List of Ghana Commercial Bank branches, location, contacts

List of Ghana Commercial Bank branches, location, contacts

Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) is one of the leading financial institutions in Ghana that aims to offer the best monetary services to its clients. To maintain its position and remain relevant in this competitive market, GCB re-branded recently to serve its customers better. This change has made the banking industry in Ghana to be perceived differently by all stakeholders and clients. In a fast evolving world, the bank is well asserted and has incorporated internet banking, which has taken their services a notch higher. Traction in the GCB branches in Accra and all over the country has also multiplied immensely.

gcb branches
gcb branches in accra
ghana commercial bank branches in accra

The bank has spread branches to other regions of the country and ATM machines for the people to conveniently access their accounts and make transactions. They also have customer service lines for queries and comments on their services.

Ghana Commercial Bank contact information

To reach the office for any clarification to do with your bank account or the services offered, here are the contacts for the various offices and branches.

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1. Headquarters

Thorpe Road, High Street

Greater Accra Region

P.O. Box 134,

Accra, Ghana.

Email address:


Phone 1: +233 30 2672852

Phone 2: +233 30 2672853

Phone 3: +233 30 2672854

Phone 4: +233 30 2672859

Phone 5: +233 30 2672865

Phone 6: +233 30 2663480

Phone 7: +233 30 2664910

Phone 8: +233 30 2664918

Corporate Affairs

Phone: +233 30 2663964

Toll free: 0800422422

WhatsApp: 0202422422


P.O Box: 134 Accra

Phone 1: +233 30 2672852

Phone 2: +233 30 2672853

2. Burma Camp

Phone 1: +233(0)30 2784182

Phone 2: 0289546175


P.O Box. NT BC 268, Burma camp Accra

Fax: +233(0)30 2770341

Location: 37 Hosp. Teshie military camp, Golden Tulip

gcb bank branches
ghana commercial bank head office
gcb bank branches in accra

3. Accra New Town

Phone 1: +233(0)30 2222641

Phone 2: +233(0)30 2249733


P.O Box: NT 96, Accra New Town

Fax: +233(0)30 2236935

Location: Tesano police depot

4. Abelenkpe PMB, Achimota School, Accra

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Phone 1: +233(0)30 2769142

Phone 2: +233(0)30 2769135


5. Circle

Phone 1: +233(0)30 2246008


P.O Box: AN 5709, Accra-North

Fax: +233(0)30 2663556

6. Dome

Phone 1: +233(0)30 2420039

Phone 2: +233(0)30 2420041


PMB, Atomic Post Office

Fax: +233(0)30 2420040

7. Kaneshie Industrial

Phone 1: +233(0)30 2220551

Phone 2: +233(0)30 2220591


P.O Box: 12513, Accra North

Fax: +233(0)30 2220591

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8. Okaishie

Phone 1: +233(0)30 0302664866

Phone 2: +2339(0)30 0302669104

Email: N/A

P.O Box: N/A

ghana commercial bank head office
gcb bank branches in accra
ghana commercial bank working hours

9. Abossey Akai

Phone 1: +233(0)30 0501328299

Phone 1: +233(0)30 0501328300

Email: N/A

P.O Box N/A

10. Adabraka

Phone: +233(0)30 2908000/1-2


11. Kantamanto

Phone: +233(0)30 3966613


12. Dansoman

Phone 1: +233(0)30 2301409

Phone 2: +233(0)30 2301410


P.O Box: PMB 17 Dansoman estates

Fax: +233(0)30 2301454

13. Labone

Phone: 057769092/3


14. HO Market

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Phone: +233(0)36 2026491

P. O. BOX HP 841


15. HO Main

Phone 1: +233(0)36 2026436

Phone 2: +233(0)36 2028395

P.O Box: 164, HO


Ghana Commercial Bank branches in Accra and other parts of the country have been opened to bring banking services closer to the people. It would be rather exhausting for someone from far north or south of Accra to make their way to town each morning for banking purposes. Here are the branches of GCB bank and their contact information.

ghana commercial bank branches in accra
gcb head office
gcb bank branches

To serve their customers better, the forward thinking money institution has created various branches in the whole of Ghana to meet better the money needs of people. Here is the list of GCB bank branches.

  1. GCB Ashanti region branches
  2. GCB Brong Ahafo region branches
  3. GCB Central region branches
  4. GCB Eastern region branches
  5. GCB greater Accra region branches
  6. GCB Northern region branches
  7. GCB upper east region branches
  8. GCB upper west region branches
  9. GCB Volta region branches
  10. GCB western region branches

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Ghana Commercial Bank services

Ghana Commercial Bank head office together with other branches in Ghana are committed to ensuring that clients get top-rated services. Their services include:

  1. 24 hour loan services to enable salaried workers to access a loan for various purposes such as household needs and other personal expenses. Payment is on a monthly basis for the agreed period.
  2. Link2home is the best account for a Ghanaian living abroad to save money for different investments.
  3. GCB bank branches in Accra and other regions in Ghana offer electronic and internet banking.
  4. People living in both Ghana and abroad can access money easily with their money transfer platforms. The process is fast and easy with minimum paperwork.
  5. Kidistar account where parents are capable of opening and saving for their children.
  6. Student accounts for learners to enable them to start saving at an early stage.

Ghana Commercial Bank working hours have been set to serve the customer better. They are open on weekdays and have a 24-hour ATM service. Customer satisfaction drives them to provide quality customer service.

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