daasebre Gyamenah in a brown outfit
Daasebre Gyamenah in a brown outfit. Photo: @DaasebreGyamanah (modified by author)
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Daasebre Gyamenah was a highlife musician. His music lives on, and people love his music because it features Akan proverbs that educate and caution. Most of Daasebre Gyamenah's songs are mid-tempo and incorporate hip-hop components. Did you know his music was greatly influenced by his grandmother?

Daasebre Gyamenah's songs you should listen to

Daasebre Gyamenah's songs are his legacy. The highlife musician was born Abubakar Siddiq in 1968 and died on 29 July 2016 in Accra. He was ranked among West Africa's greatest acts when he was alive.

Following his death, other famous musicians paid tribute to him by performing some of his music. Below is a list of his must-listen songs.

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1. Kokooko

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Kokooko is a track that catapulted the Ghanaian musician to fame. The jam was part of his debut album, also titled Kokooko. This jam hit the Ghanaian airwaves and was played over and over again on radio stations. It is timeless and worth listening to in 2024.

2. Abaso Bo

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Abaso Bo is one of Daasebre Gyamenah's best songs. The track has a fast beat that will get you dancing. You will also put it on repeat. In the final part of the song, the singer talks about how life is short. He adds that we must cherish our loved ones while they are with us.

3. Calling

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Calling was released in 2011. The track has a slower beat compared to Abaso Bo. This track is soulful and meaningful. The track starts with the singer pleading with his lover to give him attention and not disregard him.

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4. Sherry

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Sherry is a beautiful track about love. Love makes the world go round, and many artists sing about it. Daasebre Gyamenah was no exception. You will definitely fall in love with this jam.

5. Still I Love You

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Still I Love You was part of the album Ultimate Classics, Vol. 1. It is worth noting that the artist passed away before uploading his songs on YouTube. Most of his music was in other formats, including CDs and tapes. He does not have an official YouTube channel for his music.

6. Ahoofe

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Ahoofe means beautiful or beauty in Akan. Fans nicknamed the late artist Ahoofe after releasing this track. He was a gifted musician who will forever be missed by his fans in Ghana and beyond.

7. You Stole My Heart

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You Stole My Heart is a catchy reggae jam. In this song, the late singer featured Scooby Selar. The sweetness of his voice is indisputable in the song. The jam talks about love keeping one strong despite life's challenges.

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8. Twaso

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No one talks of Daasebre Gyamenah and fails to mention Twaso. The track was part of the album Ultimate Classics, Vol. 1. Twaso warns people to be observant and astute in everything they do to protect themselves from being swindled out of their hard-earned cash.

9. Setay

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Setay is a sweet song with strong lyrics. The lyrics talk about a warning the singer received from Agyabour about women and love. He refused to heed the warning, but her later came to understand through experience.

10. Good for the goose, Good for the gander

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What is good for the goose is good for the gander is a commonly used idiom. The idiom is generally used to say that one person or situation should be treated the same way that another person or situation is treated. The track reminds listeners about the meaning of the idiom.

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11. Wo Da Enda

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Wo Da Enda speaks about the importance of financial responsibility. It also talks about the consequences of not being wise with money. The singer addresses poverty as one of the biggest challenges in his community and how it affects people's lives. He emphasises the importance of having a stable job and making wise financial decisions.

12. Obaa Ben Ni

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In Obaa Ben Ni, the late singer talks about his commitment to making his loved ones happy. The lyrics say he is willing to do whatever it takes to make his partner happy.

13. Abofra Besu

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Abofra Besu was also part of the album Ultimate Classics, Vol. 1. The song is catchy and will make you get out of your seat. The simple meaning of the jam is that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

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14. Didi Twen Me

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Didi Twen Me has a catchy video. It is evident in the video that this is a love song because of the sensual dancing.

15. Eye Mmere

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Eye Mmere is a song that offers hope and comfort to those going through difficult times. The message is universal and relatable, making it timeless.

How to download Daasebre Gyamenah's songs

There is no official site where you can download the late singer's music. However, there are multiple legal sites you can use to listen to his music. You can also buy his original music in other formats, e.g. CDs, from approved sources. Do not download music from unapproved sources because that is breaking the copyright law.

When was Kokooko released?

The album Kokooko was released in 1999. It was the production that catapulted the late Daasebre Gyamenah into fame across Ghana and beyond.

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Which musician has the highest number of awards in Nigeria?

Nigerian artists with the highest number of awards include Wizkid, 2Baba, Davido, D’Banj, Burna Boy, and Olamide.

Is Obra Akwantuo one of Daasebre Gyamenah's songs?

No, Obra Akwantuo was originally sung by Officer Adu.

Who is the most recognised artist in Nigeria?

The most recognised artists in Nigeria include Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido, Rema, P-Square, Tekno Miles, Flavour, and Kizz Daniel.

Daasebre Gyamenah's songs have outlived him. While the musician is no longer alive, his songs are still enjoyed worldwide. You can find the songs on YouTube and other official music streaming platforms. recently published a list of the best movies to watch with your boyfriend. Date nights are special moments for couples to spend quality time together.

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