Glo Ghana Internet Settings for Phones and Modems

Glo Ghana Internet Settings for Phones and Modems

The internet is increasingly becoming an essential aspect of people’s daily lives. Therefore, it is important to understand how to configure devices such as phones and modems for first time internet use as quickly as possible. This article will be particularly resourceful to any new or existing Glo 4G Ghana subscriber who would like to configure their device with the correct Glo internet settings.

Glo Ghana Internet Settings for Phones and Modems

You can opt to contact the service provider for Glo settings. However, why go through the hassle of waiting in line for the customer service people? Anyone can easily key in the necessary Glo internet settings for modem and phone provided below within a short time.

Glo Internet Configuration

Users can get Glo automatic configuration settings by sending a message to a number provided by the provider. They have to send the message to a specific short code that will in turn respond with the relevant settings depending on the phone model. However, this method does not work with all phones. For some, manual entry of these settings is the way to go.

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Glo Ghana Internet Settings Code

The short code mentioned above is 4777. For users to receive their Glo 4G settings automatically, they should send the word SETTING without any punctuation to the short code. If a user’s device settings are not available, they will receive a message notifying them that configuration was unsuccessful. Such users will have to utilize the settings provided in this article.

Glo Ghana Internet Settings for Phones

Android users can set up their Glo 4G internet setting as follows Settings>More>Mobile Network>Access Point Name the click on the ‘add’ button. After clicking the button, type the word ‘internet’ in the APN field and save it. This part is the most important part that has to be correct for the internet to work. The user can then go back to the previous menu where he/she should see listing of the new APN. Finally, the user can tick on the circle beside the new APN and the internet will be ready to go. To confirm success, one should check whether the data connection symbol shows up above the cellular network bar.

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Glo Ghana Internet Settings for Phones and Modems

Glo Ghana Internet Settings for Modems

To set up Glo internet settings on a modern, one has to open the user interface first and then:

  1. Click on ‘Tool’
  2. Open ‘Profile Management’
  3. Click on ‘Add’ which opens a new window
  4. Type any name on the resulting profile box
  5. Input *99# in the dial up number section
  6. Select ‘Save Username and Password’
  7. Enter network password and username or leave it empty
  9. Enter the network APN
  10. Save it by clicking on ‘Yes’
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