Vodafone bundle codes, packages, and data offers in Ghana in 2024

Vodafone bundle codes, packages, and data offers in Ghana in 2024

Vodafone Ghana is among the leading total telecommunications solutions providers. It offers mobile communication, internet, fixed telephone lines, and other voice and data services to its subscribers. The Vodafone bundle code, in particular, is a service that allows customers to purchase data bundles effortlessly.

Vodafone bundle code
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Vodafone offers competitive internet bundle rates in Ghana. Customers can access these bundles using the Vodafone bundle code. Discover more about the code and bundles today.

Vodafone bundle code, packages, and offers

Vodafone offers fast internet connectivity. All Vodafone subscribers can purchase monthly, weekly, or daily data or voice and data bundles whenever they wish. The telecommunications service provider also runs various Made 4 Me offers.

Vodafone bundle code

The official Vodafone data bundle code to use to access bundles is *700# or *200#, depending on what you need. Users of the Vodafone app can also use it to purchase bundles.

The telecommunications company offers various data and voice and data bundles. It also offers Made 4 Me Offers, as explored below.

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Data packages

These are short-term data bouquets designed for light data users who want to access the internet for a brief period. They come in different sizes, ranging from 25MB to 9GB. These bundles are accessible via *700#.

They are categorised into Value, 2 Moorch No Expiry, Vodafone Cash Special, Night King Bundles, and monthly and hourly packages. Each category is explored below.


The data bundles you can purchase under this category are listed below.

DataPrice in GHS Validity
450MB31 day
800MB53 days
1.2GB105 days
2.5GB205 days

2 Moorch No Expiry

The 2 Moorch No Expiry bundles are cost-effective. Check them out below.

DataPrice in GHS Validity
20MB0.50No expiry
50MB1No expiry
120MB2No expiry
550MB5No expiry
1GB10No expiry
2GB20No expiry
4.5GB50No expiry
10GB100No expiry
30GB200No expiry
90GB300No expiry
190GB400No expiry

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Vodafone Cash Special

Vodafone Cash Special deals are perfect for heavier Internet users who must complete projects or activities within a short time. The deals have a short validity period.

DataPrice in GHSValidity
250MB2.501 day
800MB3.501 day
1.3GB4.51 day

Night King Bundles

These packages are available from 12 am to 5 am.

DataPrice in GHSValidity
3.5GB212am - 5am
9GB312am - 5am

Monthly packages

The monthly deals you can get from Vodafone are explored below.

DataPrice in GHSValidity
2.4GB2030 days
5GB5030 days
12GB10030 days
35GB20030 days
100GB30030 days
200GB40030 days

Hourly offers

These deals allow you to use the data for only one hour.

DataPrice in GHSValidity
400MB11 hour
1GB21 hour

Voice and data bundles

Vodafone Ghana also offers various voice and data bundles to suit the needs and budgets of its customers. These are available via *200#.

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The packages under this category are Red No Expiry - Option 1, Red No Expiry - Option 2, BOSSU Bundles, and Freedom and Red offers.

Red No Expiry - Option 1

This bundle offers SMS, minutes to call all local networks, and access to the internet. There is no expiry date for the offers.

Price in GHSDataMinutes (crossnet)SMS

Red No Expiry - Option 2

The Red No Expiry - Option 2 offers the deals explored below.

Price in GHSDataMinutes (crossnet)SMS

BOSSU Bundles

BOSSU Bundles give you the deals explored below.

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NamePrice in GHSDataMinutes (crossnet)Validity
Deewa0.50-15024 hours
Daily offer2.1590MB 5524 hours
Weekends64.5GB1002 days (Saturday & Sunday)
-101.2GB-5 days
-152.3GB-5 days
-43.505GB-5 days

Freedom Offers

The deals offered are explored below.

NamePrice in GHSFreedom unitsValidity
Freedom Offer 1140 24 hours
Freedom Offer 22803 days
Freedom Offer 352007 days
Freedom Offer 41040028 days
Freedom Offer 52080028 days
Freedom Offer 650200028 days

Red Offers

This is another offer that falls under voice and data bundles. The Vodafone bundle short code for Red Offers is *200#.

NamePrice in GHSDataMinutesValidity
Red 1115MB90 mins to call Vodafone numbers10 mins to call all local networks1 day
Red 22100MB350 mins to call Vodafone numbers25 mins to call all local networks3 days
Red 55220MB150 mins to call all local networks7 days
Red 2020750MB2000 mins to call Vodafone numbers200 mins to call all local networks30 days
Red 3030550MB600 minutes to call other networks30 days
Red 5050950MB900 mins to call all local networks30 days
Red 1001001.8GB2000 mins to call all local networks30 days

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Made 4 Me offers

Made 4 Me offers are strictly for prepaid mobile subscribers. These deals are pesonlaised. M4M offers are not automatically renewed after expiry. To renew the promotion, you must subscribe for the package again.

How do I buy bundles for someone?

You can gift someone some bundles by dialling *700*4#.

How do you stop bundle auto-renewal?

To stop the auto-renewal of your bundle, dial *700*3#.

How do you buy bundle data on Vodafone?

To purchase data, dial *700# on your phone and select 1 from the menu to buy a bundle.

How do you mash up on Vodafone?

If you are unable to purchase data using the Vodafone app due to a lack of internet connection, you can subscribe to and purchase a mashup bundle by dialling the Vodafone mashup code *567#.

How to get unlimited data on Vodafone?

You can get unlimited data on Vodafone by dialling *700# on your mobile phone.

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How do you activate your Vodafone Big Value bundle?

Dial *700# on your mobile phone to activate your Vodafone Big Value bundle.

What is the official Vodafone red bundle code?

The official Vodafone red bundle code is *200#. The same code is the Vodafone special offer bundle code.

What is the red code for Vodafone?

The red code for Vodafone is *200#. You can access various red packages with ease. *200# is also the official Vodafone call bundle code.

What is the Vodafone weekend bundle code?

The Vodafone weekend bundle code is *200#.

The official Vodafone bundle code allows customers to access various data only and data and voice call deals. The packages are affordable for every Ghanaian.

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