Health benefits of bitter leaf juice and stem

Health benefits of bitter leaf juice and stem

Is it not awesome how nature provides solutions to our problems? Such is the case with bitter leaf juice and stem. It turns out that despite its bitter taste, it has some good or rather sweet outcomes when consumed. Bitter leaf can help cure ad manage several health conditions that deter people from living quality lives. Interestingly, bitter leaf does not have to be taken care of to grow. It grows in the wild on its own.

Health benefits of bitter leaf juice and stem

Bitter leaf health benefits

While some people treasure bitter leaf, others are yet to discover its benefits. Outlined in this article is a comprehensive analysis of the health benefits of bitter leaf. Bitter leaf's benefits include:

Cancer Prevention

Cancer has become prevalent in the society today. However, by adding bitter leaf into the diet, the risk factors of developing cancer can be reduced. Studies reveal that bitter leaf contains elements such as andrographolide necessary for hindering the growth of tumors in the lungs, liver and breasts. For best results in reducing the instances of cancer, it is recommended that the bitter leaf should be combined with turmeric. This mixture can go a long way in enhancing the immunity of the body.

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Health benefits of bitter leaf juice and stem

Treats Hypertension, high blood pressure and diabetes

Bitter leaf components of andrographolide and potassium help in lowering hypertension. Andrographolide facilitates the production of white blood cells necessary for fighting bacteria in the body.

Bitter leaf and high blood pressure: The potassium contained in bitter leaf facilitates removal of water and salt. Ultimately, this lowers the blood pressure. `Since treating hypertension and high blood pressure is frustrating and can be expensive, why not consider drinking bitter leaf juice often?

Bitter leaf for diabetes: As mentioned above, andrographolide is one of the most important elements of bitter leaf. It also has the power to lower the glucose level in the blood. To treat diabetes, fresh leaves should be soaked in boiled water and left to cool off. When cold, this water should be taken twice after meals. Alternatively, a diabetic person can make bitter leaf tea.

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Relieves fever

An antiseptic element contained in bitter leaf helps in cooling off the body by bringing the heat down. To cure fever mix dried bitter leaf with turmeric and boil water until 100 degrees. Then add honey to the after sieving the mixture. This mixture should be consumed three times a day for best results.

Health benefits of bitter leaf juice and stem

Helps in weight reduction

Bitter leaf juice for weight loss: When consumed as a juice, bitter leaf speeds up the metabolism of the body. As such, a person who exercises can experience fast weight loss by taking bitter leaf juice often.

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Boosts fertility

Bitter leaf boosts the fertility of both men and women. Bitter leaf and female infertility: Regular intake of bitter leaf helps in improving the reproductive system of a woman. It facilitates ovulation whereby healthy eggs are produced by the ovaries. Bitter leaf juice and ovulation go hand in hand and thus women who have fertility problems are often advised to consume bitter leaf.

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Bitter leaf and male fertility: Bitter leaf also helps to promote fertility in men. This is done by correcting erectile dysfunction. Additionally, sex performance increases. Since sex is an integral part of a marriage, it is wise for men to try bitter leaf fertility technique to boost their sex lives.

Even though bitter leaf juice benefits are many and important to the human body, took much consumption can cause harm to the body. Listed below are the side effects of bitter leaf.

Bitter leaf side effects

The side effects of bitter leaf are very few as compared to its benefits.

One of the side effects is that it can propagate allergic reactions for people who have them. As such, it is wise to consult a doctor if a person is on any medication.

Health benefits of bitter leaf juice and stem

Effects of bitter leaf on early pregnancy: Bitter leaf makes the uterus to contract. As such, it is wise for pregnant women in their first trimester to avoid consuming it. High intake can lead to miscarriage.

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As listed above, bitter leaf uses are very many. However, too much consumption of something can be dangerous to the health of a person. As such, it should be taken with moderation.

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