Rabbit Farming in Ghana - Business Plan and Techniques

Rabbit Farming in Ghana - Business Plan and Techniques

There have been plans to revive the rabbit industry in Ghana which is why Rabbit Ghana Association co-founders, Julius and Moses have been at the forefront of educating farmers on this lucrative venture in the country. The two aim at promoting the industry into something that people would do as a hobby and economic activity at the same time thus meeting the need for meat and protein by participating in the industry.

Rabbit Farming in Ghana - Business Plan and Techniques

According to active rabbit breeders in Ghana there is a lot that the industry can contribute. This is an opportunity for new farmers to come on-board as more people are considering rabbit consumption in Ghana unlike before. They are considering it a better option for their daily source of protein. Stakeholders have been at the forefront of educating the public on the benefits of consuming rabbit meat at a great source of white meat which has seen a significant number of people consider it as an alternative to other meats. This translates to great market opportunities for practicing farmers and as such guaranteed success and profitability.

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Price of rabbit in Ghana – Potential profit

Before venturing into any business it is important to understand what you are likely to make out of it. In Ghana the average price of a rabbit is about 20 Ghana cedi which is approximately 6 dollars. For a farmer doing intensive rabbit farming where he can sell up to one hundred rabbits at a go, profits are high. Usually the farmer makes a profit of about GH3 on each sold rabbit which in turn translates to a profit of GH975 per month when breeding only 100 rabbits. There is a chance of making even more money with more rabbit breeding.

Rabbit rearing manual – Get the most important part right

Rabbit Farming in Ghana - Business Plan and Techniques

A good farmer understands the practice they choose. Rabbit rearing is one of the simplest forms of farming especially when one adheres to the rules. Fortunately you can always check for a rabbit Ghana association to point you in the right direction. Requesting for a rearing manual is the first step to achieving success. The manual will come in handy as it guides you on what to do to achieve your goals regardless of whether you are keeping the rabbits for meat, fur or pelts. The manual gives you direction on the breed selection, management practices, challenges to expect as well as marketing details which could include potential market opportunities and prices. The step by step guide is the key to all successful rabbit rearing.

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Rabbit farming in Ghana revenues – what others have done

Rabbit farming pays. Most people would only believe if there is evidence to show for it. With more people embracing rabbit meat in Ghana, the demand for the rabbit’s increases and so does the revenue from it. Practicing farmers have registered profits of approximately GH1000 a month from rearing just 100 breeding rabbits. However, this profit is guarantee with excellent management practices, good feeding and proper housing for the rabbits.

Successful rabbit farmers in Ghana – Leading by example

Sometimes as human beings you need to be convinced that something actually works and brings reasonable returns. Seeing that there are farmers who are already doing this is motivation enough for aspiring rabbit farmers. The association has been struggling to educate and make people aware of the benefits of this kind of farming. However with the like of Adotei Brown, famously known as Farmer Brown, Ghanaians can see that this is a venture that pays. Farmer Brown quit his civil service job which was considered stable to set up a rabbit business with barely any capital. With about 3 dollars he started with three does which he has grown to over 3000 rabbits today after ploughing back his profits into the business. He slaughters about 500 rabbits every week for sale to groceries and hotels around Ghana. Business is booming and he has never regretted his decision to move out into self employment and especially rabbit keeping.

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Feed for rabbits in Ghana – Is it manageable?

Usually rabbits feed on anything from grass to grain. It is not very expensive to rear rabbits because they can survive on grass which is readily available. However, you can experiment with different foods as you monitor what they like best since rabbits will not consume anything that could be harmful to them. However you may need to give commercial pellets for rabbits kept for meat since your aim is to achieve the right weight quickly and sell them for cash. Use seasonal vegetables and poultry feeds for commercial purposes.

Types of rabbit breeds in Ghana – choose the right breed

Rabbit Farming in Ghana - Business Plan and Techniques

While there is a great rabbit market in Ghana commercial farmers have to be careful which breed of rabbits to keep for the venture to be profitable. While there are many breeds including California, New Zealand is better preferred for commercial purposes. This is because it has better mothering abilities and produces large litters. They also tend to grow faster and attain the required weight better than other breeds. It is important to choose the right breed for your real business. If you want to keep up with rabbits for sale in Ghana then you have to choose breeds selectively.

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How to build a commercial rabbitry – Simple cages will do

Rabbits are the easiest animals to keep since they do not take up a lot of space like other livestock do. All you need is to build cages preferably in an enclosed area. You also need to ensure that they are well ventilated and properly insulated to control extreme temperatures. Proper housing for rabbits is key to success since your rabbits are always indoors. Choose an expert in rabbit cages in Ghana the moment you decide to venture into this economic activity.

Rabbit farming business plan – Why it is important

Like in all businesses, having a business plan for your rabbit venture is important as it gives you a direction on whether you are doing right or not. Regular revisiting of the plan will help you adjust your rabbit production management accordingly so as to achieve success in areas that you could be failing. This plan has all the costs and profit projections. Basically, it is to help you stay focused on the right path.

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Rabbit rearing tips – How to avoid failure

Learning the secrets of success for any trade is crucial. The following tips will come in handy when venturing into the rabbit business.

  1. Choose the right breed for your purpose
  2. Build appropriate housing/cages
  3. Clean and observe hygiene
  4. Give quality hay
  5. Conduct market research
  6. Continue breeding

Rabbit farming is a sure way of making money without having to invest heavily in the venture. All you need is a small space, two rabbits to start and access to feeds.

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